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JULY 2010 (Posts: 2) (Hits: 1)

*2010/07/30: Hello World
*2010/07/30: Share Your Birthday Traditions

AUGUST 2010 (Posts: 13) (Hits: 995)

*First Birthday Party Pics Coming Soon
*Adaline’s 1st Birthday Party: Pink and Green Polka Dots and Cupcakes
*What Does the Cool Family Have Planned Next?
*Wordless Wednesday: It’s My Party
*Storytime Traditions: Pajama Time By Sandra Boynton
*The Giant To Do List (a.k.a Large Marge)
*Do You “Like” Me on Facebook?
*Celebrating 30 Years in 30 Days
*Wordless Wednesday: Paci-Love
*Open House: Adaline’s Nursery
*A “Puzzling” Birthday Tradition
*Pointless Tutorials: How to Build a Jigsaw Puzzle
*Enter to win free groceries for a year

SEPTEMBER 2010 (Posts: 46) (Hits: 3,232)

*Jenn’s 1st Birthday 1980
*Large Marge Update 1
*Wordless Wednesday: What I Won’t Be Doing at 7pm
*Jenn’s 2nd Birthday 1981
*Open House: Master Bedroom
*Open House: Dominic’s Nursery
(My nephew, not in my house, but still a cute room!)
*The Anniversary of a Miracle: My sister’s car accident 2000
*Jenn’s 3rd Birthday 1982 (Wizard of Oz theme)
*Jenn’s 4th Birthday 1983 (Castle theme)
*Jenn’s 5th Birthday 1984 (Herself the Elf theme)
*Jenn’s 6th Birthday Party 1985 (Unicorn theme)
*Jenn’s 7th Birthday Party 1986 (Hoss’s, rainbows, and earrings)
*Large Marge Update 2
*Jenn’s 8th Birthday 1987 (Sleepovers!)
*Wordless Wednesday: Cousins
*Open House: Laundry
*Jenn’s 9th Birthday 1988
*Jenn’s 10th Birthday 1989 (Pink and Purple “J” Party)
*Jenn’s 11th Birthday 1990
(I cheat. This is actually my sister’s 2nd Birthday 1982, Sugar and Spice theme with a carousel cake.)
*Jenn’s 12th Birthday 1991
(I cheat again. Actually my sister’s 4th Birthday 1984, Mickey Mouse theme.)
*Jenn’s 13th Birthday 1992 (Sleepover!)
*Large Marge Update 3
*Jenn’s 14th Birthday 1993 (Surprise Party!)
*Wordless Wednesday: Ready for the Game!
*Jenn’s 15th Birthday 1994 (Fiddler on the Roof halftime show!)
*Jenn’s 16th Birthday 1995
*Open House: Family Room
*Open House: Storage
*Jenn’s 17th Birthday 1996
(Sleepover and a rant about Senior Pictures)
*Jenn’s 18th Birthday 1997
*Jenn’s 19th Birthday 1998
*Jenn’s 20th Birthday 1999
*Jenn’s 21st Birthday 2000 (Party at the hospital)
*Jenn’s 22nd Birthday 2001 (Fun times in FL)
*Wordless Wednesday: Daddy and Addy
*Jenn’s 23rd Birthday 2002 (Engagement photos)
*Jenn’s 24th Birthday 2003
*Jenn’s 25th Birthday 2004 (I got a dog!)
*Jenn’s 26th Birthday 2005
*Jenn 27th Birthday 2006 (Pumpkin triplets!)
*Don’t be cry…
*Jenn’s 28th Birthday 2007 (Princess Party)
*Wordless Wednesday: “Fall”ing in Love
*Jenn’s 29th Birthday 2008 (Crazy “Happy Birthday” song madness)
*Wordful Wednesday: Fall Family Fun 2009
*Jenn’s 30th Birthday 2009 (Totally Awesome 80s Party)

OCTOBER 2010 (Posts: 22) (Hits: 1,269)

*See You on Monday
*Jenn’s 31st Birthday 2010
*Wordless Wednesday: Fish Face
*Wordful Wednesday: The Flight of the Midnight Moth
*The Festival of Festivals 2010
(various Pittsburgh area pumpkin patches)
*Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Session 2 Group 2
*I’ve Gone Tribal: Meet the Geese (2010 SITS Girls Tribes)
*My Birth Story: I’m Always Late! (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*The Festival of Festivals: 10/02/2010 The Spring House
*My Dreams and Aspirations: The Long Road There
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*Ages 3-5: Dancing in a Box (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*The Festival of Festivals! 10/09/2010 The Apple Castle and Volant
*Friends and Fellowship: Friends Don’t Get Friends Grounded (Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*Age 6 1st Grade: There’s a Bra in my Lunchbox
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Changes…they are a-comin’
*It fixes anything… (Duct tape…)
*Don’t Worry, Be Happy
*My First Job (Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*Because I like to let you know when I’m slacking off…
*Wordless Wednesday: Naughty Doggie
*Age 7 2nd Grade: Bossy Wheels and Shady Deals
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Ghosts of Halloween Past: My Childhood Halloweens

