Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jenn! This is me…

Maybe you’re here because my sah-weet blog title caught your eye or maybe you just eeny-meeny-miney-moe’d it, either way I’m so glad that you stopped by.

This is where I tell you a little about myself. I live near Pittsburgh, PA. I love chocolate. I’ve seen the Back to the Future trilogy more times than any normal functioning human being should admit. I call myself “domestically-challenged” (Really I’m just lazy. And I hate housework. A lot.). I totally crack myself up (I apologize in advance)!
Now for the important stuff…I’m a wife to Cool Daddy and stay-at-home mom to 2.5 year old daughter, Adaline, and 2 month old little man, Jonathan (my clomid vbac baby). We’re the coolest family on the block and we put the “fun” in dysFUNctional! 😉

I try to keep my blog focus on creating traditions and family fun and reasons to ditch the housework and spend time with your kids. The truth is that I still spend a fair amount of time blogging about myself and funny things that happen and which pajamas I’m wearing underneath the spit-up today (I’ll tell you now…I’m probably wearing the same pajamas that I wore yesterday. And the day before that.).

So, if you like reading about pajamas and spit-up I suppose you may want to read some of my other posts. First you can try one of the many cleverly hidden links embedded in this post (Which I’m certain you didn’t notice at all. Because they are very mysterious. And secret. And not at all noticeable.). Then there are search boxes in the top right sidebar and the very bottom of the blog, categories in the widget in the left sidebar and again at the very bottom of the blog, and archives found in either sidebar or (you guessed it!) at the very bottom of the blog. Buttons to my most popular posts are in the right sidebar. I’m not desperate, I’m just thorough. Very, very thorough. Ahem.

I’m currently co-hosting the 2nd Annual No Housework Party linky until Saturday April 14. Link up any (new or old) housework or anti-housework related posts here. Please link up! My procrastination this year has left the linky a little empty and it makes me sad and I weep buckets of tears and eat snack cakes while I rock in the corner to take the pain away.

No Housework Party

If you’ve fallen in love with me already (it happens, people…don’t fight it) and decided that you just can’t live without me another moment then you’ll probably want to subscribe or follow one of the following ways. Or all of them…there’s no shame in being a little excessive.
We applaud it around here.

Lastly if you do follow me please leave me a message where you’re following at so that I can follow back (as in an “@” on Twitter, post on my FB wall, etc.). Thanks!

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About Jenn Rian

Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. You crack me up!!! Too bad we live so far away, we could be friends, I’m sure. We’d just spend all day laughing at ourselves and each other…..instead of doing anything housework related 🙂 Thanks for the giggle this morning!!!


  2. I’m lazy too! We have so much in common 🙂 Love your humor and look forward to connecting over spit-up and poo stories. http://www.pinkcheeksblog.com


  3. Stopping over from UBP12! You have a beautiful family and I am looking forward to reading more about your coolness! 🙂


  4. Hi, Jenn! I saw your ultra-cool button at UBP12 so I stopped by to say hi! What a cute family picture! 😀


  5. I saw your cute button in the linky listy for UBP12, and had to stop by! Your family picture is adorable!


  6. Hi! Stopping by from UBP12! Love to Party! Hope you have time to head over to my blog, and enter my giveaway of your own set of Great UGLee Pens!


  7. It was definitely the blog title that caught my eye. After reading your introduction I’m hooked. Running to subscribe right now. Can’t wait to check my inbox for the next post!!! 🙂


  8. Hi Jenn! Thanks for visiting my blog. First of all I love your shirt! 🙂 You have a great personality which definitely shows in your writing! I also know that my husband would be jealous of your geographical location. (He is the biggest Pittsburgh sports fan..Steelers, Pirates, Penguins…even though he has never lived anywhere near that area. 🙂 I am also now subscribing to you through google reader. Can’t wait for your next post! happy #UBP12


  9. Hi Jenn,
    First of all…thank you for visiting my blog. I must say.. I love that shirt…and you have an awesome personality which definitely comes through in your writing. You also have a really cute family! Even though we live in Texas…I sometimes feel like we are close to Pittsburgh too….my hubby is a huge Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan…lol . Terrible towels everywhere. 🙂 I am now following your site through google reader. Happy #UBP12


  10. How fun! We blog about similar topics with one majoy difference. I have never been cool! 😉 I’m visiting from the UBP12 Party. Find my party post here: http://www.laughwithusblog.com/25-random-things-about-me/


  11. You are a hoot! Definitely looking forward to seeing what all you blog about… thanks for sharing! Comin’ in from UBP ’12


  12. I’ve already spent too much time looking through your family traditions. I’ve never heard of doing bunny footprints for Easter!


  13. Following via #UBP12, thanks for the humor and honesty! Love your header, and the fun and silly pictures!

    Any chance you are attending Bloggy Boot Camp Philly?


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