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Writing with humor

The SITS Girls are hosting a 4-week Writing Workshop: Content is King.
Each week in November they’re giving us optional writing prompts to help us improve the content of our blogs.

Week 1 Activity 1
Write a letter to a friend as if she is sitting beside you. Don’t think about grammar or spelling or punctuation. Just write as if you are having a conversation.

So, here’s the thing:
1. I don’t have any friends :(…so who do I write to?
2. I never concern myself with grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Tisk, tisk. My 11th Grade CP English teacher would be appalled and tell me to “sit there in my ignorance”.
3. Dude, if you’ve ever read my blog, you’d know that I always write like I talk.

I still wanted to participate in the writing challenge, but I wasn’t sure what to do with this one. A few weeks back the SITS Girls asked those of us participating in the forums some questions about our use of humor in writing. The following post was actually my reply in the forum. I chose it because I think it’s a pretty good example of my writing style.

Do you use humor in your writing?
I do use (what I consider to be) humor in my posts. Basically, I write the way that I talk (an embarrassment to the English language with my run-on sentences and improper uses of punctuation marks). I’m not necessarily trying to be funny…but you might laugh (then again, maybe you won’t). If we were face to face and I was telling you a story this is how I would tell it with all of the parentheses, quote marks, italics, and dot, dot, dots (you know, these…I use them a lot). I don’t know how funny my blog actually is, but I crack myself up. And really, isn’t everyone’s goal in life to make me laugh?!

How has being funny benefited your blog?
Maybe it hasn’t. I don’t really have any readers. Maybe I’m scaring them away with my attempt at humor and my desire to make friends with strange people that I don’t know on the internet. I probably come across a little desperate and clingy (because I am desperate and clingy…but only a little bit), “Wait, person, come back! Don’t you want to subscribe to my blog? We can be friends. I’ll braid your hair. I don’t really know how to braid hair…but it’s virtual anyway, so what does it matter?!” And they’re gone. Yes, maybe I should definitely rethink my writing style and start writing about world peace or something.

Are you more or less funny in real life?
Since I mentioned that I write how I talk and (I think) what I write is funny…then I must be funny when I talk too (Did you see me deduce that like I’m Sherlock Holmes?! Impressive, I know.). Again, I crack myself up. My family spends a lot of time laughing at me (note the use of the word “at” rather than the word “with”. Ahem.). Really, it just depends on the day. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to be funny (although my husband often finds me funniest when I’m in a really bad mood and my sarcasm is at its peak). Don’t worry…I’m not one of those people that are exhausting to be around because I always need to be “on”. In real life my humor is often very subtle so you need to be paying attention or you might miss out on the joke (So you should probably subscribe to our conversation so that you’re sure that every witty remark goes directly to your feed or inbox ;)).

As a reader, do you enjoy humorous posts or would you prefer to read blogs that are more serious?
I prefer to read humorous or at least light-hearted posts. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good moving, heart-warming, or motivational post as much as the next gal. But with a young toddler and barely a chance to shower I just don’t have enough time or brain power to be all deep and reflective (this includes both reading and writing). Maybe once she goes to school (you know, college) I’ll be able to be serious again, because I truly am very deep…all the way to the bottom.

So…do you think that this counts or should I attempt to write a letter to a pretend friend?

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