December Christmas Traditions

Fun Family Christmas Holiday Traditions for December

December is the month for holiday traditions! Coolest Family on the Block has your family Christmas tradition needs covered from Christmas Pajamas, to Ugly Christmas Sweaters, to proof of Santa’s existence, and so much more!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Book Countdown Advent
Christmas Book Countdown Advent

Christmas Morning Tradition: Gift Wrap Doorway
Christmas Morning Tradition: Gift Wrap Doorway

10 Ideas For Your Christmas Pajamas Tradition

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition
Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules
Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules

Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2010
Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2011
Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition

Santa Proof

Santa Proof: Photos of Santa in your home!
Photos of Santa in your home!

Santa Proof: Santa’s Magical Sooty Bootprints
Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot prints

Santa Proof: Phone Calls from Santa
Santa Proof: Phone Calls from Santa

Santa Proof: Watch Santa feed his reindeer!
Watching Santa feed his reindeer

Dear Santa

Make Writing a Letter to Santa a Tradition
The tradition of Writing a Letter to Santa (Coolest Family on the Block)

How to Mail a Letter to Santa at the North Pole
How to mail a letter to Santa at the North Pole

Free Printable Santa Paper
Free Printable Santa Paper!

How to Email a Letter to Santa
Email a Letter to Santa

Fun Family Christmas Holiday Traditions for December

What are some of your family’s December traditions?
Let me know in the comments!

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Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block

Tis the season for Ugly Christmas Sweaters! In 2010 our family started a new Christmas Eve Tradition: Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree (which is a longer way of saying “ugly sweater contest”)! These are the sweaters from 2012. Which one would you pick as the winner?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I always like to start things off with a photo of the one and only “Cool Family”. Jonathan was lucky enough to miss being in these photos because of his early bedtime. This year he may not be so lucky.


First of all, settle down. I know that you are really excited about the awesome Santa hat that I’m wearing (and you should be), but this is sweater time.
(Okay, I got the hats on clearance at J.C. Penney’s a few years ago. That’s all that I know. Get off my back.)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For my sweater I decided to represent the lyrics of the Christmas song “Winter Wonderland”. It looks odd and unChristmas-y from afar, but it is really a masterful work of creativity. So there.

Sleigh bells ring…are you listening? In the land snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland Ugly Sweater
Gone away is the blue bird. Here to stay is a new bird.
He sings a love song as he goes along. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland Ugly Sweater
In the meadow we can build a snowman. And pretend that he is Parson Brown.
He’ll say “Are you married?” We’ll say, “No man. But you can do the job when you’re in town.”

Later on we’ll conspire. As we dream by the fire.
And face unafraid, the plans that we made. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
(Click then click again to enlarge. “Face unafraid” is my favorite detail.)
Winter Wonderland Ugly Sweater
In the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he’s a circus clown.
We’ll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman until the other kiddies knock him down.

In the snow, ain’t it thrillin’? Though your nose gets to chillin’.
We’ll frolic and play the Eskimo way. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
Winter  Wonderland Ugly Sweater
Okay, I’m done photo bombing this post with my sweater. Moving on…

2012 Cool Daddy finally went with a theme other than “creepy uncle”.
(Do you remember the mustache of 2010 or the underwear of 2011?
Or were you lucky enough to have Will Smith drop by and “flashy thing” those memories away?
I present to you: “Feline Navidad“…
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

A Fancy Feast for the eyes, Cool Daddy’s wearable interpretation of “Feline Navidad” begins with a festive green sweater vest and ends with a cat tail made of red foil garland. Five stuffed cats of various colors are the focal point while the added details of cat toys, a pink cat collar with bell, and a package of cat nip bring this sweater to a whole new level.

A year ahead of the times, the back features an en-wreathed cat head, rivaling Miley’s 2013 “Space Kitten”. For those not quick to recognize this brilliant theme, colorful foam letters spell out “Feline Navidad”. A row of kitten quints inside of red handbags hang playfully above the aforementioned shiny, red cat tail. This ugly sweater is the cat’s meow!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

My brother-in-law, Matt, is sporting a cardigan with a print that marries southwestern with ski resort. The back boasts a rustic heart shaped Christmas wreath complete with wooden gingerbread man, just like those worn by the southwestern ski bunnies of yesteryear. He accessorizes with a necklace/belt combination made from hoops and paperclips, while a mistletoe headband adds a touch of whimsy.

My sister, Jess, is a maniac, maniac on the floor and in this Solid Gold inspired ugly sweater. Shining, shimmering, splendid, this sparkly gold sweater has fringed sleeves and mid-drift. Plain green garland gives a belt-esque look, while a be-belled stuffed Santa corsage prepares you to “jingle all the way” this season.
(You have my permission to add the words “belt-esque” and “be-belled” to your vocabulary. You’re welcome.)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

After taking a year off to reflect upon his ugly sweater goals, U.A. teamed up with his son, Ben, (2011 Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion) to bring us “The Two-Headed Ski Resort”!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This Ugly Christmas Sweater has everything: a Popsicle stick ski lodge, a child performing a marriage ceremony between two snowpeople, sparkly green pine trees atop a snow-covered mountain, a ski lift with a tiny skier aboard, and two grown men wearing mountain hats.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last but not least, Aunia is once again confused by the concept of making an ugly sweater. Complete with pleated skirt, her sweatery “rendition” of Waltz of the Flowers is a series of lovely flowers, charming bumblebees, and delicate musical notes. Who wore it better, Aunia (on the left), or her brother, Ben (on the right)?

Those were the 2012 contestants of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition. Before you scroll down to reveal the winner, who do you think deserves the Ugly Christmas Sweater Trophy of Awesomeness?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules

Announcing the 2013 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners…

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The collaboration paid off! Father/son team Ben and U.A. were named 2012 Ugly Christmas Sweater Champions, enabling Ben to hold on to the title for a second year in a row. I was given the title of “Overall Most Festive Attire”, and because everyone in the competition had altered their sweater and she was the only other person wearing a sweater, Grandma was given the title of “Most Naturally Ugly Sweater”.


I can’t wait to see what kind of sweaters everyone creates this year!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Which Ugly Christmas Sweater was your favorite?
Does your family have an ugly sweater tradition?
Let me know in the comments!

labelschristmas300Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition10wayschristmaspjs1


Santa Proof: Watch Santa feed his reindeer LIVE! (Free)

Watching Santa feed his reindeer

You can see Santa’s Reindeer LIVE on the internet for FREE! Beginning November 17 you can watch Santa feed the reindeer live every weekday at 11am, 6pm and 9pm EST and 6pm EST on weekends until the Christmas Eve on! You can also download the ReindeerCam app for iOS or Andriod!
Just a note: When watching the ReindeerCam, there isn’t supposed to be any sound, so don’t worry if you can’t hear anything! 🙂 In 2014 is adding sound for the first time ever!

Watch Santa feed his reindeer

Adaline loved watching the reindeer last year! This has become a new tradition for our family.

Watching Santa feed his reindeer

Click to watch video

You can follow on:
Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / YouTube

Have you watched Santa feed his reindeer?
Let me know in the comments!

Photos of Santa in your home!Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa


Santa Proof: Photos of Santa in Your Home!

Photos of Santa in your home!
Thanks to my stealthy photography skills, I’ve been able to catch Santa delivering presents to our house for the past 3 years! I’m pretty sure he knows what’s going on, but he lets me think I’m a great Santa detective anyway.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2010 I caught Santa checking his list…twice.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2011 I caught Santa cinching up his sack after delivering the gifts.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2012 I caught Santa reaching for a cookie!

