Mommy Promotion

I was just promoted to a new level of Mommyhood on Monday. Nevermind the fact that yesterday I spit on my shirt and wiped Adaline’s face with it.

Adaline was eating snacks at her desk while I was on the sofa checking some email. She then walked up to me and without saying a word pulled my hand from the keyboard, turned it over, and spit chewed up organic pretzels into my hand. She said, “No like it.” (This was after she’d already finished quite a few), and then she requested that I feed the pretzel mush in my hand to the dog (he was happy to accommodate).

I suppose I should be glad that she didn’t just spit it on the floor. Now I’m known not only as, “Mommy, the lady that cuddles me, plays with me, and changes my diapers.” but also as, “Mommy, the lady to go to when I have a mouthful of nasty food that I don’t want to swallow.” In a few short years I’ll be, “Mommy, the lady to go to when I need to make a shadowbox for my book report tomorrow even though I knew about it two weeks ago.” I’m growing up 🙂

What things have your kids spit into your hands lately? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Ummm, waffles with syrup, a French fry, a bite of bread, and some corn. At various times throughout the weekend. (her tummy isnt working right now cause of her metabolic condition, so i dont blame her- we are actually happy with the chew and spit! Just wish i knew when the next bite was coming out so i could stop it from being mixed with my own unchewed food…) The whipped cream with sprinkles she managed to keep in on her own though! I didn’t realize this was a promotion!!! I’m so stoked now! Congrats to both of us yay!!!!!


  2. Boogers! My little Abby hands me her “boogy” as she calls them whenever she digs deep for gold and pulls something out. So gross! I’ll admit there have been a few times when a tissue wasn’t handy to flick them into, so we’ve used a blanket or her shirt or some other convenient “boogy holder.” Now you know my deepest, darkest, supermom secret! LOL! 🙂

    Many blessings,


    • Oh my, one day I had to pull a big pinchy boogie out of Adaline’s nose and she looked at me and said, “Hold it?”. Yep, she wanted to hold it. Now every time that I clean her nose she asked to hold her boogies. Little weirdo. At least she’s not really picking them herself yet 😉

      I feel so honored to know your deep, dark secret 🙂
      Thanks, Rosann!


  3. My daughter does that to me! Usually something like a chewed up cheese stick. Yuck. :p My son just spits it on the floor. Even now at 4 1/2 he will automatically start spitting something right on the floor if he doesn’t like it. I can not get it through his head to use his napkin or go to the bathroom sink.


    • LOL, boys! I’ve had her spit things in my hand at the dinner table before, but I just found it amusing that she came clear across the room, took my hand and spit in it, as if, “This is what Mommy would want me to do.” haha Yeah, I guess it’s better than the floor.


  4. Well, can’t say they have spit anything in my hand lately, but we have had all three of them down with the flu and I have had to clean up after that. I know, probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. Anyway dropping by to say thanks for your cute comments. And to share, my littlest (who is 2) watched your mother’s day video and Adaline made him smile and giggle. Seriously wish I had filmed him and posted a response video. 🙂


    • Ahhhh, three little sickies with the flu 😦 that sounds awful, Jessa!

      I’m so glad he enjoyed Adaline’s video. She’s quite the little performer for us but she usually won’t do anything on tape. We call her “The Warner Brothers frog”, ya know, “Hello, my baby, hello my honey.” 😉

      A video response would’ve been too cute 🙂 Maybe next time!


  5. I’m like Rosann, I’m a booger receptacle. Logan picks his nose and gives me his little treasures. We’re working on having him toss them into the trash instead, though I suppose I’m just glad he’s not eating them.


    • We don’t have too many problems with boogies just yet. Right now she happily lets me get them for her…lucky me. But it’s probably better than seeing her elbow deep inside her nostril at church 😉


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