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Has your child thrown a temper tantrum in public? Create a video describing what happened and how you handled it.
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This isn’t a tantrum as much as it’s the first time she “sassed” me. I handled it by getting my camera and video taping her doing it, and it wasn’t public until I posted it on You Tube 😉

Last Monday we went for a walk. It was a really pretty day and Adaline had a great time walking and holding Mommy’s hand.

Mommy and Adaline take a walk on Jordan's "due date" (2011)

Adaline was really good the entire walk…until we got to the front porch. She started crying because she wanted to keep walking, but it was bedtime and we needed to go inside.

We got inside the house and put Muppet in his cage (We always do this while putting Adaline to bed since Muppet has a reputation for peeing on our bed skirt when we’re not in the room!). Adaline didn’t want to leave the room. She’s been saying “no” for quite awhile, but that night she started saying, “No! I said no!”. What did I do when my little one defied me?! I got out the video camera to see if she’d say it again so that I could put it on my blog…just like any good mother would do 😉

The Terrible Twos? I don’t know. At just shy of 20 months Adaline has put a new spin on her “no”. She’s been saying it a lot lately. Last week she threw a couple of tantrums too. Those were fun.

Overall she’s still very well behaved and listens really well. She’s just having some “moments”. The “I said no!” thing must come from me, because that’s often what I say to her. We managed to end the evening like this…

Adaline has actually been having a really rough month. She started off with a bad case of the kangaroos. As soon as that cleared up she went right into potty troubles with terrible diaper rash, something that we’re still dealing with (which is another 13 posts or so, if I ever have time to write them!).

Between her not feeling well and her new found ‘tude I haven’t had a lot of free time for blogging (it took me a week to post the video). *Sigh*

If you’ve always wondered what my melodious speaking voice sounds like you’ll want to click here to watch the video of Adaline telling me no. You’ll have to view it on my Facebook page since I’m unable to post videos on the blog.

**Edited to add that I opened a YouTube account so that I can post videos on the blog…so the video is now embedded above for your viewing enjoyment. If you have any difficulties with it you can still watch it on Facebook.

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  1. My youngest is going through that now too. We get the “NOOOoooo……” and the “I no want to…….” (which she got from her older sister…..) and then the full blown tantrum starts.

    Needless to say, she spends a lot of time in her room! 😉


  2. It is funny what they pick up from us, isn’t it? She is such a cutie!!! 🙂

    WW: Creative Play


  3. I adore your daughter’s name. It’s so feminine and pretty. My son just turned 2 and the terrible 2’s are really beginning with him. Last week he threw the biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen when I insisted be come inside for the day. It was awful but I just ignored him until he stopped. We’ll see what happens next time.

    Adaline is gorgeous. I love her hair.

    I’m visiting from the Bloggy Moms Writer’s Workshop. Our first prompt is published!!


  4. Ah yes, the terrible twos. I think it should be called the terrible toddlers… My guy started his boundary-testing at 18 months and he’s now 3.5 years old. He still can be mouthy and has some spectacular tantrums, but he’s, got my personality, so I can’t really expect anything different. He is getting better, easier to reason with, although I’m looking forward to four. 🙂


  5. Lol. I love that you took a video. I do that too. My daughter was climbing the changing table earlier and I really wanted to get a picture of it. You know, “get down but say cheese first.” I didn’t have the camera with me so I missed the opportunity. Is it bad that I secretly hope she does it again (only once) when I can snap a pic?


  6. I love taking walks with my little one, but you have to be prepared for detours and a slow pace! Not unlike walking an unruly, old dog. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS post!!!


  7. My daughter is almost 18 and she can still throw a tantrum with the best of them!

    Your daughter’s a cutie though!


  8. I love her tiny little voice! 🙂 She’s a cutie even with the I SAID NO!


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