Photos of Santa in your home!

If you’re too tired or too lazy to spend Christmas Eve hiding behind your sofa waiting to pop out and take a picture of the Big Guy in action, you may find one of these photo services helpful.

Many of these services have Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy options as well! 🙂

Want Santa by the Christmas tree? Coming down the chimney? Eating milk and cookies? Sleeping on the sofa? Stealing a kiss from Mommy? For less than $10 anyone can bring back the wonder of Christmas and be a hero to children by catching Santa “in the act.”
*My photos above were made using

Take photo of where you want to “catch” Santa, by the Christmas tree, fireplace, etc.
Follow the prompts to upload your photo to our magical editing page

With My Santa Pictures, it is easy to create the perfect Santa Claus picture. Just upload a photo, then pick from over 65 different Santa pictures, adjust the Santa picture for size and placement – we do the rest

With Photo Santa’s digital photo editor, you can capture Santa in your home using an assortment of jolly poses. Your kids will be amazed when you show them Santa eating up all the milk and cookies, or gently spreading the presents in their place.

Free iphone app. Add Santa to your photos to make pictures of his visit to your home. This easy to use Christmas photo app gives you photographic evidence of Santa’s visit.

Why not use our catch Santa site as often as you like and create lots of different Santa Photo’s. Catch Santa coming down the chimney, taking a nap under the Christmas Tree or even kissing Mummy! You can then revisit our site year upon year and do the same.

The Santa Photo is officially in the works, offering free santa photos of santa claus in your very own home. That’s right, catch santa on camera with a photo or picture of santa clause this Christmas. Stay tuned for santa photo and santa picture updates! In the meantime, check out The Santa Video.

FREE Santa Photo:
4 Santa images to choose from! Santa is pretty quick, but this year you can set up a camera and catch him in action. We have the Santa. You just need to take a background picture by the tree or stockings and drop Santa in. Open your picture in a Word document and choose a Santa to add to your picture. Remember to bring the Santa picture to the front and format his position so that he is “in front of text.” Resize him as needed and crop any overhanging edges.
studio5 24955762

Disclosure: I created the photos used in this post using I paid for these photos myself. I wasn’t given anything for free and I wasn’t compensated in any way. There are no affiliate links included in this post. I have not tried the other websites/services listed in this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photos of Santa in your home!

Have you ever caught Santa in your home?
Let me know in the comments!

Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa


Christmas Traditions: Gift Wrapped Doorway and Christmas Blocks


Christmas Morning Tradition: Gift Wrap Doorway

When Santa was here on Christmas Eve, not only did he leave presents for the children, and leave his messy boot prints all over our room…but he also gift wrapped the doorway!

Santa gift wrapped the doorway!

Now the Christmas tree and the presents were trapped behind a wall of wrapping paper. The only way to get to the gifts…was to bust through the wrapping paper!

Busting through the gift wrapped doorway on Christmas morning!

It was actually harder than it looks to bust through that paper! Because of the way our doorway is set up there were actually two layers of wrapping paper to get through.

Busting through the gift wrapped doorway on Christmas morning!

Perhaps at your house the bedroom doorway gets wrapped instead of the living room, or perhaps it’s tissue paper or streamers instead of wrapping paper.

The great thing about the gift wrapped doorway tradition is that it can work for so many different families, whether Santa visits your house or not! It’s one that mom’s and dad’s can do themselves without Santa’s help. It’s one that teenagers can enjoy and look forward to as much as little children.

Busting through the gift wrapped doorway on Christmas morning!

Another Christmas morning tradition that we have in our family is the ceremonial knocking down of the Christmas blocks. Okay, it’s not ceremonial at all…but it is fun! In the photo below Jonathan was almost 11 months old and he crawled right to the blocks to knock them over.

Knocking down the Christmas blocks

It will be interesting to see how long it takes the kids to knock the blocks down this year. Will they be more interested in Santa’s footprints or the presents? Or will they knock the blocks down right away? Will they fight over who gets to knock the blocks down or cry because “So-and-so knocked the blocks down first and I wanted to do it!”
I mean, of course I like to purposely implement traditions that will inevitably create discourse amongst the children…who doesn’t?! 😉

So far knocking down the blocks has been a fun little Christmas morning tradition, we’ll see if it remains fun as the kids get older!

2013 Update: Our wrapped doorway was a little less exciting this year. Check it out here: Merry Christmas 2013! Jon seemed a little overwhelmed on Christmas morning, but when my husband pointed out the blocks to him he was thrilled to knock them down! 🙂

Christmas Morning Tradition: Gift Wrap Doorway

Does Santa gift wrap your door way?
What are some of your fun Christmas morning traditions? Let me know in the comments!


Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa

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Christmas Book Countdown

Christmas Book Countdown Advent

Here’s a quick and easy activity we do to countdown to Christmas day. Unwrap and read a Christmas book each day until Christmas!

Christmas Book Countdown Advent

It’s already December 2 and I haven’t wrapped the books yet this year. Oops. I always tell myself that I’m going to get these things done before Thanksgiving and then I always forget, or someone gets sick, or I’m distracted by something shiny. Maybe I should wrap them this year before I pack them away. That sounds smar…Squirrel! Wait, what was I saying?

Christmas Book Countdown Advent

How does your family countdown to Christmas?
What are your favorite Christmas books?
Let me know in the comments!

Christmas Morning Tradition: Gift Wrap Doorway10wayschristmaspjs1


Santa Proof: Magical Santa Bootprints

Santa Proof: Magical Santa boot prints in your home!

I’m not sure what it is about our house but legendary figures are always leaving messy footprints in our house after a visit. First Leprechauns, then the Easter Bunny, and now…Santa Claus!

For the past two years Santa has magically descended our non-functioning chimney and left his sooty boot prints on our carpet on his way to the Christmas tree.

Santa leaves his dirty boot prints!

In 2011 Santa left a trail directly to the tree.
He must’ve ran out of soot on the way back.

Santa leaves his sooty bootprints on Christmas morning!

But in 2012 Santa wasn’t quite so neat.
He left footprints everywhere…what a mess!
Luckily Santa’s boot prints vacuum up quickly and easily.

Santa Proof: Santa leaves his sooty bootprints on Christmas day!

…and we noticed something interesting. Santa’s boot prints are truly magical indeed, in fact they change while he’s walking! Every so many steps he would leave a “Ho Ho Ho” or “SC” foot print behind.

Santas Magical Bootprints

In some homes Santa leaves white snowy boot prints with magical North Pole snow that doesn’t melt. For us, it’s soot. I’ve also heard reports from some families that get reindeer hoof prints inside their house! I guess it’s a good thing that we set our oats and carrots for the reindeer out on the back porch.

Santa Soles, make Santas sooty boot prints!
The product used to create Santa’s plain soot boot prints was Santa Soles. While I’ve seen many other products for creating Santa’s snowy boot prints, this is the only one that I’ve found that imitates soot. Visit and like the Santa Soles Facebook Page
Santa Soles allow you to create Santa’s footprints in your very own home, adding to the magic of Christmas morning. Santa Soles are the footprints that dreams are made of!  Santa Soles are templates that allow you, along with our non-toxic, non-staining “soot” to create Santa’s footprints right in your home! Our “soot” is safe for use on all types of flooring and vacuums up easily, making clean up a breeze!

