Hi! I’m Jenn Rian and I am the blogger behind:
Coolest Family on the Block and (formerly “I Make Myself the Queen”).

I am located in Beaver County PA in the greater Pittsburgh area.
And that’s all that I’m going to tell you…stalker.

I am currently NOT accepting guest posts and NOT working with sponsors.
All guest posts or sponsor inquiries will be ignored.

Click below to email me!
coolfamilyblog (at) yahoo dot com

You can also contact me through the comment boxes on every page/post
(be sure to leave an email address)


*I do not respond with rejections, if I’m not interested I will simply not respond.
*I do not currently work with brands or sponsors.
*I do not accept guest posts.



  1. Hi Jenn,
    I saw your post on Baby Center’s July 2010 board and visited your website for the first time. I really like it! I just started blogging in April and I love it… I have a dozen posts stored and waiting to be published because I don’t want to be a dork that publishes more than once a day!
    I blog about activities I do with my 10 month old and my 3 year old (including some specific learning activities for literacy, science, etc.), crafts, recipes, funny kid stuff, and a yearlong ABC project I did with my son and plan on doing with my daughter when she gets older. I’m also a Christian mommy.
    I would love to get more hits on my blog and would also be interested in guest blogging for you. If you take a peek at my site and see something you like, let me know! This could be great!
    Thank you,


    • Amanda, I stopped by your blog and it’s great! I’d say just about everything you’ve posted would be an example of an appropriate guest post for my blog!

      I can only use original content that hasn’t been published yet (Google frowns upon duplicate content.), so email me your ideas or a draft for a guest post and we’ll get something started. My guest post guidelines are here and suggested topics are here.

      My readers will love your blog!

      Thanks so much for contacting me 🙂


  2. Hello.. Coming by via Voiceboks and I am wondering whether you are interested in writing some paid reviews on parenting?
    Please contact me if you do… thanks!



  3. I tried to message you on Facebook, but you may be set to only receive messages from friends. Send me an email at for instructions to review our 100 Days to Christmas 2011 eBook, if you are still interested.


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