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I’ve gone tribal: Meet the Geese

I just joined up with the SITS Girls about two weeks ago. It’s a group of 7,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another’s blogs through comments. They’ve given us an opportunity to “find our tribe”. Since my blog is so new and I can use all of the help, support, (and readers!) that I can get…I decided to join in.
Here’s the comment I left on the “find your tribe” post
“I’m a little concerned about this “tribe” thing. Don’t most tribes usually involve some kind of partial nudity? I’d prefer to stay clothed, but if it’s an absolute must just give me enough notice to get my DeLorean and go back 13 years so that I can bring 18 year old me here and SHE can be the partially naked one. Of course she’ll have no idea what a blog is, or how to use the internet…but she sure did look great in pair of jeans!
I can’t wait to meet my tribe (I hope someone brings cheesecake!).

 I am now a proud member of the Goose Tribe: Homeschooling and Faith Mom Bloggers
(Not to be confused with Group 2)
Each day the SITS Girls are giving us little tasks to complete within our groups such as commenting and tweeting each other’s blogs. Today is my third day being a Goose!

I’m not sure exactly why I was put in this particular tribe since my little one is too young for school and I’ve never blogged about my faith (yet). Still, I’m already finding little things in common with these ladies and can’t wait to get to know them better. 

If you have a chance to do some browsing, please visit my tribe members and let them know that I sent you! You’ll find their links below.



Donna Perugini




(She is not messing around with this ginormous button!)

Go Geese! (honk, honk)


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