Other stencils/templates used: “Ho Ho Ho” and “SC
Hohoho Santa BootprintSC with Snowflake Santa Bootprint

Disclosure: I found, purchased, and reviewed the product “Santa Soles” and the additional boot print templates on my own. I was not given the products for free, I was not compensated in any way, and I was not asked to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot prints

Does Santa leave boot prints in your house?
Let me know in the comments!

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Santa Proof: Phone Calls from SantaPhotos of Santa in your home!Watching Santa feed his reindeer


50+ Ideas for Thanksgiving Kids’ Table (Links)


During the holidays we’ve all had to sit at the kids’ table at some point in our lives. Now everyone will want to sit at the kids’ table if you use these creative ideas for making your Thanksgiving kids’ table the coolest on the block!

*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table: @ Fiskars
Silly turkey leg place card, pie treat holder, Mayflower drinking straw, decorative turkey clips, pilgrim hat crayon holder, Native American headband, and grateful tree centerpiece.
*The Kids’ Table: Thanksgiving Placecards, Paper Bag Turkey, Thanksgiving Quiz, Bite Sized Pumpkin Pies, Faux Pumpkin Pie Place Cards, Game Time Thanksgiving Boat Races, Thanksgiving Pumpkin Roll: @ One Charming Party

*Thanksgiving Kids Table: @ 11 Cupcakes
*How to Create an Amazing Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Happy Home Fairy
*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas: @ Craftberry Bush
Black Bristol board lines the table as a placemat or table cloth on a kiddie table that works just as a chalkboard. Wrap the utensils with a yellow and green napkin to simulate corn.
*Eat, Drink, Be Thankful Kid’s Table: by Mirabelle Creations
@ Amy Atlas: Sweet Designs and Kara’s Party Ideas
*Embrace the idea of a kids’ table: @ Country Living
*Thanksgiving Place Settings: @ Fiskars
*Giving Thanks: A Thanksgiving Kid’s Table: @ Frog Prince Paperie
*Kids’ Thanksgiving Table: We Are So Thankful!: @ Frog Prince Paperie
*Turkey Day Table Centerpiece: @
*Happy Gobble Day: @ Anders Ruff
*A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Denna’s Ideas
*It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Halloween/Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Denna’s Ideas
*Fun Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ La T Dah
*Mayflower Celebration: Sandra Lee’s Cute and Crafty Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving:
@ IVillage
*Thanksgiving Kids Table: @ Alesya Bags
*Set a Special Place for Kids: Ritzy Bee @ Southern Living
*Set a Great Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving: @ Pottery Barn Kids
*Mini Thanksgiving Feast: @ Small Fry Blog
*Ultimate Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Party Bluprints
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Giggles Galore
Kids Thanksgiving Table
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Saratoga Mama
*The Best Thanksgiving Yet: @ Rococo Report
*Kids’ Thanksgiving Table: by Parties for Pennies
@ Creative Home
*Whoot of Thanks Playdate: @ The Savvy Mom’s Guide
whoot 5
*Thanksgiving Child Setting: @ Momtastic
*Color Full Kids Thanksgiving Table: @ Kara’s Creative Place

*Free Printable Paper Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet: @
*Free Thanksgiving Kids Table Printables: @ Shindig Parties to Go
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table and Free Printable: @ Sweet Metel Moments
*Kids’ Table Printables: @ Alpha Mom
Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece, Thanksgiving Napkin Rings, Thanksgiving Crayon Holder, Thanksgiving Coloring Page
*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Setting: @ Lily’s Laundry Blog
*Printable Turkey Trivia Cards: by Skip to my Lou @ Alpha Mom
*Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat: @ Whatever Dee Dee Wants
Thanksgiving Children's Activity Placemat Printable 12x16
*Free Thanksgiving Fall Printable Kit: @ Paper Glitter
*Free Printable Thanksgiving Play Set: @ Chickabug
*Free Printable Kid’s Thanksgiving Placemats: @ Darling Doodles Design
*Thanksgiving Table for Kids: Free Printables: @ Design Dazzle
*Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Tips: @ How Does She

*Mayflower Crayon Holder: @ It’s Overflowing
*Mayflower Treat Holder!: @ My Cotton Creations
*(Pottery Barn Inspired) DIY Thanksgiving Treat Holders: @ Sheek Shindigs
*Kids’ Table Centerpiece: @
*DIY Paper Mayflower Centerpiece: @ Martha Stewart
*Mayflower Place Setting: @ Whatever Dee Dee Wants
Mayflower place setting
*DIY Mayflower Tutorial (Pottery Barn Inspired): @ The Pink Peony of Le Jardin
*DIY Mayflower: @ Making Life Whimsical

Mayflower Boat-kids table
*DIY Thanksgiving Tallship: @ Let’s Go Fly a Kite…

*Turkey Handprint Tablecloth: @ How Does She
*Thanksgiving Party: @ Happy Hawkins
*Pilgrim Straw Toppers: @ Daily Party Dish
*Turkey Pencil Holder (Tutorial): @ Pottery Barn Kids
*Pom Pom Tom Turkey Decoration: @
*Thanksgiving Entertainment for Kids: @ The Idea Room
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Activities: @ The Mother Huddle
*Moccasin and Pilgrim Treat and Placecard Holder: @ Can’t Stop Making Things

*Turkey Table Topper and Turkey Nut Holder: @

*Thanksgiving Chalk Cloth Placemats: @ Flamingo Toes
*Toddler to Teen Thanksgiving Table: @ The Celebration Shoppe
*Turkey Chair Covers: @ Wild Olive
*Turkey Chair Covers Tutorial: @ Spoonful
*Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Ideas: @ Spoonful
Turkey Napkin Holders, Pilgrim Napkin Rings, Photo Napkin Rings, Fall Tableware Napkin Rings, Wrapped Rings, Button Indian Corn Napkin Rings, Funny Fall Napkin Rings, Turkey Napkin Rings and Holders, Indian Corn Napkin Rings

*Thanksgiving Table for Kids: @
Thanksgiving Place Mats, Paper Pilgrims Thanksgiving Table, Gourd Gobblers, Cornhusk Dolls, Mayflower Centerpiece, Headdress Napkin Wrap, Paper Boat Place Cards, Finger Puppet Favors, Turkey Trivia

What’s your favorite memory of sitting at the kids’ table?
Do you have ideas for making the kids’ table more fun?
Please share in the comments!


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Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree 2011

In 2010 our family started a new Christmas Eve tradition: Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree, which is just a fancy way of saying “Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition”. It was a hit and my very own Cool Daddy came away as the victorious champion!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block

For 2011 some contestants upped their game, others dropped out altogether (party poopers).

2011 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Let’s start things off with a group photo of the cool family.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Here is Cool Daddy, last year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion. We were all relieved that he chose to ditch the creepy mustache from last year.

It’s difficult to describe what’s happening with his sweater, because I honestly don’t know. He’s sporting a lovely lady’s sweater vest with flashing snowflake lights on one side and candy cane garland on the other. Look closely and you will see a gold and a red tinsel tree on either of his shoulders (blends into the background, boo!). He added some Christmas underwear from the Dollar Tree because…well, I don’t know. I have know idea why anyone would pin underwear to their sweater, but it happened. I apologize.

He paired his sweater with some Christmas tree pajama bottoms and a snazzy plastic candy cane cane. Yes, a cane cane.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Here I am rocking an ugly Christmas sweater, maternity style! I was almost 8 months pregnant with Jonathan.

Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater

I trimmed a red sweater vest with tacky multi-colored disco ball garland. My baby bump is adorned with a Christmas wreath with flashing snowman lights. The wreath is topped with double bow goodness, a giant felt red bow and a giant shiny silver gift bow. A Santa Claus stocking on the side is the perfect place to tuck the battery pack from the lights.

Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater

In 2010 my sister totally flaked out on the sweaters and barely participated. This year she wore a red sweater, which was an improvement. She altered the sweater by writing “Merry Christmas” in magic marker and attaching a baby onesie, or is it a dog shirt? She’s wearing a baby bib around her neck. Why? I don’t know. I’m confused by the whole thing. Perhaps the “bah humbug” on her shirt is the key to it all. I do enjoy her headgear which is actually a tissue box cover.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Last year after my sister dropped the ball my brother-in-law was stuck with a completely un-Christmasy sweatshirt. He did bring home the title of “Most Naturally Ugly Sweater” in 2010 because his was the only one completely unaltered. In 2011 he was in it to win it. This completely unaltered black sweater vest has charming plaid accents that add country appeal. The sweater is perfectly complimented by a turtleneck covered in poinsettias on a field of green.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Traditions

My mom is stuck on Christmas in this red sweatshirt accented with puffy Christmas stickers in the shape of a Christmas tree. The children had taken quite a few of her stickers off of her shirt before I could get a picture. A sticky situation to say the least! (bah-dum-ching)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

My cousin, Ben, took the loss hard last year. He had come with his game fast on, an entire Christmas tree on his chest, and presents on his feet and he still failed to bring home the title of “Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion”.

In attempt to keep history from repeating itself, Ben kicked things up a notch with this celestial beauty. A swatch of blue framed in fluffy fiber fill is the perfect heavenly background for this dollar store plastic doll posing as an angel. Perched on a tuft of cloud she is just out of reach of her harp made of Styrofoam. She is accompanied by a few other heavenly hosts and doves. Accessories include a marabou halo, angel wings, and puffy cloud shoes.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

My cousin Aunia is a brick house, or at least her sweater is. Strategically placed strips of white foam on a red shirt creates the illusion of bricks. In the center sits a door decorated with a lovely lit wreath. That’s not all…open the door to find a festive living room complete with Christmas tree and presents! Ugly or adorable?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Now is your last chance to guess who was the winner of the 2011 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.
Click below if you need a refresher on the rules.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules

Announcing the 2011 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Champions

Ben was more than pleased to earn the title of Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion. My baby bump and I waddled away with the title of “Most Overall Festive Attire”, and Matt claimed the title of “Most Naturally Ugly Sweater” for the second year in a row.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Champion

Just a boy kissing his trophy. Nothing to see here, people, move along.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition

Which sweater gets your vote for ugliest? (Mine!)
Does your family have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules10wayschristmaspjs1


Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree 2010

Cool Daddy came up with the idea of having an Ugliest Christmas Sweater competition for our Christmas Eve celebration. It sounded just like the weird sort of thing our family would love, so I agreed and we made our plans.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block

On Christmas Eve Cool Daddy and I hosted The First Annual Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree. Everyone in the family participated except for the babies since we figured that a tricked-out sweater might be a choking hazard.

The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion would be awarded the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Trophy of Awesomeness. Contestants also had the opportunity to win the title of overall Most Festive Attire and Most Naturally Ugly (unaltered) Christmas Sweater (they’d win the title and bragging rights, but no award).

Here are all of the 2010 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contestants…can you guess who won?
(The winner is announced at the bottom, so don’t scroll down and cheat! Cheater.)

2010 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

First here we are, the Cool Family.
I think our sweaters prove just how cool we really are. Ahem.
When planning the party I didn’t consider the fact that Adaline might be freaked out by all of the sweaters.
I thought she would love them and try to pull at them.
Adaline was freaked out by all of the sweaters.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Isn’t that the ugliest Santa head?!
I found it at The Dollar Tree. What a treasure.

There were lights around the Santa head but they didn’t show up on camera 😦
My hat had Santa legs coming out of the top (so that it looked like Santa was going down the chimney), but the legs kept flopping over, so it just looks like I’m wearing a brick-print top hat 😦 .
Still awesome, but not quite the same. Sigh.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Cool Daddy can rock a woman’s sweater vest like nobody’s business.

There’s lights on the front and back (but again, they’re hard to see) and it’s covered in glow sticks. I’m not really sure why.
He’s wearing a Christmas tie that plays Jingle Bells (um, awesome, anyone?).
He purposely shaved off his goatee to have his creepy mustache compliment his sweater.
You better believe it was gone before the night was out. *Shudder*
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

So my sister waited until only a few days before to get her sweater together. Then decided that she couldn’t find anything (that she was willing to pay for), so she turned a shirt inside out and wrote all over it with a Sharpie. Um, okay.
She did even less for her husband having him wear an old sweatshirt, which for some reason he decided to fold up into a mid-drift. Sure.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I wised up when taking the picture of my mom’s sweater and turned off the flash so that you can see her lights. The lights on her sweater were sa-weet! They were shaped like stars and changed colors!
(P.S. The tinsel on her sweater forms a Christmas tree…in case you couldn’t tell.)
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Oh Christmas Ben, Oh Christmas Ben, how lovely are thy sweater…
My cousin Ben is sporting a Christmas tree sweater, complete with presents for shoes. A jingle bell fur collar adds musical appeal while tinsel and Christmas trees on the back make sure that you have a Happy Holiday from every direction. Oh yes.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2010

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
a peacock in a pear tree…

Okay, so I think that my cousin, Aunia’s, sweater is actually kinda cute. And I would totally wear it to the grocery store peacocks on the shoulders and all.
(Then again I would wear my totally rockin’ Santa sweater to the grocery store too because I’m super weird and have no shame…)

She’s stylin’ with a pear tree on the front of her sweater, peacocks on her shoulders (because apparently partridges are hard to come by) and feathers on the sleeves.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2010

My aunt, A.C., is trimmed in lovely green tinsel and featuring giant candy canes surrounded by puffy balls.
My uncle, U.A., is wearing a sweater that I originally thought was a reindeer head…and now I think might be a clock. Not really sure.
Either way, my favorite part was that he had real mini candy canes in the stockings. Tee-hee 🙂
Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2010

Now’s your last chance to pick your winner
before scrolling down to see the results.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Okay. So here are the 2010 winners of Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Winners 2010

My brother-in-law, Matt, won the title and bragging rights for Most Naturally Ugly (unaltered) Christmas Sweater because he had the only unaltered shirt…even though it wasn’t Christmas-y. But my sister said that it has red and green on it so it counts. I guess.

Ben won the title and bragging rights for overall Most Festive Attire.
Wearing an entire Christmas tree on your chest will do that.
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

My very own main squeeze, Cool Daddy, rose victorious as the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion.
I think we all voted for him because we were so creeped out by the mustache.
And we wanted it to go away.
Very quickly.
And never return.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winner 2010

And this is supposed to be a picture of Ben sad because he didn’t win the trophy, but the sad picture that I took of him ended up being really blurry and so I used this one instead wherein he is kinda smiling and holding up one finger even though he was very sad and truly tortured to the very core of his being for not having won the trophy and he must be pretending that he is number one in order to make himself feel better and not cry in front the entire blogosphere. I thank you for not laughing at him during his hour of great pain and distress.
(Nothing says, “Feliz Navidad!” like a good nonsensical run-on sentence.
You are welcome.)

