Guest Post: Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

This is a guest post from Nicole at I’m Staying Home with My Mom. She always has such a great attitude about things! Be sure to visit her blog today 🙂

One thing that I have learned is that life is always better with laughter. I am often accused, by my family, of being a ‘dork’ or whatever. But, we have fun! I have a tendency to dance to commercials, jump up and do heal clicks while walking down the hall, and giggle uncontrollably when I do something that I think is hilarious. I actually crack myself up most of the time. My hubby just rolls his eyes and blows it off…he knows I’m crazy. He swears that I wasn’t that way when he met me, but I will forever say that I was…he was just looking at me through ‘love goggles’.

I rarely do things in public that are embarrassing to anyone, and if I get caught doing something embarrassing in public, I want to crawl under a rock. However, behind closed doors, with the family…watch out!

I am prone to getting stressed out with excess noise (normal with 4 children, a hubby, and 7 dogs) or because this isn’t right or that isn’t right. I get easily irritated because I sometimes feel like everyone would sit in filth just so they don’t have to get off the couch. I tend to feel like a maid instead of a mom, wife, etc.

Enter laughter…

Laughter changes everything!!! If I choose, when I get out of bed in the morning, to be happy and joyful our day is AWESOME!!! If I am laughing and goofing around, the kids are more willing to help out. I mention something and it’s done, I’m not barking orders at them. When we are having fun, the sibling fighting is non-existent. You can’t be mad when you are laughing. I firmly believe that laughing is the cure for stress. Life happens but you can always choose to see the good things in any situation.

I always am telling my hubby, when he’s rolling his eyes at my ‘dorkiness’, that if I died or something happened to me that he’d always remember that. He’d never forget my silliness or acting goofy for no apparent reason. It’s a huge part of our amazing relationship (another post…LOL) and I am thankful that I have so many blessings to be joyful about.

What ‘quirks’ do you have? What things do you do to make your family ‘roll their eyes’? Is something happening in your life that a little laughter would solve? It really does change the dynamic of your family…try it!!!

Nicole is a Christian, ‘challenged’ homemaker, wife, and mom to 4 beautiful girls. She also owns a home business and blogs at I’m Staying Home with My Mom.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for introdcuing me to yet another great blogger! I too love to laugh and think it is a cure all for everything, I could not exist if I did not find humor in a lot of lifes twists and turns, plus acting silly never hurt anyone and doesn’t cost a dime!!! Thanks again! I will now go check on your blog!! Take care!


  2. nicole, i agree with this post 100%. i [almost] always try to funny the humor in everyday situations. it’s just how i live my life. it’s kinda the theme of my blog, also (

    my weird quirck is that i tend to make things 78% more complicated than they need to be.

    thanks for the great post!!



  3. Well? I learned that “Happiness is a choice.” This blog perked me up because I share the same thought and attitude.


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