The Festival of Festivals! The Spring House 2010

Welcome to The Festival of Festivals!

Saturday October 2, 2010
The Spring House – Washington, PA

Last Saturday we went to The Spring House. We had a pretty big group: me, Cool Daddy, Adaline, my mom (Grandma), my mother-in-law (GiGi), my sister-in-law (Aunt Leah), my sister and her husband and son (Aunt Jessie, Uncle Matt, and Dominic).

When we got there we first walked through the forest of pumpkin characters.

Then we reached the picnic area where there were some bunnies. They were very friendly bunnies (I think they wanted out!) and Adaline loved them!

And then this happened…

We saw some fake cows.

And then we saw some real cows! Adaline loved them too!

Then Adaline spotted a dandelion.

And you guessed it…she loved the goats too! She even learned to say the word “goat” (but she would only whisper it)!

She was not as impressed by the calf…but I think that’s because it was much further away and there was only one.

“Look, mom! I see pumpkins!”

Adaline loved hitting the pumpkins, or as she calls them, “balls”.

Time to measure Adaline to see how tall this fall!
(I actually have no idea how tall because she wouldn’t really stand still!)

On the hayride up to the pumpkin patch.
(Cool Daddy is wearing a camping backpack that we brought instead of a diaper bag. Me smart.)

While it’s true that I could’ve just stood in front of the “enter” and “exit” signs to the corn maze to have pictures taken…let me assure you that I walked through the entire thing! It was much hotter than we thought it was going to be, so I was dying from carrying Adaline around (so glad for my Ergo Baby Carrier!). The Corn Maze was rough terrain. First of all you’re walking on knocked down corn stalks, then there’s the chunky (sometimes muddy) dirt, and it was on a hill so there was an incline. Definitely not easy, but still fun. This made me feel much better about my purchase of hiking boots the week before.

There was a grandmother and her two grandsons in the corn maze with us. At one point we had to walk past a groundhog hole. The younger of the two boys was scared. “I’m scared of groundhogs, I don’t want to walk past it. What if it comes out?! I don’t want to go!”. Naturally I told him that there was nothing to be afraid of and we were making way too much noise for the groundhog to come out and it will only take a second for him to walk past it. He finally hurried past it when I heard Cool Daddy call after him, “They don’t bother people…unless you’re wearing green.” Which, of course, the poor child was dressed head-to-toe in bright green (you can see a little bit of his green shirt in the picture). I’m not sure if the kid heard Cool Daddy or not. I was certain to tell him that he was being mean, but I also laughed a little bit. I guess I’m mean too! So we all made it out of the corn maze without passing out from the heat or being attacked by a groundhog.

After all of the Corn Maze fun it was time to go pick our pumpkin.

When we got back from the pumpkin patch and the hayride/tractor was still pulling in the red tent that was the ticket center got caught up by the wind and flew into the goat pen. The goats ran as fast as they could as far away as they could get. They were huddled together in the complete opposite corner terrified! I felt so bad for them, poor goats! After all of the excitement of watching goats get attacked by a tent, it was time to eat. Grandma showed Adaline the pumpkin that was just her size sitting on the table. Once again she loved playing with the pumpkin, touching the stem, and picking it up.

When we were done with dinner it was time for some (free!) homemade ice cream. You can tell that Cool Daddy went to get the cone because I would’ve come back with chocolate!

After sharing part of the cone with Daddy it was time to share some with Mommy! Then Adaline stopped eating the ice cream and started poking it with her finger and then sticking her face in the ice cream and going “mmmm”!

Once our sticky baby was all cleaned up it was time to go home. It had been a very long day, but we had a good time!

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  1. Whew! What a day. I liked the pumpkins and ice cream. And guess who was the coolest mommy? Yep! She picked a backpack instead of a diaper bag for her husband to carry!!


  2. i’m living vicariously thru you! 🙂

    [don’t worry – i’m not a creepy-stalker-ish-person, i promise]

    that looked like it was tons of fun!


    • Denelian, it’s totally cool! You can live vicariously through me if you want to, even if you’re a little stalkerish 😉

      Thanks so much, I always love your comments!


  3. That looked like a super fun day!


  4. We are going tomorrow to Granddad’s Orchard In Hendersonville! I will post pics! Looks like a great time!


  5. very cute photos! i love the pumpkin pictures.. ^_^ i was confused for a time: Are these real pumpkins? Lol.. =p

    Visiting from SITS…


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