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Ham and Man Party: Cool Daddy’s 30th Birthday

*Disclaimer – I have mentioned a few times on my blog that I am an aspiring vegetarian. This is true. However my husband is not a vegetarian by any means. If you’ve stumbled upon my website by searching the word “vegetarian” and are now face to face with a veritable dead pig festival, my apologies.*

There were just so many photos of this party that I had to put them all in collages or this post would go on forever. Click on the photos to enlarge them. If it still isn’t big enough for you click on it again…then it’ll get super big and not really fit on your screen.

Cool Daddy absolutely loves the ham my mom makes at Easter and Christmas. For years he’s been asking me if he can have his friends over to watch a game and eat ham. For years I have told him no…because who wants a bunch of ham-eating men in their house?! Since his 30th birthday was this last year and because he threw me this Totally Awesome 80s Party for my 30th Birthday the year before, I decided to grant him his wish.

Since his only two requests were for ham and male bonding time I began to refer to his party as “The Ham and Man Party”.

I have to give credit to my husband for the theme idea. When we were taking down the decorations for Adaline’s first birthday party he was balling up a bunch of tulle and said, “Can I have tulle at my party? We can hang tools!” He was joking and he completely forgot about it. Since it was a “ham” and “man” party I decided that should be the theme as well. I would make it “manly” and also “ham-y”. The fellas were going to be watching the Steelers football game so I decided to decorate in gold and black to match the team colors.

(This party was on October 24, 2010…and of course I never procrastinate…which is why I’m posting it now in February 2011 after football season is over and the Steelers lost the Superbowl!
I am very fast, and efficient, and on top of things blogwise…as you can tell. Don’t envy my sweet-sweet time management skills.)

I had a lot of ideas for the “manly” theme. Tools, sports, cars, but I could only accomplish so much in so little time. I decided to focus mostly on the tools with a little football thrown in.

First off, here’s the food. Many different pig products as far as the eye can see.

In the living room where I put all of the decorations (not the room they were watching football in) I wanted to try my best to hide anything feminine to make it as “manly” as possible. I removed everything decorative and covered all of the pictures.

For the decorations we’ll begin with the Happy Birthday sign. I made the letters out of duck tape. This big sign is hiding my enormous bridal portrait (you can see it in one of the photos for Adaline’s party). Working hand in hand with the manly tools/construction theme I covered the mantel with “No Work Zone” tape (yellow and black matching the Steelers colors!), and hung cardboard cut-out tools and mustaches in front of the fireplace. The signs reading “manly”, “masculine”, “macho”, and “studly” were added to cover some decorative floral work above the fireplace.

The construction site cut-out would be used for photo ops like this:

Here are all of the photos on the wall covered with man-related words. This idea also came from my husband who use 80s words and phrases to decorate for my 30th birthday party. I created the signs in Word using their clipart, printed them on yellow paper that I’ve had for years, and hung them using black and yellow Duck tape.

Here are the door ways clad with “work zone” tape that reads “No Work Zone” and “Warning: 30th Birthday Party in Progress”. My man is such a hard worker it was nice for him to have a “no work zone” for a day (But only for a day…then it’s back to work, buddy!).

On the dessert table we have a pig cake, of course! I wanted to make a “Ham and Man” cake and put the pigs head on a man’s body, but my mom said that sounded creepy. Also, I don’t know how to do that. This is only the second cake that I’ve ever decorated, so yeah. My mom made the extra pink cake just in case there wasn’t enough pig cake to go around. Mom made piggy chocolates from a mold and put those on and around the cake. Sprinkled around the cake is “30” confetti. I placed plastic tools on the dessert table (A package of 3-4 from The Dollar Tree), lollipops that read “30 sucks”, and some gross-out candy (gummy ear wax, and vomit), because boys are gross. Needless to say nobody, even the gross boys, would even try the candy.

I used a piece of foam poster board on the wall and added yellow paper and used electrical tape and black duck tape to form the letters “Ham Man” and added some printed “Ham vs. Man” signs above it. There are more “manly” signs on either side with “manly” words on them. I also had white and black balloons, pink piggy balloons, and yellow balloons with dump trucks on them.

Instead of traditional cone party hats I got the guys some yellow (Steelers!) plastic construction hats (manly!) and put pig snouts (ham-y!) around them! The snouts could be removed and worn separately.

We actually didn’t have a table for the fellas to sit at (and they were just going to sit in front of the tv anyway), so I set the place settings on the coffee table in the living room and they could pick them up as they came in. Each setting included a Steelers paper plate, a yellow fork, and a black napkin, tucked inside of a nail belt.

The nail belts are my favorite thing about the whole party 🙂 …The Ham Depot! Get it?! Of course you do…but I’m going to explain it anyway. So “Home Depot” is a hardware store and tools are all manly and stuff, and since it was a “Ham and Man” party I changed the word “home” to “ham” as a play on words.
You know that you think I’m brilliant. Or really weird.
You’d be right on both counts 😉 Moving on…

I got the nail belts at Home Depot for about .80 a piece. I took an orange Sharpie marker and colored in the “E”. Then I colored in the bottom and the rounded sides of the “O”. I then took a small sliver of masking tape to make the dash in the A and also needed a small piece to close the top of the A because the “O” was open on the top and bottom like this ( ) (sorta). And there you have it…Ham Depot belts!