2010 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Which ugly sweater is your favorite? (Mine!)
Let me know in the comments!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)

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Santa Proof: Phone Calls from Santa Claus

20 services (free and paid) where you can request a phone call from Santa or leave Santa a voicemail message!

When my sister and I were little our Dad told us that he could talk to Santa whenever he wanted through two different magical phones that he kept in his office…one was disguised as a yellow highlighter, the other a stapler. We watched Dad have many conversations with Santa on the magical highlighter-stapler phones, but we never got to talk to him ourselves. Oh, how we wanted to talk to Santa. Unfortunately the magic phones didn’t work for children, only for parents. Bummer.
Now you can give your children an experience that my sister and I never had. Rules have changed at the North Pole and now children can talk to Santa…and they don’t even need to use random “magical” office supplies!

Below is a list of free and paid services where you can receive a phone call from Santa or call his voicemail to leave him a message. Please note that I have not used any of these services personally and therefore can not comment on the quality of the call or the reliability of the company. Purchase at your own risk. Furthermore, all information included below was taken directly from the individual websites and is subject to change at anytime. I try to update information as it changes but I am not responsible for any differences in price or discontinuation of a service(s) listed here.

FREE * Get a FREE (pre-recorded) call from the North Pole!
Choose from two different Santa voices and 3 different messages that you can preview on the website. Santa will call immediately from a “restricted” number. You can receive 3 free calls a day.


FREE * Free calls to the U.S. and Canada


FREE * Free call from Santa!
Whether you’re an existing DialMyCalls user or not yet, you can take advantage of our completely free phone call from Santa. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa with his or her name on it! (Facebook)
-Simply select your child’s name and the message from Santa you want sent.
-Pick the time, date and phone number you want the call sent to.
-We create a personalized message and send the call when you want it sent!


FREE * App Santa’s Magic Phone FREE App
For iphone, ipad, and Andriod
Must Have FREE App for Kids (and Parents) to Call Santa Claus! Want Santa to call your child on demand? There’s an app for that! Call, and get called, with your personal direct line to Santa. (Facebook)


FREE+$ *
Call Santa Claus’ voicemail and leave him a message for free!
Request a copy of your child’s message $5.99 (as of 11/2013)
Continue to checkout, and make sure to fill out the form after checkout is complete. This will help provide the information needed to retrieve your child’s message.


FREE+$ *
and A Free Call From Santa Claus Personalized For Your Child
You’ll need to “like” their Facebook page for a coupon code for the free phone call.
This Santa message can be personalized girl or boy, plus the child’s name (or a generic name like “kiddo” or “sweetie”), along with your choice of 6 messages. You can select the date and time of your message and schedule it in advance.
Santa has a special message for your loved one! Whether they have been Naughty, or Nice…Santa can offer great words of encouragement! Imagine your loved one’s face when they receive their FREE, Personalized phone call from Santa Claus Himself!


* Get a Personal Call from Santa $3 (as of 11/2013)

Santa Claus knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice! Send this one-of-a-kind special message from Santa Claus himself, right to your friends and loved ones! They’ll be amazed by Santa Claus when they truly know that he is watching them and knows all about their good behavior! Send this rewarding and magical call from Santa Claus to your little ones today!


* Prices range from $25.95-$91.95 (as of 11/2013)

They offer 2 types of calls:
The Live Call is for a single child, and generally last for 4-5 minutes.
The Extended Live Call is for up to 3 children, and generally last for 8-10 minutes.


* Prices range from $19.99 to $37.99 and up (as of 11/2013)
Now through December 2 save 20% off, click here for coupon code!


* Prices range from $20-$75 (as of 11/2013)


* Live or prerecorded call from Santa: £4.99-7.99 (as of 11/2013)
You Can Book a Call from Santa anywhere in the UK (and USA), even to mobiles if you wish.


* FREE Serves Area Codes: 513, 812, 859, 937
Ho Ho Ho! Send a personalized call from Santa Claus to your good little boy or girl for FREE!
Cincinnati Bell: free call from Santa


* Call Santa and leave a message! FREE for Vonage customers.


Place YOUR name on Santa’s Call List. Adult supervision is required. Supply the information to give parent’s permission.


* Santa’s Video Call on Skype
With our video chat your child can see and talk LIVE with Santa at the North Pole! Plus you can receive a video recording so the memory can be shared and treasured for years to come.
Below are the prices as of November 2013
(Gift certificates are also available)
Up to 5-min. Santa Video Call $17.99
Up to 5-min. Santa Video Call + HD Recording $22.99


* Skype with Santa
This is Santa live by video link to your PC. Book early, calls are limited.


Prices (as of 11/2013) Santa Call $7.95-$19.95 / Skype with Santa (Dec. 17): $39.95
Our phone calls from Santa will be conducted by a most authentic and magical “Santa” and may accommodate up to 4 children in a household – each getting their own 3-5 minutes of personalized phone time with Santa
Skype sessions with Santa are exclusive and limited to one day only! December 17th. Santa will be seated in his chair, amongst beautiful holiday decor and dressed in a traditional suit – looking prepped and ready for the big day!


*e-villagegreen ebay Phone Call from Santa Claus Live with Recording
Video Messages from Santa
Santa will telephone your child for a brief chat (up to 15 minutes) to talk about whatever you suggest — silly, serious or special. $24.99 (as of 11/2013)


* Live Santa Call
US $39.95 until Thanksgiving, $49.95 after Thanksgiving (2013)
Your LIVE My Santa Call Includes…
– Up to a 20 Minute Live Talk with Santa Claus for ALL Your Kids.
– No Extra Fee for Additional Children in Your Family.
– FREE MP3 Recording of the Live Call and download of file.
– FREE Magical Webpage to Listen, Share and Download the MP3.
– FREE NORAD Tracking and Ringtones in Your Magical Page.
– FREE Email Tool to Share Your Magical Page Worldwide.


*U.S. / U.K.
Calls from Santa (Facebook)
Live Santa Calls: $13.95 / Prerecorded Calls: $4.95 (as of November 2013)
Imagine an actual phone call from Santa. Watch in amazement as Santa calls a child you love and speaks about what they’ve been doing and what they’d love for Christmas and anything else you ask him to say in their very own personal Santa Call. Santa can even talk about the Letter he wrote them! Each wonderful LIVE Santa Call is performed by a children’s entertainer guaranteed to bring out the most of a truly magical moment. You can also request a Certificate of Proof that Santa called (to be kept until they are eighteen!) Ho ho ho. Make Believe. Keep Believe. Re-Believe.


Step 1: Choose the type of call that you would like to send
Step 2: Personalize your call using the customized drop-down boxes
Step 3: Schedule your call for later or send it now, only $4.99!
(as of 11/2013)


* (Santa Phone Calls)
Santa offers this delightful treat, a phone call that is personalized. Santa will use their name, and names of family and friends to let your child know that Santa is always watching. This call can be to discuss school, encourage good behavior or congratulate a specific accomplishment. Please allow 24-48 hours for the call to be placed. If a special time is requested please include that in your email. Please note that Santa can’t guarantee the call time, but will make every effort to try. A personalized phone call from Santa costs only $10 for a five minute call.


*Talking Santa for iphone
Talking Santa iPhone App


* Personalized, Live Phone Call from Santa Claus!
(As of November this website has not yet been updated for 2013)

* (Google)
(As of November 2013 this website is still not active.)
You need to enter and adults birthday, not a child’s, or it won’t work.

