Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA

In May we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and when we left there around noon we headed over to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

One of the first displays at the museum is Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I think my husband and I loved this more than Adaline since we grew up with the show.

Sitting on Mister Rogers’ porch swing.

Mister Rogers’ shoes, fish tank, sofa, trolley, and piano!

Adaline and hubby are at the far left of the trolley.

King Friday’s Castle!

X the Owl’s tree!

Daniel Lion’s clock!

The puppets!
When I was little I had no idea that Fred Rogers was doing all of the voices. When I watch it now it’s so obvious 🙂

There was a wall of plastic pins that you could push through and make shapes. Adaline loved this but she didn’t get to play with it much because there was a little girl on the other side that was completely obsessed with getting every last pin on her side pushed through. She pushed back all of the pins we tried to play with. I think we were really getting on her nerves. Ahem.

For this you would place the wooden balls of different shapes on the different colors. Then you would turn the crank and the balls would fall onto blocks of wood that would then make “music”. Adaline loved this, but it really needed oiled so it wasn’t Mommy and Daddy’s favorite.

Put the pebbles in the drum for fun sounds!
Adaline loved this as well.

This was the coolest thing ever. You stand in front of a screen that’s projecting your image and letters rain down on the screen. When you move in real life, the letters move on the screen…you can swat at them and so forth. I would’ve loved to try to spell “Coolest Family on the Block” or something…but my husband didn’t have the patience for me to play in front of that screen for 20 minutes.
Sometimes words would fall on their own. Look above my head…I’m one “t” short of it saying “I hot thing!” Why, thank you 😉
Instead it actually says, “I ho thing” and I’m not sure I quite care for that 😦

Adaline racing cars…fun!

This was one of Adaline’s favorite things to do…paint on a chalkboard with water!

Then I had to get in a few shameless plugs 😉

Playing with sand on top of a light table.
(Oh my there was much sand on the floor…not from her, I assume it’s always like that.)

Bird seed table

Adaline’s favorite part of the day…the water room!
Doesn’t she look cute in the little raincoat they supply?!

This looked like so much fun. Water squirts out of the ground and there all sorts of different pipes that you can connect together to make the water go in different directions!

And out of all that her most favorite thing…
floating a rubber duck in the water.
We’ve since acquired about 10 rubber ducks at home.

Just for the fun if it here’s a photo of my sister and I at the Children’s Museum back in 1988ish.

They had a display of a kitchen and you would use a wheelchair to see how you could function in the kitchen. I remember it being super crowded in that pretend kitchen with kids in wheelchairs bumper to bumper. I don’t think we came away with the right message. Instead of thinking “wheelchairs are hard” we thought “wheelchairs are super fun!”. *Shakes head*

Do you have some place fun in your town to share?
Write a post and come back at 10pm est tonight to link up with the “Show Us Your Town!” Hop.

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  1. My kids LOVE going to the children’s museum in Pittsburgh. Such a fun place to play and explore. They especially love the water room. I owe my six year old a trip there {for really good behavior} and we have season passes, so I really need to schedule it up and just go. I’m just a chicken to drive to Pittsburgh by myself! {So I’m always waiting in hopes that I can convince the hubby to take us!} It’s totally ridiculous too, because I used to drive all over southern California {San Diego and Los Angeles!} by myself without ever getting nervous. There’s just something scary to me about all the bridges and tunnels in Pittsburgh.

    Hope you’ve been feeling great lately and that you’re having a fabulous summer. It seems to be very quiet in the blogging world the past month or so. I think everyone’s enjoying all the sunshine!



  2. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Such fun! Found you via Feb. BBC 🙂
    xoxo marissa@multitaskingmarissa


  3. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! And I love the shameless plug! Good stuff lady, very good stuff! 🙂

    We recently went to The Magic House in St. Louis and that was mad fun, maybe I’ll do a post on that soon. Nevertheless it was a tons of fun, I love children’s museums and they have such clever ideas of how to engage kids.


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