This is the family room where they watched the game. For the most part I didn’t decorate in there because there just wasn’t enough time or space to bother with it.

I got a cardboard football toss game online (note that one of the players is wearing gold and black!) and pink pig footballs. I figured this is another way that the “Ham and Man” party theme seems to flow since football is often referred to and made out of “pigskin”.

I put gold and black balloons on either side of the tv. The helium started giving out on the balloons before the party even started.
(They were Pirates balloons…go figure!)

I covered the wedding photo of me with baseball pics of Cool Daddy in Junior High and High School. I also taped a large goal post to the wall.

The red toolbox (one that we already had) was left opened and had “toys” in there for the fellas. The pig footballs, extra mustaches (that I used on the mantal), yellow water guns, policemen action figures, “flying” pigs, and a goal post headband that you put on and throw a Velcro football at. The guys actually used the Velcro game some, played the football toss game (it almost always fell over), and had fun hurting one another with the flying pigs. It’s just not fun unless it’s dangerous.

When it was time for cake, I put all of the candles on. There were 30 candles on the cake, one of them was a football candle, and 5 of them were shaped like little tools! 30 candles sure can blaze up a tiny cake so we quickly sang Happy Birthday so that Cool Daddy could blow them out.

30 Candles sure do make a lot of smoke!

This is the only “group” picture that I got and it’s not even everyone 😦
Naturally I would’ve loved to have gotten a photo of all the guys in their hats, snouts, and belts, but we just never got the chance, plus…yeah, they were NOT going to do that anyway.

Here’s the Birthday Boy posing with his birthday signs!

Lastly, what does every manly pig of a man want?
…a 50s-syle housewife waiting on him hand and foot!

I stuck around the party serving my man and wearing a referee vest and “Ham Depot” belt as my apron.

I was very tempted to do the whole party in pink. The irony of the Ham and Man pairing is that pigs are pink and I thought about going with a whole pink pig thing and only playing up on the “ham” side and sort of poking fun at the “man” side since it would actually all be pretty girly. My husband actually would’ve found the humor in it, but I decided against it and went with the Steelers colors instead (which worked perfectly with the construction colors).

My husband said that he really liked the theme of the party and he thought it was funny, even if his (stupid) friends didn’t get it.

Happy Birthday, Hubby! (4 months late)

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Colonel Mustard on a rollercoaster with a plastic fork

This is the 6th and last post in a 6 week series joining Ginny who is guest posting at Mommy’s Piggy Tales hosting the Young Adult Years version to record your youth.
This is my final post for the Mommy’s Piggy Tales Young Adult Years series.
This week I decided to write using the “Just Plain Fun” prompt, although at the time this story wasn’t all that funny to me.

Just Plain Fun
Colonel Mustard on a rollercoaster with a plastic fork

In August of 2000, Cool Daddy and I decided to go on a vacation to Orlando, FL to visit my paternal grandparents. Unfortunately my grandpa ended up going into the hospital before we got there, so we stayed with my aunt and uncle. The last time I had visited Florida was 3 years prior, after my graduation from high school. Although I’ve never lived in FL, I’ve visited so often throughout my life that I certainly consider myself a veteran of the theme parks. In the 3 years since my last visit Disney had opened Animal Kingdom and Universal had opened Islands of Adventure, so there were a few parks that were new to me. I’ll spare you the details of all of our various trips to the parks (including a story about a man yelling at us for thinking we were cutting in line, me making Cool Daddy practically run from attraction to attraction, and getting lost for hours (yes, hours) trying to find our way back home from “The World”). Instead I’ll tell you about one park in particular.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure was having a special. I don’t remember the details of it now 10 years later, but basically you go to the park much earlier than it’s normally open, you buy a ticket (at a discounted price?), they give you a pass to go on certain rides, once you go on the ride they mark your pass and you can’t go on it again until the park opens. I don’t remember how early we had to be there…but I am not a morning person so any time before 10am is early to me. I think that they opened it at 7am which means we had to get up around 6am. Now that all of that nonsense is out of the way, here’s how our trip went.

I’m pretty sure that the first ride that we went on was The Incredible Hulk. It’s a big ‘ol scary rollercoaster. I am scared to death of heights and therefore never go on a rollercoaster if I can help it. This was Cool Daddy’s first trip to FL and there was only the two of us and he really wanted to go on the ride. I told him that I would go on it just this one time and never again. I was terrified throughout the entire line. I wanted to throw up or pee my pants or both…but I didn’t want to go on that ride. But I did and I hated every.single.second. Now I was a tiny little thing so there’s a lot of room between me and the shoulder bars. Throughout the ride I was flopping all over the place and being thrown towards the bars. I kept feeling like the bars would just swing open and I would plummet to my death (I’m not dramatic at all). I kept my eyes shut tight and prayed through the entire ride. And I’ve never went on it again.