*Imaginary Greetings
Note: Apparently this company is no longer offering Santa Phone Calls or Santa Letters like they did in the past. I’m keeping this link here in case anything changes. The link now redirects to a website with Santa Telegrams. Several other Santa phone call and letter services listed below were affiliated with this company and are no longer offering those services.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.
Free phone call from Santa with every personal letter from Santa.

Note: As of November 2013, this page no longer seems to work.

20 services (free and paid) where you can request a phone call from Santa or leave Santa a voicemail message!

Have you or your children ever talked to Santa on the phone?
Let me know in the comments!

Email a Letter to Santa Photos of Santa in your home!Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsWatching Santa feed his reindeer


10 Ideas for Your Christmas Pajamas Tradition

10 Ideas for Your #Christmas #Pajamas #Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)

Our family has many different Christmas traditions, but perhaps our most favorite tradition is receiving new Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. I dare say that most of you reading this have this same tradition. Today I’m going to give you some ideas to make an old tradition new!

1. Use your pajamas before Christmas: Unheard of, I know! In most families new Christmas pajamas are given and worn on Christmas Eve, but if you have small children that grow out of clothes quickly you might not feel like you’re getting the most for your money. You can solve this problem by handing out Christmas pajamas early in the season. Consider giving Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving Day, on December 1st, or on December 5th (the Eve of Saint Nicholas Day) or you can have a spontaneous Pajama Day and surprise everyone with jammies on a random day.

2. Wear your pajamas for everything: If you give your Christmas pajamas earlier in the season consider wearing them for all of your Christmas-related activities. Wear them to bake cookies, decorate the tree, or watch your favorite Christmas movie. Just don’t wear them to bed…save them for bedtime on Christmas Eve! Wear your pajamas everywhere you go on Christmas Day. Wear them to Grandma’s house and to deliver cookies to your neighbor, but maybe not to church 😉

3. Have your pajamas delivered by Santa or an elf: What better way to receive Christmas pajamas than to have them magically delivered by an elf or Santa himself. If you have an Elf on a Shelf or an Elf Magic elf, they would probably be thrilled to deliver your Christmas pajamas. Christmas pajamas have been known to magically appear on the front porch, at the foot of the bed, by the fireplace, or under the tree. Sometimes they even magically show up in the car while your family is shopping or out and about! Speaking of elves, how cute would matching jammies for your elf be?!

4. Have a scavenger hunt to find your pajamas: Yes, do that. That sounds like fun 😉

5. Pair your pajamas with another gift: You can give robes, slippers, a sleeping mask, or a new stuffed animal. My favorite Christmas pajama companion is a new book. It can be a Christmas book, bedtime story, or just a book you know they’ll love.

6. Pajamas and Christmas lights: Wake up the kids and take them out in their pajamas to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Don’t forget to bring some cookies and hot chocolate with you and pump up those Christmas tunes! You might even consider a Random Pajama Gram…visit the house of friends or family then knock on the door in your pjs and sing some Christmas carols to the unsuspecting residents.

7. Use old pajamas to Countdown to Christmas: If you do a Christmas Countdown, such as unwrapping a different Christmas book each day, you can use pajamas from previous years as the wrapping paper! Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Advent, or the 12 days of Christmas, this idea will work. If your children have gotten to the age where they can wear the same size several years in a row they can wear their old pajamas on the day they are unwrapped.

8. New ways to wrap your pajamas: Put the pajamas inside of a pillow case and wrap a bow around it. Use the pillow case on Christmas Eve. You save on wrapping paper and a new tradition is born! Similar to the Countdown to Christmas you can use your old Christmas pajamas to wrap up the new ones or use the new Christmas pajamas to wrap up another gift you plan to give that night.

9. Turn your old pajamas into a keepsake: For you crafty folks you can use your old Christmas pajamas to make pillows or save a square off of each pair to make a quilt. You want a tutorial? Too bad. I said you crafty folks…I don’t happen to be one of them. I just bring the ideas here, people. However, if one of you crafty people wants to volunteer to turn my old jammies into a quilt…you know where to find me 😉
Here’s someone craftier than me that gave the pajama quilt a try:

10. Give pajamas to someone in need: There are few gifts you could give your children at Christmastime that could compare to the example of a giving spirit. Share your beloved Christmas pajama tradition with those less fortunate than you by donating pajamas. Purchase new pajamas to donate to a nursing home or women’s shelter. You could start your own “Jammie Drive” or give to an already existing pajama charity.


Check out my sponsored post on behalf of Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart!
Show Your Joe with Joe Boxer Pajamas from Kmart

What are your Christmas pajamas traditions?

10 Ideas for your Christmas jammies tradition

This post is linked to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!


10 Days of Christmas PJs!: Our Christmas jammies from the last decade!


NOTE: When this post was first published in December 2010 it was my SITS feature day as part of SITSmas. The following was originally included at the beginning of my post.
Welcome, SITStahs! I was confused and thought that my SITS feature was tomorrow and not today, so I’m totally unprepared. You can read all about it here. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll take a look around and decide to stay 🙂 Now let’s pretend none of that ever happened and move on to the post that I’m supposed to have up for you…

Emailing a Letter to Santa

Email a Letter to Santa

Below are links to websites where you can email letters to Santa for free. Some websites say that the big guy will even email you back! Many of these websites have games, trivia, history, and more so be sure to take a look around!

Please be advised that I have not personally used any of the websites below and therefore cannot comment on the reliability of the site or quality of the email you may receive back from Santa.

* ”Make a difference in your family, communities, or the world. Find something you like to do that makes a positive difference in someone’s life. Find your passion. Then ask yourself, how can I do my passion and make a difference at the same time. It doesn’t matter how big or how small. It only matters that you do it. Send Santa your mission. They may just highlight yours on their site.”
This website takes a break from your usual “I want this for Christmas” letter and allows you and your child to stop and think about how you’re making the world a better place and let Santa know about it. They have ideas to help you with your mission and gifts you can purchase that make a difference.You can also print free downloadable coloring sheets, and find some great ideas for your ”Happy Birthday, Jesus” cake.

* Santa Mail: Send your letter to Santa directly to the North Pole via free email and get a reply by email! Also on this website you can read about the birth of Jesus and the history of Santa, learn about Christmas around the world, play games, Sing-a-long Christmas Carols, and more.

* Use this website to send a free email letter to Santa. In addition to telling Santa what you want for Christmas you also get to choose a stamp and select a goody to send with your email (such as Hugs and Kisses or Reindeer Food). While you’re there be sure to check out the rest of the website. I really enjoyed reading Santa’s Tweets (he was tweeting a lot about my hometown…so excited!). You can check to see if you’re on the Naughty or Nice List. They also have free printable coloring pages and much more!

* Mailroom: This website allows you to send a free email to Santa and he’ll email you back! You can also send and receive animated post cards and have a Santa send you a Birthday e-card (this would be perfect for those with a Christmas birthday to feel special!). If you were really good this year Santa just might send you an Elf Pal Academy Award or Diploma. Take a peek in Mrs. Claus’s Cookbook if you’re looking for a new recipe (there are a ton of them!). There are secret places in the Reindeer Barn that will take you stories about Raymond the Reindeer and his friends. You can read a personalized story about yourself online or print a story book!

* Letters: This is another website that lets you send a free email to Santa and he’ll email back. On you can learn about different Christmas traditions around the world. If you’re into Reindeer Games you can start a Snowball Battle by sending a friend a Snow Gram. If you need a snack after your virtual snowball fight you might one to try out one of these free downloadable recipes and then read about the Physics of Santa.

