Open House: Family Room

*This post was originally published in September 2010 and I have since then changed my blog theme and layout several times resulting in issues with older posts that have pictures. The pictures are sometimes too big, too small, or too “smooshy”. At this time I don’t have the time to re-post the photos to correct this. Clicking on the photo to enlarge it should solve your smooshy problems. Thank you.*

Today I’m going to share our “Family Room” with you. This is actually supposed to be our dining room. At different times it’s held various junk that was waiting for a space. Most of the time it was just empty. This was perfect from 2005-2008 when I held a Bible club for teenage girls in my home. At one point I had 17 girls in this room at once! Anyway, we decided that we’d much rather use it as another living space rather than a dining room. So we moved our living room furniture into the dining room and got new furniture for the living room. The Living Room is now our formal “sitting room” which means that no one ever actually sits in it, but we’ll save that for another post. When Adaline isn’t napping we spend all of our time in the Family Room.

Here we are entering the Family Room through the formal Living Room. We actually have had this safety gate (and one that you’ll see in the next picture) for 6 years. Shortly after moving in we brought home our sweet little furbaby, Muppet, and had to put up gates. There’s still evidence of his puppyhood all over the downstairs, but teeth marks give character, right?

Straight ahead you can see the other gate blocking off the kitchen. I assume that the sofa and loveseat are self explanatory.

Moving to the left a little we can see our wedding photo display on the wall and a chair.

Yes, that is a mirror in a very awkward place near the chair.
When Adaline was smaller we had a changing table where the chair is (the chair was moved underneath the wedding display) and the mirror was there to occupy her. I could move it, but I don’t know where to put it yet and it’ll just be lying around somewhere. So there it hangs.

Above the chair is “our story” in photos. The first picture to the left is our engagement photo, then a wedding photo, then a photo from our honeymoon, a photo while I was pregnant with Adaline, and a photo of us with Adaline 2 weeks old. I tried taking pictures of this display about 10 times and they all were either washed out by the flash or fuzzy from turning the flash off. Here are the best images that I got.

If that tv armoire looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same exact one that is in our bedroom.
Just for fun, I’m not going to tell you where that white door to the right leads. It might lead to Narnia and then again maybe not. I’ll never tell.

Adaline’s 6 month baby photos (actually taken a week before she turned 7 months).

And here we have the kitchen off to the left, the living room off to the right, a glider that I’ve had since 1998 (which usually has the dog’s bed laying on it), an end table (which is actually the nightstand from our bedroom set that doesn’t fit next to our ginormous king sized bed), and the loveseat. Let us not neglect the window. Yes, there is also a window. It is awaiting curtains. It might be a-waiting a long time.

And here are a few close-ups of that particular wall.
The first two photos are Adaline at 2 weeks and the one on the right she’s 3 weeks old.

This is the wall where I put the cake table during Adaline’s first birthday party.
You can click here to see what it looked like.

A wedding photo of our horse-drawn carriage ride.

I usually manage to keep this room pretty clean (when Adaline isn’t busy playing). I try to keep it free of clutter (which means that the kitchen and the living room catch most of the miscellaneous junk). Below are some thumbnails of what the room looks like with Adaline’s toys in it (click to make them bigger). Although I watch very little to no tv, the armoire doors are usually open in case I need to pop in Baby Einstein for some unforeseen reason.

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I still haven’t added the living room or kitchen yet. Let me know if you’d like to see them. The more interest there is the more likely I am to make the time to do it!

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I’m not a “mom of many” (unless you consider one “many”), but I love reading about these ladies and their families 🙂

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