For your viewing enjoyment, here I am having a near death experience on The Incredible Hulk.

After riding The Hulk and Spiderman we decided to walk past the water rides to the Jurassic Park ride. We didn’t want to be soaking wet when we went on the other rides so we figured we’d save those water rides for later. The only people on The Jurassic Park ride were us and a family of four who sat in front of us. The ride is on a boat and at the end of the ride there’s a drop and you can get wet. Now I’ve been on Splash Mountain (Disney World: Magic Kingdom) before and I’ve hardly gotten wet on that ride, so I wasn’t expecting much from this ride either. The boat dropped and we got absolutely soaked and for whatever reason, I got the worst of it.

Here we are on the ride. This is one of me and Cool Daddy’s favorite photos, but it has nothing to do with us. Take a close look at the face of the kid in the front row.

Here I tried to crop it so that you can see the kid better.

This picture just cracked us up. His face is hysterical. LOVE. IT.

So now we leave the ride and I am completely soaked. I was wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps and my shirt was just hanging off of me. My hair was soaked and at the time it was too short for me to pull back into a pony tail. I walked over to one of the (closed) outdoor food stations and grabbed a plastic fork and started combing my hair with it (hey, if Ariel can do it, why can’t I? Maybe because I was at Universal and not at Disney). This embarrassed Cool Daddy who begged me to throw the fork away. There was no one around so I’m not really sure why he cared so much. Maybe it was because I was singing songs from The Little Mermaid while I was combing my hair with the plastic fork. Nah…that couldn’t be it.

After The Jurassic Park ride we were heading over to the water-ride portion of the park (why?! I was already soaked!). On our way there a group of people were coming towards us but they were no where near us. Somehow my equilibrium was off and I started walking in a diagonal directly towards them and walked smack dab into some guy. And Cool Daddy laughed. This ended up happening two other times before we left the park that day. Next we went on Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls which is a Log Jammer kind of ride. The line is inside of a building and the floors sloped down hill at times and turned many corners. Because there weren’t many people in the park, the line was moving pretty fast. At one point I turned a corner (apparently a little too fast) and walked right into the wall. And Cool Daddy laughed.

It was almost time for the park to officially open and we had been on almost every ride. For the special early opening they didn’t open any of the gift shops or restaurants. At the Port of Entry there was a deli called Croissant Moon Bakery that was open. We decided to stop there and grab a quick bite before heading over to the Studios. Since it was the only place open it was really busy in there.

We walked through the line and we each had a tray with a sandwich on it. I took my tray over to the condiment counter. I grabbed some napkins and straws and then applied mayonnaise to my sandwich. Then I wanted some mustard. The mustard was in one of the pump-type dispenser thingys. I pumped the mustard and applied how much I wanted and then attempted to “turn off” the pump. But it was stuck…and the mustard kept coming. At one point I had enough good sense to move my sandwich out from under the stream of mustard. I couldn’t figure out how to shut the stupid thing off. I called Cool Daddy over who was both amused and horrified. He likes to keep a low profile so the fact that the whole restaurant was watching me scramble to turn off the pump while mustard went everywhere and a line was building up behind us was more attention then he cared to get. Finally Cool Daddy managed to make the mustard stop. Now there was a gigantic pool of mustard covering my tray. It was all over the tray station as well. Mustard was everywhere. I asked Cool Daddy to help me clean it up but he has some strange hatred for mustard and didn’t want to touch it (Yeah, who’s laughing now, buddy? Well, actually, neither of us…but still…that’s what you get for laughing at me.) I think I used a whole box of napkins trying to clean up my tray with little success. I truly don’t remember what happened after that, but I have my suspicions that we told one of the workers about their malfunctioning mustard dispenser and left the mess for them to clean. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the napkins.

By the time we left Islands of Adventure and got to Universal Studios my shirt was completely stretched out from the weight of the water pulling on it for hours. It was just hanging off of me in the front showing all my bits and pieces. If I pulled it up and back to cover up it would show the band of my bra and almost my entire back. We tried knotting up the straps but it was uncomfortable and looked ridiculous. We went to the gift shop and I bought a Back to the Future tank top and wore that the rest of the day.

I don’t remember much else about the rest of our day at The Studios since things must’ve went uphill from there. I do remember that for some reason Cool Daddy and I got into a tiff after getting some slushies and I just walked away from him. He had no idea where he was since he’d never been to the park before. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t cry, but it was still kinda mean of me. I didn’t leave him alone for long and the rest of our day was lovely, near as I can remember.

So for those of you keeping score: I got up at 6am, was scarred for life on a rollercoaster, was drenched on a boat ride resulting in stretching out my shirt which in turn resulted in me nearly flashing my goodies to innocent families, walked into 3 people and a wall, formed The Great Lake of Mustard in a crowded restaurant, ate a mustard-drenched sandwich, and abandoned my boyfriend in an unfamiliar theme park.

I’ve really enjoyed writing about my young adult years…and I hardly scratched the surface! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it and I hope that you’ll read the rest of my Piggy Tales (birth-12th Grade).

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