Wordful Wednesday: Fall Family Fun 2009

October is a great month here in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. If it’s not too rainy, the weather is lovely and the fall foliage is awesome.

Last October my grandparents, and aunt, and cousin came up from Florida to
meet my daughter who had just turned 2 months old. We had a great visit.
The same day that they left to go back home we decided to go out for some fall family fun.

First we went to the Bridgewater Pumpkinfest. I’m not sure that I can really describe it. There wasn’t much going on at all. There was a “maze” that consisted of a few bales of hay. I don’t recall there being much there to eat. There were a few vendors there, but nothing that really interested me. They did have a pretty nice wagon of pumpkins, but it’s not hard to come by a nice pumpkin around here. I never thought about taking photos of what wasn’t going on.  All in all I’d have to say that the Pumpkinfest was not very festive. But we had a great time making fun of it after we left (because we are mean people like that, but it works for us). We shant be attending the 2010 Bridgewater Pumpkinfest…it was just too much excitement for us to handle (as you’ll be able to tell in the many photos of Adaline yawning and crying).


The following photos were taken by my cousin, Seth. He’s an awesome photographer (he might’ve taken some photos of you if you were ever at Epcot). Adaline wasn’t a very willing subject. Oh well, a learning experience for us all.

My Wordless Wednesday pic this week. Mommy canoodling the Adaline 🙂

On the way home from the ever-so-exciting Pumpkinfest we decided to stop at a local park/hiking trail so that Seth could get some pictures of the fall foliage. The following photos are actually all mine (I have a junky camera…sorry), but the two of me and Cool Daddy together are Seth’s photos. My dad used to take my sister and I hiking here a lot when we were little (Click here to read a story about one of our hiking trips. I know that it’s a birthday post, but trust me, the hiking story is in there.).

After going to the Pumpkinfest and the park we returned home where we said our goodbyes to our family and they left for the airport.

We then decided that we should venture out to the Volant Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Amish country to try to satisfy my fall fun appetite. So Cool Daddy, Adaline, and I went to Volant with my mom, his mom, his sister, and her boyfriend. There was actually stuff going on at Volant and there were people there too! We went in and out of the shops and stopped to eat, but that was about it. There aren’t too many festivities that you can join in with a 2 month old, especially one that’s tired, cranky, and spent the earlier part of the day dressed as a monkey. We had a nice time and we shall be returning to the Volant Autumn Pumpkin Festival again this year. We’re also going to include a stop to the Apple Castle Fall Festival and Craft Fair in New Wilmington this year.

So that was the extent of our fall festivities last year. This year we have too much a lot more planned. I’m excited about it. If everything works out (Cool Daddy’s work schedule + weather + cooperative baby) we’ll be going to a lot of farms that we’ve never been to before. Be sure to check back here on the blog this weekend (or the beginning of next week) when I begin a new weekly series “The Festival of Festivals” for the month of October. I just love hearing about other family’s traditions, so be sure to share your fall plans in the comment section!
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