The Giant To Do List

I have a To Do List.  Yes, a capitalized To Do List.  That’s because it has a life of its own and is pretty much like a real person.  Maybe I should give it a formal name.  I shall call her Large Marge (bonus points to anyone who knows the movie this character is from!). 

There are a million things that need to be done around here.  Some things are new.  Some projects have been looming for years.  We really need to get serious about getting some things accomplished around these here parts.  I’m hoping that putting up my ugly giant To Do List (now affectionately referred to as Large Marge) for the  three people reading this world to see will keep me accountable.  While I’m here on the blog 100 times a day obsessively checking my stats  responsibly tweaking and improving the blog, Large Marge will stare back at me reminding me that I have better things to do. 

Wait.  I changed my mind.  I don’t wanna do it.  You can’t make me!  Alright, fine.  I guess I’ll do it anyway.  Half of the stuff is for Cool Daddy to do anyway 😉

Alright, here goes.  Without further hesitation I’d like to introduce to the blogosphere my giant To Do List, Large Marge. 

And she looked just like this
1. Finish the front steps
     A. Box in steps 09/06/2010
     B. Box in the sides
     C. Paint steps
     D. Install hand rail

2. Build shelves for spare room closet

3. Bedroom closet
     A. Empty closet (rearrange bedroom furniture)
     B. Tear down wall paper and clean
     C. Paint
     D. Add hanging bar and shelves
     E. Move the stuff in.  Yay!
     F. Possibly new attic door?

4. Build shelves for bathroom closet
5. More baby proofing

6. Fix safety gate

7. Transfer VHS tapes to computer In progress
     4 tapes (8 hours) transferred 09/06/2010

8. Scan photos into computer

9. Organize digital photos
     A. Edit photos
     B. Organize into folders
     C. Back-up onto disc
10. Create photo books
11. Get started on baby books and other memory books
12. Organize receipts.
     A. Categorize and separate 08/29/2010
     B. Scan into NeatReceipts
     C. Shred what I no longer need!

13. Organize coupons. 09-13-2010

14. Get the big box of junk really nice things prepared to sell on Craigslist
15. Go through my boxes of junk treasured memories in mom’s attic.
16. Upload photos and videos on personal Facebook (really behind on this!)
17. Sell the house, leave all the junk there and move far, far away.

That’s not even everything, but it’s a good enough start.  Those pictures still don’t show all of the videos and photos that I have to transfer or all of the receipts I have to scan.  Ug.  What a mess.

When I accomplish something on Large Marge (the To Do List) I will come back here, scratch it off and write the date.  If another project rears its ugly head, I’ll add it to the list Marge.  If I feel that a particular task needs a sub-list, I’ll add one.  The truth is Marge will likely get larger before she gets smaller.  If you’ve read anything about me you know that I like to be all detailed and make lists and have big ideas and then not accomplish any of them.  It’s kinda my thing. 

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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  1. 1st off, Major KUDO’S for the “Large Marge” shout out…=) and, call me crazy Sissy, but ALL the time you spent typing and adding those pictures, couldn’t you have been tackling one of your “to do’s” ? I am nuts, I know, but I was just thinking, OH, another one you forgot to add was, GET DRIVERS LICENSE…=) Just wanted to let you know that you are being heard…=) Love you


    • Yeah, believe me…I thought about that. But what kind of procrastinator would I be if I just started accomplishing goals right away without making a lot of excuses and then posting pictures on the internet?! 😉

      In reality, though, none of those projects could be completed in the 10 minutes that it took me to post that.


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