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Don’t Worry, Be Happy :)

Today I’m participating in the Blog it Forward Blog Hop about Happiness.  Yesterday Texan Mama (who is happy while teaching and taking photos) wrote an awesome post on Photography Tips for Dummies (was she writing just for me?!). Don’t forget to go visit Stephanie at A Day in the Life of a Grad Student’s Wife where she’ll be blogging about happiness tomorrow.

I have to admit, I’ve struggled with what to write about this topic.  My first thought was my family (well, that and also the song “Don’t worry be happy” by Bobby McFerrin). Then I thought, “Isn’t that the cop-out answer? Won’t everyone be blogging about their kids and family?”. Apparently not. Either the other bloggers are just more creative than me or they just happen to have more things that make them happy than I do. I wanted to get all deep and philosophical about the topic but I just don’t think I have it in me right now. If you take a look around my blog you’d see that the title for a recent post that I’ve written included the phrase “bra in my lunchbox”, which would lead one to believe that either 1. I have some obsession with partial nudity or 2. I don’t take many things seriously. I’m not sure which one is true, but in the spirit of not being deep and philosophical, here’s a list of random and superficial things that make me happy…or at the very least put a smile on my face.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Ice cream
  3. Chocolate and ice cream together
  4. Musicals
  5. Movies about dogs (bonus points if they talk)
  6. Baby animals
  7. The perfect fall day
  8. The perfect spring day
  9. Snow on Christmas day
  10. Christmas Carols
  11. Show tunes
  12. Marching bands (I’m a nerd and I heart them.  Don’t judge me.)
  13. Swinging really high on a swing
  14. All things Disney
  15. Making people laugh
  16. Not doing housework
  17. Winks from my Hubby
  18. Remembering my childhood
  19. Saved by the Bell
  20. Snuggling under my childhood blanky
  21. I Love Lucy
  22. Bing Crosby songs
  23. Playing dress-up
  24. Jazz
  25. Moments to myself
  26. Writing
  27. Sleeping
  28. Breakfast in bed
  29. A good tomato
  30. Goat cheese
  31. Dancing
  32. Dancing in public like a crazy person whilst embarrassing my husband who walked away from me a long time ago
  33. Tea parties
  34. Fancy things
  35. Seeing Daddy’s play with their kids
  36. Laughing with family
  37. Holidays
  38. Being weird
  39. Horse and carriage rides
  40. Roses
  41. Peace and quiet
  42. Theme parties
  43. Naming woodland creatures I see in my yard
  44. Giving to charities
  45. My mom’s chicken soup
  46. Driving around looking at houses, fall leaves, or Christmas decorations
  47. Apple pie
  48. Jams and jellies
  49. Blog comments (hint, hint)
  50. And yes, my awesome, wonderful, crazy, hilarious family

Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers writing about happiness.  Maybe you’ll find something inspiring and profound…you just won’t find it here 😉

oh, so very me

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Wordful Wednesday: The Flight of the Midnight Moth

At midnight I went into my bathroom. I turned on the light and was immediately startled by a large bug fairly close to the light switch. I did a little gasp and small jump backward and then realized it was only a moth. I said aloud to myself, “Oh, it’s just a moth…you scared me for a second there.” (or something like that). As I was going into the cabinet to get something I thought, “Was that a moth?”. Despite my minuscule fear that it might be some other more fearsome insect that wanted to eat me or lay eggs in my ear (and despite the fact that you and I both know how these situations always end) I decided to turn around and lean forward ever-so-slightly for a closer quick look. At that exact moment the moth took flight. I let out a squeal and started jumping and shaking out my shirt and smacking my hair around sitcom-style for fear that it was “on” me somewhere.  

For the most part I’m not afraid of bugs (though I don’t particularly like them either thankyouverymuch) and I have absolutely no fear of moths…but that doesn’t mean that I want one on me. And I wouldn’t mind having one on me if it was by choice and I had invited said moth to rest lightly on my finger. However, this particular moth was just a little more aggressive in his introduction than I am comfortable with considering the “getting all up in my personal space” thing it just did. I don’t even want my husband touching me without asking first (sorry, dude. Love you!). Had Mr. Moth not scared the crap outta me (twice) I normally would’ve asked him his name, invited him to stay, and then written a poem about him. Maybe he’ll think of that next time he is contemplating scaring the bejeesus out of a poor, unsuspecting housewife (who ought to be in bed rather than blogging about moths at midnight).  

While leaving the bathroom I noticed that he was hanging out on the shower curtain. I don’t believe that he ever did touch me, but the erratic flight pattern was enough to freak me out (don’t you hate how moths fly?!). So, like any good blogger would I went to get my camera so that you would have a visual of this harmless yet altogether terrifying moth that has nothing better to do at midnight than to fly in the faces of innocent women.

This is the spot where Mr. Moth was originally.

And here he is…


Ew. I think you can see the flash glimmering in his little mothy eyeball. So creepy.

Okay. So I ended up writing a poem anyway. Enjoy.
The Flight of the Midnight Moth
We could have been friends, you and I
But instead you decided to fly

Without warning too close to my face
Made me jump all over the place
Some of us are moth-friendly folks
Who like hearing moth knock-knock jokes
And would be quite happy to
Become Facebook friends with you
So next time please think before flying
And sending some poor lady crying
The whole thing makes me quite sad
When I consider what we could’ve had



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