Beego the Elf: Week 3 (2011)

Here’s what our Elf on the Shelf, Beego, had been up to this week.


December 11

On Sunday Adaline woke up at home to find Beego hiding in the garland on the tv armoire.

She had a bit of a naughty morning, so when we showed up at Muggie’s house to bake cookies, Beego was already there in the kitchen waiting for her.

(Email and feed readers click here to watch video.)

December 12

I finally got a chance to get to the store to buy a wreath for “Christmas Corner”. Beego decided it would be a nice place to sit on Monday.

December 13

On Tuesday Beego had gotten into Adaline’s blocks and spelled out his name.

Adaline wasn’t very appreciative of this. Later in the day she came to me and said, “Why does he have my blocks? I want them.” Because you can’t touch an elf (or it will lose it’s magic) I got a wooden spoon and carried him away. Adaline was happy with that…and she never did play with those blocks.

December 14

On Wednesday Beego was chillin’ on the frame of our Nutcracker picture.

December 15

I decided that I didn’t like the wreath on the door and had Cool Daddy hang it above the armoire. Apparently Beego approved of the new location and decided to spend the day there.

That evening Adaline wrote her wish list for Santa and placed it in the garland for Beego to take with him to the North Pole.

December 16

Beego must’ve successfully delivered Adaline’s wish list. The next morning the wish list was gone and we found Beego sitting next to the DVD player with the remote and a special video message from Santa for Adaline!
(More about Santa’s message in a later post.)

(Email and feed readers click here to watch video.)

December 17

Adaline spent the night at Muggie’s house and the next morning Beego was there waiting for her!

What has your elf been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!

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