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Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
I’m using this post for the Ultimate Blog Party and North East Bloggers Network: Getting to Know You link up.

Hi, I’m Jenn! Welcome to my blog!
This is my 3rd year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited to meet some new bloggers and get re-acquainted with my favorites. I know how these blog parties can be. You’re trying to visit and comment on as many blogs as possible so there isn’t a lot of time to read a non-sensical diatribe by a long-winded stranger. For those of you in a rush here are the bullet points:

*1 preschool girl, 1 toddler boy, 1 small dog
*Domestically Challenged Lazy = Dirty house
*Fashion = Pajamas
*Family = important, traditions = fun
*Funny, haha!

Me blog. You read.
Blog friends? Yay!
Follow? Thank you!

Comments = 🙂
Thanks for visiting!

For those of you with more time and a longer attention span, read on. Coolness, awesomeness, and hilarity will ensue. You don’t want to miss it. There will be much laughter…it will all be my laughter, but still…


I live near Pittsburgh, PA. I’m a wife to Cool Daddy and stay-at-home mom to 3.5 year old daughter, Adaline, and 14 month old son, Jonathan (my clomid vbac baby). We’re the coolest family on the block and we put the “fun” in dysFUNctional! 😉


*I hate cooking. (I consider making a sandwich “cooking”.)
*Dirty dishes make me want to hurl on my shoes (and fyi, I’d rather clean those vomit shoes than the dishes…proof of how much dirty dishes gross me out).
*I love planning parties.
*I have a serious addiction to ice cream.
*I’m a birth and breastfeeding nerd. I think placentas are rad. I’ve never eaten one but it’s on my bucket list (just kidding…sorta).
*I totally crack myself up (I apologize in advance)!



I try to keep my blog focus on creating traditions and family fun and reasons to ditch the housework and spend time with your kids. Sometimes I post about myself and the kids and which pajamas I’m wearing underneath the boogers today (I’ll tell you now…I’m probably wearing the same pajamas that I wore yesterday. And the day before that.). The truth is that the actual “spend time with your kids” part kinda keeps me from blogging as often as I’d like…and that’s okay. Occasionally the blog will go silent while I tend to things in the real world.

Glued to Mommy

Glued to Mommy

Each year in April I co-host the annual No Housework Party linky with Non-Domestic Mama. Be sure to stop by and link up any (new or old) housework or anti-housework related posts here. (Don’t forget to add a link back or a No Housework Party Button within your post.) If you don’t link up, that’s okay, I’ll just weep buckets of tears and eat snack cakes while I rock in the corner to take the pain away.



I’m prepared for the massive amounts of subscribers that I’m going to acquire any minute now begging me, “Please share your social media links with us, Cool Mama, so that I can follow you every minute in stalker-ish fashion and never miss a moment of your riveting and entertaining bloggy ways!” Well, for you, pretend random stalker-follower from the future, I will do anything. If you’ve fallen in love with me already (it happens, people…don’t fight it) and decided that you just can’t live without me another moment then I’ve made it very easy for you to stalk my every bloggy move.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and more. You can find follow and friend buttons, RSS, and email subscription in the header, on the top of the right sidebar, at the very bottom of the blog, and at the bottom of every post. You’ll probably want to subscribe or follow one of those ways. Or all of them…there’s no shame in being a little excessive. We applaud it around here.

I’m not desperate, I’m just thorough. Very, very thorough. Ahem.

If you do follow me please leave me your links in a comment or message where you’re following at so that I can follow back (as in an “@” on Twitter, post on my FB wall, etc.). Thanks!

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