NOVEMBER 2010 (Posts: 18) (Hits: 1,218)

*How I Met Cool Daddy: Part 1
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*Halloween Crafts: Kleenex Box Costume
*Wordless Wednesday: Storytime
*Halloween Parade: Fall Fashion (Adaline’s adorable fall wardrobe)
*Age 8 3rd Grade: I Will Not Talk in Class (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*How I Met Cool Daddy: Part 2
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*Enter to Win by Helping my Mom!
*Vote Every Day
*Writing With Humor
*31DBBB Day 1: My Blog in 30 seconds or Less (Elevator Pitch)
*Age 9 4th Grade: I Didn’t Really Need Those Fingers Anyway (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Colonel Mustard on a rollercoaster with a plastic fork
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Young Adult Years)
*My Mama’s Kitchen
*Age 10 5th Grade: Nothing’s Scary in the Fifth Grade
(Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Movie Review: Homeless for the Holidays
*Happy Thanksgiving 2010
*100th Post: 101 Things in 1001 Days
(What can I accomplish before September 2013?)
*Tutu Excited!

DECEMBER 2010 (Posts: 27) (Hits: 3,724)

*Wordless Wednesday: First Snow Fall 2010
(…and a dying Jack O’ Lantern?)
*My Letter to Santa 1984
*Dear Santa Series: Part 1: Writing a Letter to Santa
*Deart Santa Series: Part 2: Mailing a Letter to Santa
*Guest Post: Traditions, Truces, and Cartoon Moments:
A guest post by Anne from Homeschooling 911
*Dear Santa Series: Part 3: Paper For Writing a Letter to Santa (Links to free printables)
*Guest Post: Food as Tradition: Norwegian Butter Cookies:
A guest post by Retha from Mommy Bee Wisdom
*Product Review: LifeDiscipler
*Dear Santa Series: Part 4: Emailing a Letter to Santa
*Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree Rules and Regulations
*SITStahs…stop here first!
(My totally screwed up SITS feature day!)
*10 Ways to Shake Up Your Christmas Pajamas Tradition
*Wordless Wednesday: The Santa Photo 2010
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 1 2001
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 2 2002
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 3 2003
*Phone Calls from Santa Claus
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 4 2004
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 5 2005
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 6 2006
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 7 2007
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 8 2008
*Wordless Wednesday: The Santa Photo 2010…the sequel (Adaline and Dominic)
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 9 2009
*10 Days of Christmas PJs: Day 10 2010 Part 1
*Merry Christmas 2010
*Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree 2010

JANUARY 2011 (Posts: 20) (Hits: 2,065)

*Tops 10 Posts of 2010
*I Have the Flu
*Vote for Adaline
*Age 11 6th Grade: Jenny Got Ran Over by Her Grandma (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Wordless Wednesday: 12 Months of Adaline
*Age 12 7th Grade: Youth Camp Stinks (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Age 13 8th Grade: “Talent” Show (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Age 14 9th Grade: (N)O Christmas Tree (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Age 15 10th Grade: The Newsboys Wouldn’t Ditch Their Friends (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Movie Review: Family Movie Night: Change of Plans
*Age 16 11th Grade: Acrophobia Get You the Good Seats (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Age 17 12th Grade: In School Suspension (Mommy’s Piggy Tales)
*Bottom 10 Posts of 2010
*Wordless Wednesday 2010 Recap
*Oh where, oh where has Cool Mama gone?
*But…(Part 1)
*But…(Part 2)
*But…(Part 3)
*But…(Part 4)
*Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop: I’m the Featured Blogger

FEBURARY 2011 (Posts: 16) (Hits: 2,239)

*Fun Ideas for Groundhog Day
*Adaline Milestones 18 Months Old
*Adaline’s Half Birthday 2011
*Superbowl Steelers vs Packers
*31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge
*15 Reasons Why My Hubby is Awesome
*31DBBB Day 2: Write a List Post
*Ham and Man Party
*Valentine’s Day 2011
*Valentine’s Day Link Love – Free Printables, Crafts, and More!
*The One That Got Away
*Wordless Wednesday: Little Sweetheart
*The Invasion of the Kangaroos
*Read Across America With Dr. Seuss
*Free Dr. Seuss Fonts (LINKS)
*10 Easy Dr. Seuss Snacks

MARCH 2011 (Posts: 22) (Hits: 3,435)

*Wordless Wednesday: Oscar Night
*A Splendiferous Dr. Seuss Breakfast
*Dr. Seuss Storytime at Target
*Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration at the Library
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Muppet
*Wordless-ish Wednesday: Grrrrr
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Adaline Part 1:
(How Adaline got her name.)
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Adaline Part 2:
(The meaning of “Adaline” and why I spell it wrong.)
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Cool Daddy
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Jordan
*Celebrate Your Name Week: Jennifer
*Spring Ahead: Reflections on Miscarriage
*Celebrating Seuss
*Wordless Wednesday: Little Leprechaun
*Seuss Fails
*50+ Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables (LINKS)
*Why “Coolest Family on the Block”?
*Leprechaun Trickery is Afoot!
*And So It Begins… (Video)
*I Need a Blogcation
*Wordless Wednesday: Attack of the Giant Baby (Video)
*30+ April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Kids

