Wordless Wednesday: Is that a pumpkin up your shirt?

Oh, great pumpkin!

My hips barely fit into that thing 😦

The sexy wind blown look.

(All photos were taken at 23 weeks 6 days in Brady’s Run Park, Beaver Falls, PA.)

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Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. You look wonderful! The pumpkins shirt is so cute!


  2. Oh how fun! 🙂 I love the swing picture. So happy. 🙂


  3. What a great pumpkin!! You look wonderful!!! Gosh, this is such an easy pregnancy for me, I love these on-line pregnancies, no morning sickness, no weight gain, just great pictures!!! Lol!! Hope you and your family are doing well, enjoy!!!


  4. oh, love the belly shots! When I was pregnant w/my oldest we actually painted my belly as a pumpkin! Messy but made fr cute pics!

    Thanks for linking up to our wordless wednesday! Stop by again this week!


  5. Ha! I love the sexy wind blown look! Oh wow! I’m such a dork. I just realized you have my button on your page. It’s right next to where I’m commenting. THANKS! (And in other random thoughts….)

    OK enough about me, let’s get back to you. You’ve got that whole pregnancy glow thing workin’ for you mama! I love the pics.

    I’m getting caught up on your blog instead of doing some work. I suppose I should get bizzay…


  6. That shirt is just too adorable! You look great!


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