Oh, no he didn’t!

I’ve sung my hubby’s praises on this blog before. I’ve told you why he’s so awesome, and showed you cute things he’s done, and the great Mother’s Day gift he gave me. Despite the picture I may paint here (my husband is a lot of wonderful things…but) he’s far from perfect. There are plenty of things that he does that leave me scratching my head or screaming at the top of my lungs…I just try to leave it off of the blog. Today is not one of those days, my friends.

On Friday night Adaline spent the night at my mom’s house. I woke up with a sore throat and decided to spend the day in bed. Cool Daddy had the weekend off so he was planning on painting our front steps and porch. I told him to get a color like what we already had…white with the slightest hint of blue. At some point my mom called to say that Adaline was upset and was asking for me, and since I only live a block away I tossed on some clothes to walk over to my mom’s house. I knew that I’d need to go out the back door so as not to walk on the freshly painted porch…but I decided to pop my head out of the front door to make sure my hubby had his keys. I opened the front door and saw this…
(Insert theme music from Physco here)

And then there was this

And this

Oh, yes. It wraps around the side of the house!

If this color looks familiar to you but you can’t put your finger on where you’ve seen it, let me help you.
Maybe it was here…

Or here…

Or even here…

What the…?

When I opened up the door and took a look at the paint on the porch and then looked at my husband. He had his faced all scrunched up and was bracing himself for an ear-lashing from me. “What? Why? I said white! Oh my goodness…why did you keep painting all of this, you wasted an entire day!” He gave me reasons such as, “It looked gray on the paint chip (??? I asked for white!), I thought it would lighten up as it dried (And turn to white?), I thought I should ask you to come and look at it and then I decided not to (Because your brain fell out of your ear?).

Just to give you a visual of what the previous porch color was…

Yeah, it’s just a tad off. 😉

Even though my hubby was still hard at work painting when I opened the door to this catastrophe, once I had indeed confirmed that it looked awful he was immediately embarrassed and wanted to go to the hardware store right away to get new paint before too many neighbors saw the porch. Naturally I said, “You are never picking out paint colors alone again.” So after stopping by my mom’s house to console Adaline and fill my mom in on the porch paint madness, I…with the sore throat, pregnant, having not showered yet that day, while it was 90 degrees outside…went with my husband to the hardware store.

Before we left for the hardware store I had to take photos…and since my husband was suddenly so embarrassed I hung a sign before we left lest any passerby thought we intentionally painted our porch that color (even though we sorta did).

The note reads:
Yeah, that’s NOT the right color!
(Never let Papa Smurf paint your porch!)

He showed me the paint chip he’d selected.
Yes that indeed looks very gray
(or not at all…and again I asked for “white”)

This is the color that I selected.

And here they are together.

When we got home from the store that evening my husband started putting the first coat on right away. He worked until it was dark out and I think he got everything covered with at least one coat. The next day he finished it up and here it is now…


I had him replace the flowers in the front too since I didn’t care for the previous ones he planted over a month ago. I think the petunias look great, but it’s kinda hard to see in this light 😦

Now he has to find a way to get the blue paint off of the bricks so that it doesn’t look as though a Smurf was squashed on our sidewalk.

Believe it or not I wasn’t actually mad, I was mostly…confused.
And mildly amused…mildly.

When I went back upstairs that night before he went outside to repaint the porch he said, “I love you!” and I said, “I love you, too. Thanks for the blog post.”

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  1. I really like that color. Lol! Okay, so probably in a different place would be better. 😛 Lovely house you have. 🙂


  2. I gotta admit it, I like the “smurf” blue porch! You’re husband seems like an awesome kinda guy.


  3. Oh my gosh…I can only imagine your facial expression!!!! Well, it sounds like you handled that well, and the outcome is really nice!!! Great job!


    • Thanks, Alicia! I’m surprised I didn’t lose it, but it was too funny to get that mad. I really feel bad that he had to paint the porch twice (4 times if you count all of the coats!).


