Wordless Wednesday: The Santa Photo 2010 – The Sequel

As if torturing my daughter with Santa wasn’t bad enough the first time, I figured I’d do it once more just to secure her need for therapy later in life. This time we went to the Beaver Valley Mall with cousin, Dominic (6m), to have her photo taken with Santa.

Once again she liked Santa from afar, but was not interested in sitting in his lap. Actually for the first few seconds she just kinda stared at Dominic with this look on her face like “What in the world is going on here?”, but they didn’t take the picture 😦 And then she started to cry. It’s almost like the photographer was waiting for her to cry. I love how Dominic has his hand on her back as if trying to comfort her.

In case you missed it last week, check out our first visit with Santa this year.

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  1. I have a nearly identical picture of my Stinkpot with the arms outstretched like that! This year he snuggled with Santa. It will get easier each year!


    • Oh, how sweet 🙂 I’d love it if she snuggled Santa. I wasn’t surprised, though, sometimes she will only come to me and not even to my husband so I figured the strange man might freak her out a little. Everyone needs at least one Santa “freak out” photo for the scrapbook, right?!


  2. Merry Christmas!

    Priceless photo of your cuties.


  3. My 2 YO wouldn’t get within 4 feet of him!


  4. My daughter had a similar reaction to the Easter bunny! 🙂


    • Oh my, the Easter bunny would freak me out too! We never got around to taking her to see the Easter bunny this past year…I’m not sure if we should try it in 2011. But she really loves stuffed animals…so maybe she won’t mind the Easter bunny…


  5. lol.. it must be the beard! i’m not sure if i had adored santa when I was young.. =p but i sure liked his presents! =D


  6. Yep…she’s going to need therapy. LOL Santa must have had a good grip on her, though, because my little one was already halfway off by the time I could even snap the picture. I think they’re all afraid of Santa at this age. Next year it will be Dominic’s turn to act like that. 😉

    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!


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