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Our Trip to the Bunny Trolley 2011

Last year we made our first trip to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, PA to ride the Bunny Trolley. Adaline loved it and we’re planning a trip this year too. The Bunny Trolley opened yesterday.

Adaline enjoyed playing on the kid-sized trolley.

All aboard the Bunny Trolley!

Waiting for the Easter Bunny.

Adaline sticking her foot out of the window at the same time the lady is telling everyone to keep their arms and legs inside the trolley at all times.

The Easter Bunny arrives!

Adaline meets the Easter Bunny…handshakes and high-fives!

Weeee! The trolley is moving!

Time for photos with the Bunny.

After the trolley ride we got a chance to make a keepsake Easter card. Adaline colored with crayons and markers and we traced her hand.

Next was the Easter Egg “Hunt”.

Adaline really enjoyed picking up eggs and putting them in her basket. There was a limit of 7 eggs per child otherwise she would’ve been happy to collect them all!

Adaline’s stash from the hunt.

Believe it or not Adaline talked about the Bunny Trolley all year and she’s so excited to go back again this year and bring her baby brother.

If you live locally be sure to check out my post listing local Easter Egg Hunts and other events!

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