Adaline Milestones: 18 months old

Adaline turned 18 months old today! I can’t believe that she’s already a year and ½ old!

Since I wanted this blog to also act as a journal of sorts about our family life, I’m going to write down Adaline’s current milestones so that I don’t forget.

(We’ll have these numbers after her doctor appointment next week)

Adaline is cutting her 5th tooth. She has 4 bottom teeth and is growing her first top tooth right now.

Adaline recognizes shapes and colors but the ones she most commonly recognizes are circle, triangle, yellow, and blue. She also knows the numbers two and ten and the letter “o”.

Adaline can say and identify the following body parts:
Belly / Belly Button, Mouth, Ear, Eye, Nose, Foot/feet, Toes, Leg, Chin, Cheek, Butt, Hair, Head

Adaline can say over 150 words including 20 words for people and characters that she knows, about 25 related to food and eating, about 30 different animals and animal sounds, 10 phrases/expressions/greetings, 10 kinds of clothing, and around 50 other random words. Some words that no one but me would understand is “waffle” for flower and “canoe” for triangle. This month she started saying “wolliepop” (lollipop) which is just plain adorable.

When she first tried to say her cousin Dominic’s name she said Dom Dom, and then eventually started calling him “Becky”! We all thought it was hilarious, but during our trip to FL she started calling him Nicky and every now and then she says Dominic perfectly. She calls my mom “Muggy”. We’re not sure why, but we think it’s cute and we’ve been sticking to it. Adaline also knows mommy and daddy by our first names and sometimes calls us by them, although this definitely is not encouraged!

Adaline doesn’t have a lovey, but she sleeps with her Baby Stella doll every night and for naps. Her stuffed Elmo doll is dragged around quite a bit. Adaline only uses a pacifier at bedtime and naptimes and during most of her sleep it isn’t even in her mouth. Adaline can drink from a sippy cup but still prefers her milk in a bottle.

Bad habits she’s started lately are squishing spit out of her mouth and then rubbing it all over her face (ew), shaking liquid out of a sippy cup, throwing mini hissyfits when she’s mad, and sometimes swatting at me or the dog when she gets in trouble (I don’t know where she learned to hit as no one hits in our house and she doesn’t watch any tv except occasionally PBS or Baby Einstein.).

I was going to include how Adaline’s half-birthday went today, but once I wrote it out it made this post 3 pages long in Word, so I decided to make it a separate post.

+Adaline’s Half-Birthday 2011
+Adaline’s 1st Birthday Party

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