Large Marge Update 2

Nothing will motivate you to clean up quite like a marathon of “Hoarders”!


Yay! More progress this week. Not much, but some.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished.


I got 4 video tapes transferred into the computer. This might not seem like a lot, but they have to transfer in real time. So that’s almost 8 hours of video that I’ve transferred. It’s also 8 hours of not be able to use my laptop for anything else 😦  Number 7 is in progress.

Also, Cool Daddy has had a little time off, so look what he did yesterday:

He made some more progress on the front steps. The sides still need to be filled in, the steps need painted, and we need to install a handrail. So it looks like I’ll be able to cross off number 1 soon!

You can see the original Giant To Do List here.
You can see what I did last week here.


Tackle It Tuesday Meme




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  1. how do you transfer video to your computer. I really need to do that..????


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