APRIL 2011 (Posts: 24) (Hits: 4,840)

*Free April Fools Day Printable Pranks (Links)
*April Fools Day Family Traditions
*Welcome to the Party! (The 2011 Ultimate Blog Party)
*Announcing the 1st Annual No Housework Party
*My Least Favorite Chore
*Wordless Wednesday: Express Your Mess
*Grab Your “No Housework Party” Button
*No Housework Party Link Up
*Wordless Wednesday: Who’s the pretty girl in that mirror there?
*Easter Egg Hunts and Family Fun (Local) (2011)
*50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)
*Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs (Links)
*Wordful Wednesday: A (long) Trip Down Bunnylane
*Happy Earth Day
*National Infertility Awareness Week (2011)
*Trying to Conceive: Take 1
*Childless Mother
*My First Pregnancy
*Wordless Wednesday: Happy Easter
*My Miscarriage
*Trying to Conceive: Take 2
*Trying to Conceive: Take 3 (Secondary Infertility)
*Our Infertility Story: The Short Version
*Infertility Myth Busted: Just Relax!

MAY 2011 (Posts: 12) (Hits: 4,299)

*Wordless Wednesday: No Eat the Suds
*My Mother’s Day Gift
*Trying to Conceive Tuesday (Take 3 Continued)
*Wordless Wednesday: Happy Mother’s Day
*Wordless Wednesday: Chalks
*Changing it up!
*Funny Things Adaline Says (Videos)
*Welcome Voiceboks Visitors
*Okay, I’m ready to talk about it (LOST)
*Mommy Promotion
*Wordless Wednesday: Shameless Plug
*Guest Bloggers Needed

JUNE 2011 (Posts: 23) (Hits: 5,638)

*Wordless Wednesday: Two Lines
*Hot Air Balloon Crafts and Snacks (Links)
*Guest Post: Breakfast Basket
*Bye-Bye Betty Bride
*Guest Post: Laughter Really is the Best Medicine
*”Show Us Your Tow” Hop starts tonight!
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Guest Post: What Has Your Kid Done to Embarrass You Lately?
*When I Say I’m Busy
*Guest Post: Top 10 Things to do with Toddlers this Summer
*Living Treasures Animal Park: Moraine, PA
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Guest Post: Parent Club
*Our Wedding
*Early Ultrasound 7 Weeks 2 Days
*Wordless Wednesday: Happy Father’s Day
*Guest Post: Fun Summer Reads for Kids
*Hanks Frozen Custard: New Brighton, PA
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*How to Celebrated Leon Day! (6 months until Christmas!)
*Guest Post: Toilet Training for the Patient and Unwearied
*The Very Literal Stay at Home Mom
*Guest Post: ABC Photo Essay

JULY 2011 (Posts: 11) (Hits: 6,626)

*Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium: Pittsburgh, PA
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Guest Post: Sustainable Living – It’s Not Just for Hippies Anymore
*Early Ultrasound 9 Weeks 2 Days
*Guest Post: Planting Flowers and Practicing Skills
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA
*10 Shows I’d Like to Make a Comeback
(80s and 90s awesomeness)
*Guest Post: Coolest Mud Pie Cake Ever! (Recipe)
*Wordful Wednesday: Oh, No He Didn’t!
(Cool Daddy painted the porch…)
*Guest Post: Making the Most Out of Every Day This Summer
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Guest Post: The Drama of Leaving Your 20s
*The Night I Got Arrested and Changed My Name to David (not really)
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Guest Post: Outer Banks – What a week!
*Wordless Wednesday: Party Junk
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Happy Blogoversary to Me!

AUGUST 2011 (Posts: 11) (Hits: 8,522)
*Ribbon Topiary Video Tutorial (Centerpiece)
*Birthday Tissue Number Sign Mini-Tutorial
*Wordless Wednesday: 12 Months of Adaline
*Happy 2nd Birthday, Adaline!
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*Birthday Girl 2 Years Old
*Ladybug Picnic 2nd Birthda
*Show Us Your Town (Hop)…Link Up!
*NT Ultrasound 12 Weeks
*Birthday Tradition: Professional Photos
*Is that an earthquake or is my cell phone on vibrate?

SEPTEMBER 2011 (Posts: 11) (Hits: 8,198)
*So…what happened there?
*Birthday Traditions: Cake Server and Knife
*Half Way There: 20 weeks
*It’s a…boy!
*Birthday Traditions: Personalized Birthday CD
*Wordless Wednesday: Tea Party with the Dog
*I Sold My Teacher What?!
*DIY No Sew Party Hat Tutorial
*Pray for Public Schools (SYATP)
*Free Ladybug Fonts (Links)
*Beaver County Fall Festivals October 2011

OCTOBER 2011 (Posts: 4) (Hits: 11,256)
*Pittsburgh Area Pumpkin Patches
*Volant Autumn Pumpkin Festival
*Wordless Wednesday: Is That a Pumpkin Up Your Shirt?
*Awesome Halloween Light Shows

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