Trick-or-Treat 2011

We’ve never taken Adaline Trick-or-Treating because my husband always has to work that night. Up to this point she’s been too young for it anyway, but this year she’s a great age for it. Needless to say neither my husband or I were thrilled with the idea of me walking my daughter around town at night alone in the dark, pregnant, with some misty rain…so my mom and I took her to the mall for trick-or-treat!

We got to the mall and Adaline had a fun time running around and listening to her echo in the lobby at Boscov’s while we waited for my mom to show up.

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Since we were there pretty early we decided to head to the “rides” first and Adaline rode her favorite yellow boat and red car. She was excited to put the quarters in the slot all by herself! During the ride she clung to her kitty cat tail and wouldn’t let it go. She pretty much did that all night long.

As we were walking Adaline noticed the empty “stage” and asked, “Go up there?” I said yes and she proceeded to run around on the top of the stage “dancing” and singing for quite awhile. I have no idea was she was saying or singing since the general mall noise was too loud for me to hear her, but her expressions were enough to crack me up.

You’ll probably find this video boring, a few minutes of her running in circles, but I like it.
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Next we threw pennies in the fountain, but I don’t have any photos of that since I was clinging to her to keep her from falling in. After that she sat on a bench, removed her hat, sat it next to her, and then patted it on the head as though it was her little friend.

After some more browsing and a significant amount of time in the Hallmark store playing with all of the Christmas items that make music and dragging a stuffed Snoopy around that Mommy had no intentions of buying (I did not, by the way)…it was time for trick-or-treat to start. I managed to get her tail back on and let her make the choice between wearing her kitty hat or cat ears (she chose the ears) and then made her scream when I tried to apply a black kitty nose. Needless to say we did not attempt to draw any whiskers.

We stopped at the first store (Sears), and after she picked something out of the bucket she handed it to me and said, “Buy it.” 🙂 I told her that it was free and to tell them thank you.

As the evening went on she got more shy at each store. Most of the time she wouldn’t say, “Hi”, “Trick-or-treat”, “Thank you”, or “Bye”, but if she did it was so quiet no one could hear her. She also preferred to pick the candy out of the buckets herself. If someone dropped it right in the bag she stared at them and sometimes tried to get in the bucket to pick one out.

When we had made it ¾ around the mall we had reached the train, which she asked to ride. She rode the train and then said, “Let’s get more candy!”. Apparently the train ride refreshed her 😉

Right before we left I changed her diaper and the poor little thing had peed clear through it. After getting her all cleaned up we headed over to my sister’s house.

Getting candy at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Matt’s house. She picks a 3 Musketeer, her favorite.

Playing with cousin Dominic.

In the picture on the right she had just finished clapping her hands and saying, “More candy!” after just finishing a piece.

Dominic being a cutie-pie.

Adaline fell asleep in the car on the way home, it was way past her bed time. Luckily Cool Daddy arrived home at the same time of us and because of all of my planning ahead (changing Adaline into jammies at my sister’s house, and having left her room ready for bedtime with every door leading to her room open and lamps on so that we can see) he was able to pick her up out of the car seat and carry her straight to her crib without her waking up. Yay!

Once she was in bed I photographed her loot and then separated out the things she couldn’t eat/play with (yes, I ate the candy she couldn’t chew…except Tootsie Rolls because they are just gross and an abomination to the candy world).

Our first Trick-or-Treating experience is complete.

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  1. I loved her patting the little hat and sitting beside it! So cute!


  2. What a cute kitty!!! She is adorable!! Hope you are feeling well, it’s the last trimester that starts to really get to you when you are carting a toddler around too!!! Wishing you all the best!!


  3. Adorable!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what your little boy looks like!


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