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Wordless Wednesday: Two Lines

So last week this happened…

You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s actually a very faint second line on the test I took on May 27.

But in case you need more proof…

Brand new Cool Baby coming to a blog near you in February 2012!

(In preparation of my impending morning sickness I am recruiting Guest Bloggers for June and July. Please check this page and contact me if you’re interested!)

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Mommy Promotion

I was just promoted to a new level of Mommyhood on Monday. Nevermind the fact that yesterday I spit on my shirt and wiped Adaline’s face with it.

Adaline was eating snacks at her desk while I was on the sofa checking some email. She then walked up to me and without saying a word pulled my hand from the keyboard, turned it over, and spit chewed up organic pretzels into my hand. She said, “No like it.” (This was after she’d already finished quite a few), and then she requested that I feed the pretzel mush in my hand to the dog (he was happy to accommodate).

I suppose I should be glad that she didn’t just spit it on the floor. Now I’m known not only as, “Mommy, the lady that cuddles me, plays with me, and changes my diapers.” but also as, “Mommy, the lady to go to when I have a mouthful of nasty food that I don’t want to swallow.” In a few short years I’ll be, “Mommy, the lady to go to when I need to make a shadowbox for my book report tomorrow even though I knew about it two weeks ago.” I’m growing up 🙂

What things have your kids spit into your hands lately? Tell me in the comments!

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Okay, I’m ready to talk about it

A year ago today I lost something very special to me. I lost LOST. For those of you not in the “know”, LOST was a 1 hour drama on ABC from 2004-2010 about a group of people stranded on a mysterious island.
(*Spoilers contained in the link*)

I’m not a person that gets super into tv. We don’t even have real cable anymore. I first saw LOST during the second airing of the first episode. I was flipping and didn’t see anything on. I came across LOST, which I had seen previews for. The previews didn’t really tell you anything about the show and I thought, “That’s probably going to be a really stupid show.”, but I knew that Dominic Monaghan was in it and being a huge Lord of the Rings fan I figured I’d watch it.
And I was hooked.

For me it became one of those “never miss” shows. I recorded episodes while I watched them (with a VCR because I’m all fancy like that. I know you DVR people are jealous.). I never missed an episode. I would remind everyone that I knew, “Don’t call me while LOST is on.” My husband, who was equally interested in the show, would sometimes forget while he was working and call me only to hear me answer, “LOST is on, this better be an emergency!” I visited LOST related websites and followed forums (though I never posted). I was all about LOST. The fact that a year later I still remember the exact date that the finale aired proves that I was more than a tad involved.

Part of the appeal of LOST was that it was a mystery show. There were many storylines and while one episode may reveal an answer it would also raise three more questions. It was one of the best and most frustrating aspects of the show. Many people had theories and ideas and others, like me, didn’t try to figure it out and just went along for the ride. If you’ve never seen LOST it’s near impossible to explain to you what it was about. If you’re a person that gets easily confused and can’t pay close attention to characters or multiple storylines you would be completely LOST. And many were…yet they watched it anyway. I personally never had any trouble keeping up with the plot and I loved every minute of it.
Well, every minute up to the last season.

While I wasn’t a LOST theorist I was still very interested in getting answers. It’s part of the reason why I never theorized to begin with. I wanted to see where the writer’s were going with it. I couldn’t wait to see what they had created and how it all came together. But guess what. They didn’t tell us. No answers. They just left us hanging. Sure they answered some questions…but not all of them. The final season itself raised more questions than ever before! Up until the last episode I was still holding on to the hope that they would tie it all together in a pretty little bow and I would be amazed at their brilliance and at the same time go, “Oh my, yes…that makes so much sense.” But no, it did not happen.

I’m sad that my show ended. I do miss it. But it’s more than just missing a show that I enjoyed. For me I feel like the show was cancelled in the middle before having a chance to work out the plot…but it wasn’t cancelled. They ended it like that on purpose. I felt a little cheated to be honest. It’s not about the finale (even though it’s definitely one of those love it or hate it kind)…it’s about how they ended the series as a whole. If they had more episodes that answered questions and explained what was going on I would’ve been fine with the finale. It’s like someone ripped out the last chapter of a book and I can’t find a whole book anywhere, all that’s left is a bunch of people theorizing how it really ended.
Not cool, dude, not cool.
This blog explained it really well here.
(*Spoilers contained in the links*)

Don't let the smiles fool you, I was dying inside 😦

Am I little jaded? Maybe. (Okay, yes, definitely.) On one hand I still love the series and I’ll still call it my favorite show. But I haven’t gone back. Since the finale I haven’t re-watched any of DVDs of previous episodes, or read any forums, I didn’t even bother to buy the last season on DVD. It only reminds me that I’ll never know and I think that really stinks. It’s been one year since the finale and I feel like you do a year after a break up. You think about all of the good times and how in love you were and how much fun you had and it makes you smile and then you think about how your heart was broken and it just makes you sad.
Yep, my heart was broken by a tv show.
Well, by a tv show and also by ice cream.

