Living Treasures Animal Park: Moraine, PA

In April we took Adaline to the Living Treasures Animal Park in Moraine, PA. It’s been several months since our trip and I can’t remember the names of all of the animals so I’ll probably describe most of them as “that deer kinda thing” and “some kind of bird”.

Click on photos to enlarge them.

Right away Adaline had fun dragging some stuffed animal giraffes around the gift shop.

Black swans

Some crazy-eyed crane-thing.



Some kind of deer-things.

Adaline loved feeding them carrots and feed, but one of them was super pushy and wouldn’t let the others eat. Cool Daddy was laughing at me because I kept scolding the mean one.

These tiny little deer-things were super cute, but if you look close they have creepy long vampire fangs *shiver*.


Horn-ed deer-yak thingy

(You’re learning a lot aren’t you ? ;))

Mama duck laying on her eggs 🙂

Ugly buffalo thing with gross tongue.

The emus creeped me out. I didn’t trust them, they seemed shady.


Wallabies are adorable. The kangaroos were all pretty lazy.


Lazy kangaroo

Later when we got closer to the wallabies I noticed a baby sticking out of the pouch.
I wasn’t sure what was going on at first because I was expecting a more horizontal pouch like a kangaroo, but it was more vertical and almost looked like the baby was being born…but that would be one huge newborn wallaby. I can’t really say that I’m an expert in marsupial anatomy.

Mama and baby Wallaby

Roaring like a lion

Baby monkey clinging to mama monkey 🙂 !

Adaline watching the monkeys.

It looks like that leopard is right there…but it is behind glass.
Still the thing was pacing like it really wanted out of there.
Poor kitty 😦

Pacing leopard

Feeding the wolves.


Feeding the horn-ed goat-deer things.

Baby goats are super cute, but the big goats stole all of the feed 😦

The little white goat was the one that bit Adaline’s finger. It was just licking at her and then I looked over and noticed that it was pretty much gnawing on her finger. She didn’t cry and it didn’t seem to hurt her, but she had goat-teeth marks on her little finger and she kept saying, “Da goat bit my finga!”.

Feeding a horse a carrot

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  1. It’s a GOOD thing we aren’t on the same BLOCK! lol- I’m sure you’d get the cool mama prize anyway!!!
    This looks like an adventure we’d love! You’re baby girl is gorgeous- GORGEOUS! I have 3 boys boys boys!
    from the hop!


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