Easter Traditions: Bunny Footprints (2011)

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Bunny Paw Print Trail
Find a free printable Easter Bunny paw print template/stencil here! Front and back paws! 🙂

Last year on Easter we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left bunny tracks in the family room!

At first Adaline was a little afraid of the bunny footprints which is odd considering that she didn’t seem to mind the leprechaun footprints at all.

It looks as though the Bunny hopped in through the window and then hopped across the room to fill Adaline’s Easter basket leaving a trail of bunny prints behind.

He also dropped some plastic eggs that had candy in them. Adaline enjoyed putting them in her basket once her fear of the bunny paw prints mellowed.

Adaline’s bunny and book about Easter was waiting for her.

Adaline’s Easter basket

Don’t worry about the bunny prints…they vacuumed right up! In fact, I’d say they were as easy to vacuum as flour, baking soda, or baby powder ;)!

If you need a template you can try this one!

Does the Easter Bunny leave paw prints at your house? Let me know in the comments!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Paw Print Template
Easter bunny paw prints trailwma
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  1. What a cute idea!! I also love how you wrapped the basket in tule instead of the cellophane, I may have to tell the Easter Bunny about this one! Thanks!


    • Thanks, Kathy! Our Easter Bunny loves to use things that can be reused each year. For instance we leave out our Easter basket for him to fill (like Santa with the stockings) and he uses green yarn instead of the plastic grass!


  2. Is that flour paws? I love the idea… but don’t know how to go about making this.


  3. I love this idea – as a child I remember my father doing the same with Santa’s footprints from the chinmey.

    Thank you for sharing with Kid’s Co-op


  4. Oh this is just beyond cute! So fun, such a lucky kiddo she is to have such a fun mamma! Thanks for joining, pinning and tweeting this.


  5. We did this tradition with my daughter when she was growing up (who is 26 now) and it is still very popular with my great-nieces! It really is a cool touch on Easter morning!


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