Have you ever been disappointed by a tv show?
Tell me in the comments!

If you’ve never seen LOST but you’re thinking about watching it now…please don’t let me stop you. In fact, I encourage you to watch it, it’s a great show. You’ll be going into it with the advantage of knowing that there will be some things that will never be explained. Maybe you’ll enjoy it more because of that.

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Welcome VoiceBoks Visitors!

If you’re visiting me from VoiceBoks.comwelcome! (If you’re visiting from someplace else, you’re welcome too 🙂 …keep reading!)

This past week I started getting a lot of comments that said “Visiting from VoiceBoks”. I checked my stats for referring sites, but there was no VoiceBoks 😦 (It’s still not showing up despite the traffic I’m getting from there. Weird.). So I went to the website to see if I could find my link. I didn’t see it anywhere just out in the open and I was so confused at how everyone found me. Finally late the other night I found my link here: List 2 May 16, 2011. Mystery solved. After I finally figured out where everyone was coming from I added my button to the blog directory and joined the community! Yay me 🙂
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!

I’ve been really behind on the blog lately. I’ve barely written any posts and I haven’t kept up with responding to comments. Oops. I try to visit everyone’s blog who comments, but I just haven’t had a chance. So, let me tell you a little about my blog and then we’ll chat some more about who’s following who and who’s visiting what blog when. You know, really important stuff.

You can read more about me here and my blog here and here. Hopefully by reading my About Me page and glancing at my sidebar you’ll get a good idea of my personality and what my blog is all about. Buttons for my most popular posts are located in the right sidebar, along with the category cloud. If you’re looking for a drop down menu of categories or my archives you can find them in the gray widget in the left sidebar. There are buttons at the bottom of each post and in the left sidebar so that you can subscribe and follow me as many ways as you like. You can subscribe to receive emails by using the WordPress subscription button at the top right sidebar or through feedburner by using any of the orange buttons with an envelope on it. I don’t have Google Friend Connect, so don’t look for it. If you like me on Facebook, live a comment with your page link so that I can like you back. If you follow me on Twitter @ me to let me know so that I can follow you back 🙂

I follow a lot of blogs. Like, too many. So many that I’m often so busy reading other blogs that I don’t have time to write my own! That being said I’m always open to subscribing to more blogs. I like to read blogs similar to my own that talk about family, traditions, and making memories (it helps if you’re funny too 😉 ). I’m looking to make bloggy friends, meaning, you read my blog and I read yours and we comment on each others blogs and get to know each other that way. The more that I can see that you have an interest in my blog and comment to let me know that…the more I’ll want to read and comment on your blog. Some people frown upon this way of “following”, but I can only read so many blogs a day and I’d rather read my “friends” blog than someone else’s.

I personally like to subscribe by email. I never use a feed and I never check Google Friend Connect. If you don’t have email subscription chances are I will never visit your blog after my first visit because I’ll forget all about it. If you have a WordPress blog you should have an email subscription option in your Widgets section. Just drop it in your sidebar (right at the top!) and you’re done 🙂 If you don’t use WordPress or don’t want to use their subscription box, you can sign up for feedburner (for free) and add an email subscription box or link. I also like to follow everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Networked Blogs, and Blog Frog. If I see those options on your blog, I will follow you there too…but I still prefer email subscription in addition to that.

I do like real comments about my posts not just, “I’m following you, follow back.”. So, if you’ve already left me a real comment, please feel free to include your follow information in your comment. Tell me a little about your blog, let me know if you’re on Twitter or Facebook, leave your links, etc. I don’t mind a little shameless self-promotion if it comes with a genuine interest in my blog 😉 This means I can start following you even sooner 🙂

You can friend me on VoiceBoks here:

And if you’re a fellow SITS Girl you can friend me here:

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it and I’m excited to now be a part of your community.

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Funny Things Adaline Says

Adaline is 21 months old and she talks a lot. I mean a lot. Most of the time we understand her, sometimes we don’t. I can’t really say that she says funny things, she’s maybe a little too young for that. But a lot of things she says happen to strike me as funny because of the way that she says them or pronounces the words.