* You can send a free email to Santa at and then color some free printable Christmas coloring sheets or send a Christmas e-card. You’ll also find games, jokes, poems, Christmas carol lyrics, trivia, and more

* Post Office: Type out your free email message to Santa and select a stamp. Santa will email you back! ”CLAUS.COM is the oldest and most popular Christmas website on the Internet. It has become the Internet’s first Christmas tradition, and it attracts millions of kids and parents every year. Santa Claus and his helpers have created a truly creative experience for kids of all ages. There are lots of things to see and do that you won’t find anywhere else. And you’ll also enjoy the most colorful illustrations on the entire Internet! Look over this quick guide to the site, and then click any of the links on this screen, or return to the village screen and click on any of the buildings.” Be sure to check back on Christmas Eve to find out how close Santa Claus is to your house using Santa Scope™ and Santa Monitor™.

* Letters: At you can email Santa directly from your email address, send Santa a free email through the website, read cute letters to Santa from other children, or make a Christmas list. There’s sing-a-long Christmas music, tons of games, and an online coloring page.

*Letters to Santa Claus: This website offer tips for writing your letter to Santa, Email Santa, Kids Santa Letters, Letter Template, Write Santa a Christmas Letter.

* Send Santa a free email and he’ll email you back! Crafts, recipes, games, and more can be found here.

*BlackDog’s Christmas Fun and Games: You can email Santa and join in many of BlackDog’s Christmas fun and Christmas Games!

* Email Santa, he emails back! This website also has Christmas Carols, Sheet Music, and midi’s, Christmas tales, traditions, and more! There are even pages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years!

* ”Write and Mail a Christmas Letter to Santa Claus and Get Response. Kids, hurry up!! Santa is waiting for your letter, Just complete this letter. He will reply you back immediately as soon as you click on send button. You can Print Your letter as well as the letter from Santa.”

* Jingles, one of Santa’s elves from the North Pole, has the special task of making sure all of your letters and e-mails get to Santa so he can send you a very special letter!

Does your family ever email Santa?
Let me know in the comments!

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Links to free printable Santa paper and “Write a Letter to Santa” kits to purchase
*My Letter to Santa 1984

Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa10wayschristmaspjs1


Dear Santa: Free Printable Santa Paper

Free Printable Santa Paper!

Below are links to free printable letters to Santa, letters from Santa, and other free printable Christmas themed stationary. You will also find links for letters to Santa kits and stationary to be purchased.

Please be advised that I have not personally printed or used any of the free products below and therefore cannot comment on the quality of the printed product.

Please scroll for letters TO Santa, Wish Lists, and Christmas Stationery.

*Letter FROM Santa Free Printable @ Over the Big Moon

*Free Printable Letter FROM Santa Paper @ Seven Thirty Three
Free Letter from Santa (seven thirty three)

*Free Letter FROM Santa @ Living Locurto
Free Printable Santa Letter (Living Locurto)

*Special Delivery FROM Santa Label/Tag @ The Life of the Party Co
Special Delivery from Santa Tag (The Life of the Party)


*Letter to Santa Free Printable @ The Crafting Chicks
“I made a version for both younger and older kids. Since little ones write using pictures, I made one with a place to draw a picture. I also made an older kids version with more lines for writing.”
(The download link for this one doesn’t always work, but give it a try!)
Letters to Santa Printable (The Crafting Chicks)

*Free Dear Santa Stationery @ Pizzazzerie
Pizzazzerie Free Dear Santa Stationery

*Free Letter to Santa Printable with envelope @ Paper Couture Dubai
my letter to santa (paper couture)

*Free Printable Letter to Santa @ Wink Design

*Letter to Santa Free Christmas Printable @ Uncommon Design

*Macy’s Believe 2010- Santa’s Post Office

The Macy’s website has free printable stationary that you can use for your letter to Santa. You can also create your letter on their website and “draw” on the letter and add “stickers” before you print it out…what fun! There’s also a free Activity Guide and School Toolkit.

*Wish List / Letter to Santa Free Printable by Anders and Ruff @ Tip Junkie

*Letters to Santa – Note to the North Pole @

”We’re sure your family’s on his nice list, but how will Santa know just what to get everyone this year? Print out one of our four wish list templates — one for boys, girls, pets, and grown-ups — and mail it to the North Pole. You can print our letter and fill it out yourself, or type right in our PDF before printing, then mail it to Santa.”

*Free Printable Letter to Santa @ Family Fun

Here’s an adorable “Dear Santa” letter that you can print out for your letter to Santa. You can also find free printable Christmas Wish Lists here.

*Christmas Wish Lists Letters To Santa @ Youth Online

Print out these free letters to Santa. You can fill in the blanks or write your own using the free printable designs. Plus lots of other resources available in the Christmas nook

*Write a letter to Santa @ Family Fun

This free Dear Santa letter folds over like a card. Print it or download the pdf.

*Dear Santa Letter Template @ Do to Learn

*Letter to Santa

A free printable “Dear Santa” letter from

*Letters to Santa (ChristmasTimeClipart) @

Print a letter to Santa (fill in the blanks)

*Christmas Printable Wish List @

Print these Santa lists out for the youngsters to write all of their wishes

*Letter To Santa

PDF printable

*Free printable Christmas Letter

Will prompt you to print right away, but you can decline (not downloadable)

*Santa Paper (

*Dear Santa Letters (

*Write a Letter to Santa! @

*Christmas Activity Placemat

*Dear Santa Letter Template

*Letters to Santa Stationary Page (MultiMediaDesignBySandy)


*Christmas Writing Paper @ Activity Village
This site also includes free printable Christmas money envelopes and paper with angels and doves.

*Santa Pictures to print and color

*Free Christmas Stationary and Letterhead (

*Christmas Stationary

*Free Printable Christmas Stationary (

*Stationary in Letter Size (

*Free Printable Christmas Stationary (

* – Holiday

*Free Printable Christmas Stationary @

*Free Printable Christmas Writing Paper Stationery

Please be advised that I have not personally purchased or used any of the products below and therefore cannot comment on the quality of the product or reliability of the company. Also, any prices listed are obviously subject to change at anytime causing the amount written here to be different. As always please use caution when purchasing products online.

Santa and Christmas Stationary TO BUY

*Official Letter to Santa Kit – Set of 4 by Chickabug: The kit includes: 4 5″x7″, 4 handmade pre-addressed labels, 4 bright red envelopes.

*Write to Santa Kit $14.95: Inspire the true giving spirit of Christmas with this lovely holiday kit. Naughty or nice, all children will be eager to write a letter to Santa with this irresistible new kit filled with stationery, a self-inking stamp, storybook, stickers, and more!

If you know of other free printable Christmas paper for letters to Santa please let me know in the comment section below so that I can update the list! Thanks!

The tradition of Writing a Letter to Santa (Coolest Family on the Block)How to mail a letter to Santa at the North PoleEmail a Letter to Santa


How to Mail a Letter to Santa at the North Pole

How to mail a letter to Santa in the North Pole

Mailing a letter to the North Pole is a beloved Christmas tradition. If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s letter to Santa a special experience, you’ve come to the right place. Now that your child has finished writing their letter to Santa you need to get it to the North Pole. There are many different ways to get a “Dear Santa” letter to the North Pole; you just need to find the one that works best for your family. You know how much available time you have, your budget, and most importantly you know what your children will enjoy.

