Guest Post: What Has Your Kid Done To Embarrass You Lately?

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What Has Your Kid Done To Embarrass You Lately?

We’ve all had it happen to us. You’re in public and your child loudly asks “Mom/Dad did you fart?!?”, when you had nothing to do with the nauseating smell or they declare “That man is ugly!”. When these moments happen many of us turn bright red and want to die of embarrassment. However, instead of running and hiding we grab our kids and whisper in their ear things like “Honey we don’t talk about farting in public.” or “Sweetie, that’s not very nice, you shouldn’t say that about people.”. Each one of us tries our best to teach our kids manners and how to act in public, but no matter how hard us parents try these things ARE going to happen. They are unavoidable and frankly, they are a rite of passage. LOL In light of this I thought I’d share a moment or two when my daughter has caused me extreme embarrassment and in turn I hope you’ll share your stories with me! 🙂

One of the first times I ever remember my daughter (aka “the kid”) embarrassing me was in the waiting room at my chiropractor’s office. I was standing behind her, trying to zip her coat up and it just wasn’t working out for me. I had started to pull the zipper up and I accidentally zipped part of the coat, causing the zipper to get stuck. Forgetting myself for a second I loudly said “Son of a…” and then caught myself. Well the kid must have picked up the phrase at some point, because she decided she’s going to finish the phrase and yelled out “b*tch!”. The waiting room erupted into laughter and I was mortified. I’m pretty good at not swearing around the kid, but she must have heard me say the phrase before and thought she’d help me out. Nothing like a 2 year old swearing to make you feel like a total idiot in a room full of people. LOL

The most recent embarrassment, at the hands of my now 4 year old daughter, was in front of my sister-in-law’s (SIL) fiancé. He was over the house, when the kid walks out of the bedroom with one of my bras on and declares “Mom look, I’m wearing your boob thingy! Now I have boobs too!”. My SIL’s fiancé and my hubby both thought it was hysterical and to be honest so did I, but it was also extremely embarrassing. I don’t exactly think that anyone other than my most immediate family (aka the hubby and kid), should know what my bras look like. Plus, let’s just say that I’m rather large on top so she was literally swimming in my bra which made it all the more embarrassing! LOL

Those are only a couple of times where the kid has managed to embarrass me, but instead of boring you with more of my stories, I want to hear yours! I know I’m not the only one out there that’s experienced these “wonderful” moments courtesy of their kid(s).

Please comment below and share your most embarrassing moments, I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Lisa is a 30 something, married, mom of 1 who works full time and co-owns a business. Her blog, insignificant at best, is just a peek into the world inside her head…which is scary and amusing. 🙂

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  1. Those are great stories!
    My son who is three asked me loudly one day in a store, “Why is that woman covered in chocolate?”. He’s seen Hispanic people before and has never, ever had chocolate so I don’t even know where that came from! The woman chuckled, at least. I gave him the ‘be nice about your observations’ speech and I also wanted to add that she wasn’t really even the color of chocolate!


    • Amanda,

      That is too funny! I’m glad to hear the woman was a good sport about it! I’m still waiting for my daughter to start calling out things aobout the people she sees. For some reason she has yet to do that…and I’m extremely grateful for it! LOL Though I’m sure it’s coming! 😉



  2. So funny. And yes with three kiddos the oldest at 13, YES! I too have been embarrassed in public many times in the last 13 years. My favorite was when this 13 year old of mine was 6. Picking him up from school, in front of all of his teachers and many members of the faculty who were making sure children made it safely to cars and busses, he shouted: “Mom! Guess what?… I KISSED 3 girls today.” Every teacher turned to look at me… 🙂


  3. Mine was probably the time in church when I looked down and noticed my son had his pants on backwards. He had dressed himself that day. In my surprise I whispered “oh no, your pants are on backwards!” He looked down at himself and then proclaimed as loudly as possible, “LOOK! I have BUTT POCKETS!!! Just then the usher let out our row for Communion so I then had to walk right up the center aisle. I was mortified!


  4. @Jessa: LOL That is too funny! Looks like you have a cassanova on your hands! 🙂

    @Rachel: OMG that is hysterical! I can totally see how that happens when a child dresses themselves…heck I’ve done that twice when getting dressed myself! I’m at work and I look down to see my tag starting to come out the “front” of my shirt! LOL I guess that’s what happens when you get dressed while half asleep! 😉


  5. At my son’s high school graduation June 17, my 5 year old daughter after the seniors were all seated, ran up on the stage with all of them and wouldn’t come down until after the pledge of allegiance was over. I went up on stage to get her as she giggled and ran away. I had to ask one of the seniors to grab her all the way apologizing. A photographer from one of the local papers took her picture and it appeared a week later in the Sunday edition. When I asked my daughter why she went up stage, she replied, “I wanted to be on stage with my big brother and graduate, too.” She didn’t see the harm in what she did. At the time, I was thinking to myself, “Oh no. Now what do I do?” I had hoped she would come down on her own but that would have been too easy. What she did wasn’t good and I’m sure some people were annoyed but I look at it this way. The graduation didn’t stop because of her and all the seniors received their diplomas and the night was a grand celebration. Her little oops didn’t change the course of events or disrupt the evening. It won’t matter tomorrow and life goes on as usual. As her brother who graduated said,” How can anyone be mad at her? She’s only 5! She’s just a little girl.” So, I’ll have the pictures to remember the night by and, in 13 years, when it’s finally really her turn, I’ll remind her of her stealing the stage 13 years ago when her brother graduated and I’ll smile with a tear or two, give her a huge hug and kiss as she takes the stage at her graduation.


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