  4. First of all I love your home, especially the front porch. I’ve always wanted a huge front porch like that where I could hang a porch swing. 🙂

    Now my first instinct when I saw the picture of the “gray” was that it didn’t look too bad, but then I realized I must’ve been blind for a second. LOL The gray that you picked out looks amazing. I don’t think it’s possible to understand how he thought his paint was gray. LOL Though it did make for a hilarious blog post! 🙂


    • Thanks, Lisa! The porch is smaller than it looks, but we probably could fit a swing on there. We had a porch swing at my mom’s house and a child-sized swing too…too cute 🙂

      Haha, yeah, it looks much lighter in the first few pictures and then you can really see it in all it’s blueness. I’m definitely more fond of my “gray”. I truly have no idea what he was thinking!


  5. Love your house, it’s adorable! The blue wasn’t too bad, but the white gray def is better. Maybe he’s color blind? Yet another laugh out loud read! You definitely crack me up Jenn!


    • Thank you 🙂
      I wouldn’t mind the blue in a different setting, but that was just too much for our tiny little house. Yes, I think the white-gray is far superior 😉 He doesn’t seem to have any trouble with other colors, but now I know that paint chips confuse him and he needs to be supervised 😉


  6. AHAHAHA! That is totally something my hubby would do, too – good to know I’m not alone. 😉

    WW: Princess Nagger Visits the Devonian Fossil Gorge


    • Oh my, Stacy, let’s be sure never to get them together for a project or our houses could look like Rainbow Brite’s! We should start a support group ;).

      Thanks for stopping by!


  7. This is delightful! I love that the “smurf color” was even called Brilliant Sea, as in sea blue… as vibrant as the deep blue sea, blue – blue – blue-ity blue… as in water… is blue. 🙂 But of course it was all done out of love! I hope all is wonderful with the beloved “Cool family!”


  8. OM No! That’s awful! A thousand smurfs peed on your porch! hhaaha!


  9. You should ask my mom about the time my dad picked out the paint for the whole outside of the house…it turned out PUMPKIN! My dad can’t pick out colors alone now either!


  10. THIS IS HILARIOUS!! It takes a lot for me to actually LOL and this had my rolling. In fact my husband had to come over to see what was so funny. His response? “I actually kinda liked the blue.”

    BTW–I sent my husband ONCE to get paint by himself too…. paint that would MATCH the rest of the paint in our house and to touch up some holes in a few spots the previous owners had caused.

    I walk in the house…. he’s painted already. I stop and stand there staring. It DOESN’T match. “It looked like it would match after they mixed it.” I said, “But WHYYYY did you KEEP PAINTING ALL OF THE HOLES once you realized it DIDN’T match?!” He painted over the window in our kitchen. A huge spot on the entrance to our home and several other places. So we had all of these splotches of mismatched paint all over the house. WHY KEEP PAINTING?! Needless to say, HE cannot pick out paint by himself now either.

    Oh…. these men of ours. 😉

    Thank you so much for the laughs. I’m stopping by from MK’s and am now your newest subscriber.

    Jackie @


  11. But every “Brilliant Sea” I’ve ever seen is white! 😉


  12. Love your house! And the blue was pretty bad. It definitely looks better now!


  13. That is just plain funny as a reader and easy to relate to as a wife. I was laughing the whole time.

    How have you been? Haven’t seen you on the new voiceboks.


  14. JDaniel4's Mom

    It made the house look like it was adrift at sea!


  15. I guess I’m the odd ball because I kinda liked the blue. The gray/white you chose looks a lot better admittedly.

    Stopping in from Bloggy Moms Writing Workshop!


  16. SO funny! Totally something I would do…just keep painting and wait for something to happen. Haha!


  17. Haha.. I thought it wasn’t that bad but when he painted it with white, it was definitely a lot better. =p

    I’m glad it’s what it should be now!



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