Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration at the Library 2011

We’ve been celebrating NEA’s Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday for the past week. Last Monday we went to our public library for their Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration. The celebration was scheduled to begin at 5:30pm and Adaline’s bedtime is 6:00pm. We decided to go even though it would be past her bedtime.

Adaline, dressed in her Thing 1 t-shirt and a tutu from Christmas, got everyone’s attention right away. She was the youngest one there and the older children were oooing and ahhhing over how cute she is. Adaline smiled at the children and even went to sit near some of them. Right before the program started another group of children came in and Adaline came back over to sit with us.

The lady leading the program and doing the readings was great. She was nice and loud and enthusiastic…much better than the readers at Target. The kids were much more involved in the stories than the group at Target.

They read Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, Oh the Thinks You Can Think, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, The Foot Book, and McElligot’s Pool. There was interaction/activity with each book. When all of the reading was done they handed out Goldfish crackers and a small piece of cake.

After the program was over Adaline and I went to the children’s reading room to hang out while Cool Daddy got a library card (we didn’t have one!). Adaline had a lot of fun playing with the hand puppets they had in there namely a frog, a bunny, and a lady bug. I was cringing at the thought of her touching all the other filthy toys I saw laying around. I’m not really a person that freaks out about dirt or germs, but I didn’t want to touch them myself let alone have her touch them. Yick. Luckily she stuck to the puppets which appeared cleaner, though I doubt they were.

Adaline enjoyed the stories but the highlight of the evening for her was a giant fake owl statue. They had it setting out for one of the readings and Adaline was enthralled by it. “Owl, owl!” She got to touch it up close and she was thrilled. She was also excited to see “Sammy-Sam” and “Hat Cat” on the reader’s shirt and pin respectively.

While the program wasn’t the peak of excitement in her life, I think it was worth keeping her up a little past her bed time. It was a nice first trip to the library 🙂

Just in case you’re looking for some ideas here’s a list of the “activities” that the library did with each book:
+Green Eggs and Ham: They had printed out pictures of the different items mentioned in the book and set them out as they came up. The reader would point to the pictures and have the kids call out the word rather than read it herself “ham”, “fox”, “box”, etc.
+Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?: They had different props related to the story and the child holding the prop would hold it up and make the noise at their part in the story.
+The Shape of Me and Other Stuff: After the story was over the reader put shapes/silhouettes on a board and had the kids guess what they are.
+The Foot Book: Again more props were used to be held up throughout the story, “big feet”, “small feet”, “fur feet”, etc.
+McElligot’s Pool: One wall was covered in paper and the kids were given crayons to draw their own creative fish in McElligot’s Pool.

Do you attend any reading events at your public library?
Let me know in the comments!

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