Dr. Seuss Storytime at Target

NEA’s Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday are being celebrated nationwide throughout the month of March. Last Saturday we went to Target for their Dr. Seuss Storytime. They were already reading when we arrived, but we were greeted by an enthusiastic Target lady waving us over to the girls department from across the isle. As we approached she handed us a cute tiny white reusable Target bag with some freebies in it and we went to find a seat.

I’d never been to a storytime at Target before, so I didn’t really no what to expect. Would there be characters or books being read by The Cat in the Hat? No. I had it built up much bigger in my head. There were some Target employees wearing red Seuss/Target shirts and Cat in the Hat hats and they took turns reading the books to the group of kids and their parents sitting on the floor. The reading was, unfortunately, pretty bad. It was hard to hear them, most had no excitement or inflection in their voices, and many had no clue how to read from the book while still showing the pictures to the kids. Nonetheless the kids sat and listened and seemed to enjoy themselves. That’s the magic of books and Dr. Seuss in particular. It doesn’t matter how many times you hear “Green Eggs and Ham” (even if it’s read monotone)…the story and the illustrations are still so captivating that young minds and hearts respond to it every time.

At 19 months old Adaline is really a little too young to sit in a group and listen to (boring) strangers read a book, especially if she’s not close enough to see all of the pictures. This is where the goodie bag really came in handy. There was an activity sheet and 3 crayons in the bag along with crackers and a juice box. Adaline has recently become a big fan of coloring and when I sat her down on the floor with the paper and crayons she kept looking up excitedly at my mom and me shouting “Crayons! Color! Green!” She didn’t pay attention to most of the stories (it was really hard to hear).

At one point we moved to a different spot just when the best reader started to read Dr. Seuss’ ABC, which happens to be Adaline’s favorite book. During the reading she was shouting out different things from the book, “Bubbles, Donuts, Doggy, Itchy, Kerchoo, Lollipop!” and she got a few laughs from the other parents.

So she colored her paper, had some snacks, and enjoyed (at least one of) the stories, and then we decided it was time to go. I’m not sure how long we were there. It was long enough for them to read Are You My Mother, Go, Dog! Go!, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, The Tooth Book, Ten Apples Up On Top, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!, and some others too.

After we were done with the reading we went back to the book department to pick up some Dr. Seuss books on sale. We only had a few at home, so I was happy to pick up six more at $5 each (until I noticed a sale paper yesterday that said Toys R Us has them $4.49 Buy 2 Get 1 Free…I think I need to make another trip!). We picked up some crayons for Adaline and a few other things and then we stopped to get something to eat and head home (check back on Wednesday for a quick funny story about our lunch).

Over all it was a nice day and Adaline seemed to really enjoy herself (even if my mom and I wanted to poke sharp things in our ears in response to the oh-so-boring interpretations of beloved children’s classics).

I’m glad that we took her to Target’s Dr. Seuss Storytime 🙂
We’ll probably go back again next year…
and maybe I’ll volunteer to read 😉

Did you go to Dr. Seuss Storytime at your Target?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. How sweet! My kids are older now, but Dr. Seuss was always a favorite in my house!


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