I recorded one video of Adaline talking about how a goat bit her finger at our trip to the animal park (post coming later). She said a few funny things and was trying to eat her foot and I was laughing the whole time I recorded it and then the camera just shut off :(. So, I turned it back on and recorded some more (the second video below) and then we downloaded them to watch. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the reason why the camera shut off the first time was because it wasn’t recording at all 😦 So I turned it on again and tried all over again, but she wasn’t so much in the mood for it and it’s not as funny as the first imaginary video was. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

So, anyway, here are 8 thrilling minutes (4 each) of me trying to get Adaline to repeat some of the “funny” phrases she says off camera. Enjoy.
(If you are reading this in an email or feed you will need to click over to the blog or click here or here to view the videos.)

A Goat Bit My Finger:

Let’s Talk About the Easter Bunny:

Oh, and she never did say what left green footprints in our kitchen! Maybe next time.

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Changing it up!

I’ve fallen off of the bloggy-horse this month. During May so far I’ve only published 5 posts and 3 of them were “Wordless Wednesday”. But I’m not here to talk about that right now. Here’s a little something that’s been keeping me busy the past few days…

If you read my blog through email or through a feed, then you might want to click over to the main page to see the new “design”. I use the word “design” loosely since it has not been professionally designed and I have no idea what I’m doing. I made the header and buttons using Paint and PhotoMix with some free fonts and backgrounds I found on the internet.

For those of you that don’t have a keen eye I’ll show you a screenshot of the before and after.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here is my homepage before.
I was using free WordPress Theme, Pilcrow.

Here is my homepage after.
I’m now using free WordPress Theme, Mystique.
I updated the header with new photos of me and Adaline and I replaced the real blocks with a blocky font.

This theme gives you the option to link to your social media in your header, so I now have RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube icons right at the top of the page! I still have all of my social media buttons in the sidebar and at the bottom of each post since the theme didn’t give me the option of adding email subscription, Blog Frog, etc. and also I’m nothing if not excessive and thorough to a fault.

+I love that the menu tabs are below the header with this theme.
+I like that the tabs are separated by a line (they weren’t in the old theme) and I like that they’re shaded gray rather than white.
+I like that the yellow background breaks up the header/menu from the blog instead of being attached by white like the old theme.
+I like that the date of the post shows up under the title instead of above and that it’s shaded darker to make it more visible.
+I like that it says posted by: CoolMama next to the date. It’s not a big deal on my blog since I’m the only author, but on blogs with more than one author it’s nice to see who wrote the post.
+I love the green “titles” in the sidebars. The old theme didn’t have that, so it didn’t break up the sidebar very well making it look less organized. I can also change the color to blue or red if I want, but for now I think that I like the green.

This theme also has a tabbed widget that contains Categories, Tags, Archives, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments. I was able to eliminate all of those from the sidebars and keep them in one nifty widget in the left sidebar 🙂 It defaults to Recent Comments which I prefer.
Here’s what it looks like:

So if you like to come to the blog and go through my Categories, Tags, Archives, or Popular Posts you’ll find them in the widget on the left instead of individually on the right as they were before. In the right sidebar I still have Recent Posts and a Category Cloud.

Another neat feature with this theme is the author box at the end of each post. You can’t see it on the main page, but if you click on any individual post the box is at the bottom of each one!
Here’s what it looks like:

There are only 3 things that I dislike about this theme.
1. I don’t like how narrow the middle column is. The old theme was wider. Now a lot of my old posts with pictures haven’t corrected themselves and the pictures are everywhere and coming off the page, etc. I don’t have the time right now to go back through all of them and change it.
2. I don’t like that you can’t get back to the home page just by clicking the header. Many themes for many blogs work like this and when I’m working on the blog I used to use that feature a lot. I added a “Home” tab to the menu bar instead, but I’d still like it if the header was clickable.
3. I don’t like that my “tagline” doesn’t show up anywhere. I had to remove it from the header because the header for this theme is more narrow and I couldn’t make it fit without making the title text smaller than I wanted.
If there is a way to correct the above three things…I don’t know how to do it, so for now it’ll have to do. I still like it way better than the old theme.

In addition to the new theme and new header I made a new button.
Grab the new button code below.
Old Button

New Button with code

Here are the fonts I used in my header and button:
+P22 Toy Box Blocks

I’d still love a professional design, but I’m not in the mood to shop around for designers at the moment.
So that’s everything for now. Be sure to click through to the blog and tell me what you think of all the newness. It’s totally okay if you say that you don’t like it after I just raved about it ;). I just think (at least I hope) that while it still looks cheap and crappy it perhaps looks a teensy bit more professional than it did before. If there’s anything else you’d like to see me add, remove, or change…let me know. I’m open to ideas!

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