31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge

Today I begin the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge.
I’ll be going through the challenge with The SITS Girls. We will be skipping weekends so the challenge will run from 02/07/2011-03/19/2011

I’ll be updating this post with the links to all of my 31DBBB posts.
Just in case I’m behind in updating this post you can also find all of my 31DBBB posts here and I have a link in my left sidebar under the SITS 31DBBB button (which is under the “Recent Comments”).

Completing the 31DBBB challenge is on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list, so let’s hope that I can get it crossed off of my list!

02/07 DAY 1: Create an Elevator Pitch
My Blog in 30 Seconds or Less (Completed in November 2010)
02/08 DAY 2: Write a List Post
Day 2 Intro and my list post:15 Reasons Why My Hubby is Awesome
02/09 DAY 3: Promote your Day 2 post
No Writing Task for today
02/10 DAY 4: Analyze a top blog in your niche
No Writing Task for today
02/11 DAY 5: Email a blog reader
No Writing Task for today

02/14 DAY 6: 27 Must Read Tips from Successful Bloggers
Here are the must reads
02/15 DAY 7: Write a Link Post
Valentine’s Day Links: Free Printables, Crafts, and More!
02/16 DAY 8: Interlink your old blog posts
02/17 DAY 9: Join a forum and start participating
02/18 DAY 10: Set up alerts to monitor what is happening in your niche

02/21 DAY 11: Come up with 10 post ideas
02/22 DAY 12: Develop an editorial calendar for your blog
02/23 DAY 13: Take a trip to the mall and improve your blog
02/24 DAY 14: Update a key page on your blog
02/25 DAY 15: Find a blog buddy

02/28 DAY 16: Solve a problem
03/01 DAY 17: Watch a first-time reader use your blog
03/02 DAY 18: Write a Sneeze Page
03/03 DAY 19: Write an Opinion Post
03/04 DAY 20: Leave comments on other blogs

03/07 DAY 21: Breathe life into an old post
03/08 DAY 22: Pay special attention to a reader
03/09 DAY 23: Call your readers to action
03/10 DAY 24: How to use a magazine to improve your blog
03/11 DAY 25: Ask a Question

03/14 DAY 26: Improve another blog
03/15 DAY 27: Hunt for dead links
03/16 DAY 28: Write a Review Post
03/17 DAY 29: Develop a plan to boost your blog’s profile & readership
03/18 DAY 30: 17 Statistics to monitor on your blog
03/19 DAY 31: Plan the next steps for your blog

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About Jenn Rian

Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. hey hey hey!

    good morning! i love your blog! and i’m so happy to be leading this challange that i will have the opportunity to meet great ladies with wonderful stories!

    thanks for the idea about my elevator speech.. i think it is still a work in progress, your points are well taken! i think i have been so focused on helping everyone (that’s me-the helper! lol) that i kinda didn’t spend enough time focusing on me! uhhh i do like your recomendations! so thank you!! and your is great!!! very clean and understandable! 🙂

    shelley 🙂


    • Thanks, Shelley! You’re doing a great job hosting and I’m sure that we all appreciate it! I can tell that you like to help people…besides being in charge of such a big challenge is very time consuming. I think your pitch was great and I think it was perfect for an About Me page or something, I just thought it wouldn’t flow as well on, say, a business card or something similar. You’re world’s ahead of me in the blogging arena so I’ll be watching you and learning the whole way 🙂

      Thanks again!


  2. Hey Jenn! Thanks again for stopping my my blog. I made a few revisions to my elevator pitch per your suggestion. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to me going in the right direction. =)

    Your pitch seems flawless. Great job.

    #sitsgirls31dbbb in the house!


    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Jill!
      A lot of people hate doing the elevator pitches, but as you could see I had a difficult time stopping at just 2! Then again, I do love talking about myself 😉


  3. I’m going to play too!!! Good Luck yo you 🙂


  4. Hey there Jenn, Great to be starting the #31DBBB challenge with you and the SITS girls. I look forward to working with you all. I love your blog!


  5. Good luck! I really should do this too….


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