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Wordless Wednesday: Chalks

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It was a beautiful day last week, so I took Adaline outside for some fun.

“I’ll just stare at the ball.”

Adaline saw some birds flying and she said, “Birds! Adaline hold it! Catch it!”…she didn’t catch it.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors ball.
Adaline kept staring at the ball next door and saying,
“Kids ball. No Adaline’s.”.
That’s right, now quit staring at it.

I’m embarrassed to tell you that this is all my awesome artwork. Adaline’s still too young to make more than squiggles. I made this very authentic looking heart to show her what chalk was. She was excited in spite of my illustration.

She was very excited about the chalk and kept saying, “Chalks. Adaline chalks.” Mostly she liked taking them out of the bowls, drawing one line, and saying what color they were.

Getting messy chalk on our clothes and hands.

See how much fun she’s having 😉

Just kidding. That’s her “mad face” she does sometimes to be funny.

Once she emptied the bowl of all of the chalk, she decided to wear it as a hat!

“Look, Mommy, there’s chalk dust in my hair!”

Here is my thumb. Also, I got to wear the bowl hat too 🙂

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