How to add Pages to Interest Lists on Facebook

*ATTENTION!: This post was written in January 2014. If you are visiting here from the future please be advised that this information is probably no longer valid/current because Facebook will change how it works approximately 12 minutes after I hit publish. Because Facebook hates us all.

How to add Pages to Interest Lists on Facebook

I’m active in many blogging forums and Facebook groups. Recently someone asked me to explain how to add Facebook pages that you “like” to Interest Lists on your personal profile. I “like” a lot of Facebook pages and I currently have over 100 private interest lists on Facebook. The images below are poor quality because they’re just screenshots that I used Paint to write on top of…super high-tech stuff here. Double click to make the images larger.

I used the Facebook page “We Know Stuff” in my example, check them out and give them a “like”!🙂 And while we’re being all social, you can “like” Coolest Family on the Block and my other page I Make Myself the Queen on Facebook!

I have created a public list for SITS bloggers pages.  It currently includes over 300 pages and counting!  If you are a fellow SITStah you can follow the list on Facebook here:!

FIRST, you currently can not add interest lists when you’re logged in as your page, only when you’re logged in as your personal profile. You also can not view your interest lists while you’re logged in as your page.

Adding Facebook pages to lists

(Log into your personal profile, NOT your Facebook page.)

Adding Facebook pages to lists

Adding Facebook pages to lists


Adding Facebook pages to lists


Adding Facebook pages to lists

You’re done!

Adding Facebook pages to lists


Adding Facebook pages to lists


Adding Facebook pages to lists


Adding Facebook pages to lists

Do you use interest lists to organize the pages you like on Facebook? What is your favorite/most used list? Do you keep your lists private or public? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I was already organizing my pages and people into lists before Facebook unveiled interest lists, so I’m still using the old list format (which means I can’t share them). But this is an awesome tutorial on how to do it.

    It makes SUCH a difference to have your facebook organized. Whenever I like a page or friend someone, I immediately add them to the appropriate list, so it is easy for me to look at updates from a specific group, or to share my updates with the appropriate group.

    Happy 2014!


    • Tracie, what kind of top secret interest list organizing do you do? Are you still using the “old way”?

      I agree, it’s so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. I’m so glad that SITS started a Facebook group because it’s made it so much easier to add fellow SITStahs to a SITS interest list!


  2. Thanks for the great info, I was wondering how to better organize my “likes”.


  3. dishofdailylife

    I need to use this more often. Thank you for the reminder!


  4. I just organize things on my personal Facebook page. However, that’s mainly just for my groups I’m a part of. I don’t do a whole lot on Facebook anymore except group activities.
    Thank you for this tutorial on how to do this. I have liked all the pages you listed.


  5. Jenn,

    For starters, you’re a sweetheart. Seriously. It’s very hard to find “friends” in cyberspace – especially in the blog world where so many people are competing for the same slice of everything – but I am really thankful that we’ve “met”. You’re a good egg.

    Now, thanks for the tutorial – it is JUST what I asked you to explain in our group. It’s perfect – paint job and all.😉

    And I would be remiss if I did not thank you for the completely uncalled for free publicity. You did not need to do that, but Daniele and I thank you very much so. Again, see aforementioned good egg comment above.


    • Thanks, Denine!
      I know what you mean. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and have found lots of great bloggers but only a handful that have been “friends” I’m glad that we’ve connected, too🙂

      I was half-asleep when I was making the tutorial. I really would’ve rather made a video, but it was a little too complicated for that time of night!😉

      No problem at all! I had to use someone in my example and since it was your question it just made sense to use your page (and give you shout out!).


  6. This is a great tutorial. I wish everyone could read this. It would certainly help with my facebook page… Thanks.


  7. Thanks for the tutorial. It is one of the best I’ve seen. You really took the time to explain it in detail. People would appreciate that.


  8. I didn’t know how to do that… and i am sure there are others. thnks for the tute.


  9. Facebook is forever changing everything. Let’s hope they don’t change the Interest Lists function up on us any time soon. Btw, we got selected for the same SITS Girls tribe and I just wanted to stop by and say hello!


  10. Thanks for the info! I loved the intro, FB is very annoying that way.


    • They certainly are! If someone tries to read this post in a year or so, it will likely be full of wrong information due to so many changes! I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook.


  11. Hi! I’m in your SITS tribe and it’s lovely to meet you and your blog! I hope you are well. Your blog is great so I am off to follow on all channels🙂

    Look forward to getting to know you!

    Emma @ Outmumbered


  12. Thanks for this tutorial. I wouldn’t have had any idea.


  13. I love your note at the top of the post. It’s so true. FB is out of control. Hardly know why I use it anymore. LOL. Thanks for the tutorial🙂


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