Happy Valentine’s Day! 2011

My husband worked a midnight shift last night. He came home at 7am (or something like that, I was wearing an eye shade and am blind without my glasses anyway) and while he could tell that I was purposely ignoring his presence in an attempt to squeeze in every millisecond of sleep possible, he still felt compelled to inform me, “She’s up.” To which I replied, “So.” (I don’t go and get Adaline in the morning until I hear her talking and she wasn’t yet.) He takes Muppet outside and when he returns he said, “I’ll go give her some milk and change her diaper so that you can do whatever you need to downstairs.” I could hear the two of them through the monitor laughing and playing. Although it was all very sweet all I could think was, “Ug, I HATE mornings.” (And it’s true…I really, really do.) Not too much time passes and I get a few things that I know I’ll need and head downstairs. And then I saw it…

Right there on the kitchen table Hubby had set out cards for Adaline and I with chocolates surrounding them spelling out “I LOVE U”.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. I told you how great he is. That doesn’t stop me from hating mornings, though.

After I go upstairs, say thank you, and send the big fella off to bed Adaline and I go back downstairs to enjoy our cards and a little chocolate. Adaline was very happy about the “choca-la-dot”.

Adaline really liked her card with the pink teddy bear on the front. She kissed the card several times and then she tried to feed it bananas 🙂

On Sunday I dressed her up in a beautiful velvet dress that my mom got her for Christmas. She doesn’t like posing for pictures. The first one wasn’t too bad, but she put her arms behind her back.

Once she put her arms down I said, “Smile for Mommy!” And this is what she gave me…

Um, yeah, okay.
Here’s one of her wearing the matching hat and admiring herself in the mirror.

I asked my mom if she could take a picture of Adaline and I together since I never seem to be showered and dressed for any Kodak moments. But Adaline didn’t even want to come near me (why?! I said that I showered!).
So I started to “cry”.

(Don’t worry, that’s a dog next to me, not a giant white sewer rat.)

And then she picked something up off of the floor, put it in my hand, and said, “There.” and walked away. The, “Now quit your whining.” was implied.

These were the photos we ended up with.

Don’t you think we should model together professionally?! Ha!


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About Jenn Rian

Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. Well you both look beautiful (even if you weren’t smiling at the same time)! Happy Valentine’s Day! BTW Cool Daddy’s table set up… AWESOME!


  2. This is officially the most adorable blog post I have ever read! I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day because of all of the hype from the media, however, I love how holidays like this give us that little reminder to show our appreciation to those we love. 🙂


  3. So cute! What a sweet Valentine’s Day “note” from your husband. I am not a morning person either. My daughter usually has to call my name several times before I get up. I usually keep thinking that if I don’t respond right away maybe she will go back to sleep. It hasn’t worked yet . . .
    Those pictures of your daughter are precious! I love the mean face. My daughter gives a similar “evil eye” look. One day her brother “took her nose” and she gave him that look. She takes that game quite seriously! 🙂


  4. Ah, the joy of photos with distracted children. You have to give a lot of credit to the professionals that capture the moments and make it look so easy-peezy. The one in the mirror was sweet.


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