Halloween Parade: Fall Fashion

So there’s this awesome giveaway going on over here where you can find the best blogging tips. To enter you need to write a post about your/child’s Halloween costume or Halloween plans.

Adaline is 15 months old. She’s too little to eat candy. Cool Daddy and I certainly don’t need any candy (not that we don’t want it). And Cool Daddy always has to work on Trick or Treat night. It is for these reasons that we haven’t taken Adaline out Trick or Treating the past two years, and therefore have had no need for a costume. We did, however, go to a bunch of pumpkin patches and fall festivals this year (read all about here in the “Festival of Festivals”, although, I’m really behind and have 3 more posts I need to put up!). I was certain to dress her in pumpkin patch appropriate attire.

Here is a glimpse of Adaline’s Pumpkin Patch Wardrobe.
I apologize for the lousy photos. When you see them you will realize how much I need that awesome camera! So many of them are fuzzy or washed out. The delay from when I snap a picture means that I never catch the moment. And for whatever reason sometimes it just refuses to take a photo outside forcing me to try to take the same picture 5 times.

This cute black cat long sleeved tee was a gift from Grandma GiGi. I’m not sure where she got it, but I think it was Macy’s. The hair clips (which you’ll see in pretty much every photo) are from Gymboree. The striped turtle neck is part of her Halloween outfit which you’ll see later on in this post. The Carter’s pumpkin bib is from Kohl’s.

THE APPLE CASTLE Fall Festival and Craft Fair
This sweet ”Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch” long sleeved shirt is from Gymboree. We got the tiny hiking boots at Wal-mart.

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch 🙂

This adorable happy pumpkin face long sleeved tee is from Kohl’s. Cool Daddy’s shirt is from Wal-Mart and mine is from Target. Yes we match. Yes we’re awesome. Yes, we are the coolest family on the block.

Adaline’s black long sleeved onesie with attached orange tutu and sequined pumpkin is from Babies R Us. I added the black Granimals pants from Wal-mart to keep her warm. The orange velour pumpkin cap is from Gymboree. It’s hard to see but I’m wearing a long sleeved black tee with sequined pumpkin! No matching shirt for Cool Daddy this time 😦 (We picked out an awesome green pumpkin…but it didn’t stay that way *sadness*)

These cute polka dot pumpkin pjs are from Gymboree. The orange and white polka dot socks have black cats on them (also from Gymboree), but you can’t see them in any of the photos. She’s actually wearing them with all of her fall outfits.

Cool Daddy had to work during Trick or Treat so earlier that day we carved our pumpkin “as a family” (sorta). We all wore our matching pumpkin shirts again. Here’s Adaline in her happy pumpkin top and Granimals pants.

It was too cold to take Adaline’s jacket off. She wore the same tutu outfit that she wore to Triple B.

On Halloween Adaline wore this super cute pumpkin face jumper by Rare Editions to church (I got it here, but they’re all out of them now). The striped turtle neck onesie came with the dress (you saw her pictured wearing it earlier underneath the black cat shirt). The orange polka dot tights are from Gymboree. I had the hardest time getting a picture of her all outfit. The one of her trying to climb off of my lap is probably the best one 😉 It’s tough to get a 15 month old to sit still for a picture!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing all of Adaline’s pumpkin-themed outfits. I sure enjoyed finding them all for her to wear! If you’re interested in seeing more photos and descriptions from our trips to Hozak’s, Triple B, and our pumpkin carving experience…stay tuned. I’m hoping to get those posts published within a week, but I’m not making any promises. Maybe if you shower me with comments and requests I’ll be more motivated to get them published faster 😉

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I want to thank the SITS Girls for hosting this giveaway. You can go to their website to find the best blogging tips. It’s also great if you’re looking for a way how to find blogs (Hmm, that wasn’t proper English). Also unicorns are real and Tiffany is pretty! (Hey, whatever I can do to get that camera, right?!)

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  1. I think that those are PERFECT “costumes” for your family. The dress she is wearing at the end I LOVE! Your daughter is such a little doll!


  2. she’s quite the cutie! love the orange tutu!


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