Guest Posts: Suggested Topics

Guest Posts Suggested Topics

If you are interested in writing a guest post to publish here at Coolest Family on the Block, please consider one of the topics below.

Write about the fun things you do as a family. If it’s family friendly and fun for kids…it’s a guest post!
You can write list posts, how-to’s, tips, tricks, ideas, etc.

+Family Traditions
+Holiday Traditions
(I will only publish holiday posts in season. You may submit them anytime,
just be aware that I made need to hold your post until the holiday comes around.)

+Birthday Traditions
+School Traditions
(First day of school, last day of school, 100th day of school, school lunches)
+Vacation Traditions
+Making and Preserving Memories
+Fun family ideas and activities
+Family Fun Night / Family Game Night / Family Movie Night
+Family Reunions
+Summer fun ideas
+Vacation/Staycation ideas, tips, tricks
+Birthday Parties
+Making food/lunch/dinner fun
+Recipes for kids
+Boredom Busters
+Crafts for kids
+Book suggestions for kids
+Themed crafts, foods, etc. to accompany a book
+What fun things do you do with water, bubbles, chalk, crayons, etc.
+What makes your family the Coolest Family on the Block?
+Disney World 🙂
+Making childhood magical
+The tooth fairy
+Pretend play, dramatic play, creative play
+Ideas for celebrating “weird” holidays

Other relevant topics:
+Cloth Diapering
+Potty Training
+Diaper Rash
+Other “Mommy” related topics

These are just some suggested topics. Please feel free to submit other ideas as long as the guest post and your blog are both family friendly. Thank you for your interest…I look forward to hearing from you!

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