Wordless Wednesday: Express Your Mess

This is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday, but it won’t be entirely Wordless (which you probably already guessed from all the, ya know…words) and the more I talk about how not-Wordless it is the more Wordful it becomes. Okay, I think it’s now officially “Wordful”.

Tomorrow is No Housework Day and Rachael from Non-Domestic Mama and I are hosting a No Housework Party. In honor of our favorite holiday we thought we would be totally honest and express ourselves by confessing our messes…in photos.

There are some areas of my house that stay pretty neat most of the time: Adaline’s nursery, the family room (which is actually supposed to be the dining room but I don’t, ya know…cook), and the laundry room which is usually uncluttered on non-laundry days (duh), but is always filthy as far us dust, dirt, and grime is concerned (yay!).

Just as I have areas that stay fairly clean I have others that are disasters: the master bedroom, the spare bedroom, and the living room, which I will show you today.

So it is with great pride (or complete and total embarrassment) that I reveal to you my mess.

Here is the master bedroom. I straighten all of the junk up about once a month and then junk it back up within a few days. There’s a lot of paper clutter because right now this is where I work on the bills and scan documents into the laptop. This will hopefully be resolved soon as we turn our living room into an office in the next few months.

We never go into the living room, so unfortunately it became a hot spot for junk in transition. This is supposed to go in the basement…put it in the living room in the meantime. This is supposed to go to mom’s house, this is supposed to go with Cool Daddy to work, this is supposed to go upstairs…put it in the living room in the meantime. I can’t stand looking at clutter, so with the exception of the master bedroom, I keep the clutter in rooms that I never go in. It’s a great system (not!). Again this is something that should be resolved once this room is converted into an office (hopefully).

The spare bedroom is the worst. We use it to store things we have no other place for or that we don’t want to put in the icky basement and risk ruining. We are in the process of getting the storage room and the living room cleaned out (hence the need for my blogcation that I’m obviously not taking while I’m writing on and on about my mess). It is a slow work in progress. You should’ve seen how bad it looked last week.

Don’t forget to stop by Non-Domestic Mama to see what mess Rachael is confessing to today 🙂

You, my dear readers, get to be part of something very special. In celebration of this most glorious day of all days on the calendar Rachael from Non-Domestic Mama and myself are teaming up to host the first annual No Housework Party! Oh yes. Not much will be different for Rachael and I since we avoid housework every chance we get…but for those of you dedicated domestic goddesses…we’re giving you the day off!
This Thursday, April 7, stop by and link up your post!

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About Jenn Rian

Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. Is it sad that when I look at these pictures I think, “I wish my house were that clean!”


    • Maybe a little 😉 The neat freaks are hyperventilating looking at my photos!

      It’s deceiving, though. I mean…it’s obviously a mess, yet somewhat organized. When I’m in between clutter really my biggest every day problem is actual dirt which doesn’t show up in the pictures. I do not dust anything, I don’t scrub floors. There are dust bunnies and dirt and grime and yick all over the floors especially in the corners…vacuuming doesn’t really help 😦
      Maybe tomorrow I should post some close ups of the dirt and gunk…or maybe it would gross people out too much.


  2. finally! Someone else whose house is like mine! 🙂


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