Before choosing how to get your letter to the North Pole you need to decide if you’d like to have your child’s letter as a keepsake. If you do, keep in mind that letters sent to Santa through mail or North Pole Wind are unable to be returned, however, letters sent to Santa through magic are able to be collected by the elves and returned to you for safe keeping.

Sending your letter to Santa by Magic
*If you send a letter to Santa through magic you can request that it be collected by an elf once Santa is done with it and returned to you for safe keeping. You can then save these treasures in a special book to give to your child when they are older.

Elf Express Delivery: If you have an Elf on the Shelf or an Elf Magic Elf, or a personal family North Pole Elf, they would be happy to deliver your letter to Santa. Some elves prefer that you first put your letter into a small magical mailbox in your home. They will later retrieve the letter and deliver it to Santa personally.

Santa or Elf Pick-Up: You can leave your letter to Santa somewhere in your house for Santa or one of his elves to pick up during the night. Some more popular places are by the fireplace, under a pillow, or in your shoe. If Santa comes to visit you on the Eve of St. Nicholas Day (December 6), you could leave your letter for him that night.

Sending your letter to Santa by North Pole Wind
*If you send a letter to Santa through North Pole Wind
you be unable to retrieve a copy as a keepsake

Chimney Delivery: In Britain some children burn their letters to Santa on the fire and the ashes and smoke travel up the chimney and are magically transported to the North Pole by the wind. This isn’t as common today since there are fewer working fireplaces and it poses safety and environmental hazards.

Balloon Delivery: In Mexico and other Latin American countries, children tie their letters to a helium balloon and release them in the air where it will magically travel to the North Pole. This method may not appeal to those more environmentally cautious.

Sending your letter to Santa by Mail
*If you send a letter to Santa through mail
you will be unable to retrieve a copy as a keepsake

Believe 2010- Santa’s Post Office at Macy’s:
“At every Macy’s across the country there is a mailbox to collect letters for Santa Claus. Bring your stamped letter to Macy’s, addressed to Santa at the North Pole, and drop it into Santa’s special mailbox. We will count them up, and for each letter received, we’ll donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, up to $1,000,000. We’ll deliver them to the Post Office, and together, we’ll collect a Million Reasons to Believe.”
How to Mail a Letter to Santa 2
Use Macy’s Mailbox locater to find a store near you.
Their website has free printable stationary that you can use for your letter to Santa. You can also create your letter on their website and “draw” on the letter and add “stickers” before you print it out…what fun! There’s also a free Activity Guide and School Toolkit.

North Pole Address
*You can mail your letter to Santa through the post office at the following addresses. Many post offices have special Santa letter drop off boxes located on site. Letters going to the North Pole through the Post Office should be mailed no later than December 15 in order to receive a reply from Santa in time.
I’ve found several different addresses online for North Pole, AK but I’m not certain which is the most current. I’ve included them all below. You should contact your local post office with any questions. The most current information from the USPS is found here (from 2009).

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Village
North Pole, Alaska 99705

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-99998

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks, AK 99709-9998

North Polar – Santa Claus
P.O. Box 56099
North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099

Santa Claus
The North Pole
H0H 0H0


Santa Claus
Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle, Finland

*Christmas Postmarks:
This is a great list of North Pole and Christmas related postmarks and zip codes!

Preserving the Memory
Don’t forget to take photos of your kids as they’re writing their letters. Other important snapshots to take are holding up the finished letter, and putting the letter into the mailbox. If you will be sending your letter by mail, through Macy’s, or via North Pole Wind, you will be unable to retrieve your letter and will need to make a copy.

Keep a Copy
You can take a photo of the letter, scan a copy of it, or make a photo copy of it to have as a keepsake for scrapbooking. You can hand write or type a copy of the letter, however, you won’t have your child’s handwriting or any drawings they’ve included. For this reason I recommend also taking a photo of the letter or scanning it.

Send a Copy to the Newspaper
Consider sending a copy to the newspaper or local records and landmarks department. Be sure to save a copy of the clipping if your child’s letter gets published.

Special North Pole Postmarks and Stamps

Photo Credit:

*If you send a letter to Santa through the mail you might receive a letter back from Santa with a North Pole Postmark! Letters going to the North Pole through the Post Office should be mailed no later than December 15 in order to receive a reply from Santa in time. Of course, sending a letter through magic is a more certain way of receiving a response from St. Nick since there aren’t as many time delays.

Below are some places online where you can purchase the special North Pole Postmark that letters from Santa bear and stamps that Santa uses when replying to children. Please be advised that I have not personally purchased or used any of the products below and therefore cannot comment on the quality of the product or reliability of the company. Also, any prices listed are obviously subject to change at anytime causing the amount written here to be different. As always please use caution when purchasing products online.

*Christmas Postage Stamps – Price Vary : Lovely Christmas postage stamps at
* – Free!: Free North Pole Postmark! Go here to right click and save the postmark image shown at the top of this post. This can be printed onto an envelope.
* – Free!: Free North Pole Postmark and Stamp…choose from two! Go here to print the postmark image onto an envelope.
*Personalized Santa Letters – Free!: Go here for free North Pole Postmark clipart and free printable letters from Santa.
*North Pole Rubber Stamps – Prices Vary ( Search results on for ”north pole rubber stamp”

How to mail a letter to Santa at the North Pole

How does your family get Santa’s letter to the North Pole? Share in the comments!

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The tradition of Writing a Letter to Santa (Coolest Family on the Block)Free Printable Santa Paper!Email a Letter to Santa


Dear Santa: Writing a letter to Santa

The tradition of Writing a Letter to Santa (Coolest Family on the Block)

Writing a letter to Santa is a beloved Christmas tradition. If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s letter to Santa a special experience, you’ve come to the right place. Remember to choose what works for your family. You know how much available time you have, your budget, and most importantly you know what your children will enjoy.

1. Picking a date
Choose a date to have your children write their letters to Santa. Some of the more popular choices are Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving weekend, December 1, or December 5 (The day before St. Nicholas Day).

Determine if you want to tell the kids ahead of time so they can anticipate writing their letter to Santa or if you would rather surprise them one day with, “Guess what, kids, it’s time to write letters to Santa right now!”

2. Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Everything is more fun when it’s more festive! To set the Christmas mood play Christmas music, wear Santa hats or Christmas themed clothing/pajamas, drink hot cocoa or apple cider, and eat Christmas cookies. When you’re finished with the letters, watch a Christmas movie or read a book (bonus points if the story is about writing a letter to Santa!).

3. Gathering all the necessary materials
For a simple letter you’ll need the basics: paper, writing utensils, envelopes, and stamps (optional). If you’d like to kick it up a notch consider the following ideas.

*Paper: Have the kids write their letters on special Santa or Christmas themed paper or have them make a card. (Click here for links to free printable “Letter to Santa” paper.)
*Writing Utensils: Crayons and markers are the popular choice, but you could also use glitter or gel pens if that’s something your child would enjoy (although some of these are difficult to read). A simple yet festive alternative to the every day writing utensil is to use Christmas-themed pens/pencils with Christmas toppers. For craft-loving kids have them decorate their writing utensils with glitter, stickers, poms, tinsel, etc. (Don’t let them go too overboard and be sure they don’t gunk up the tip…they still need to write with it!). Consider having a special official “Letter to Santa” pen to use every year. This could be purchased or made. Be careful with some of the cheap themed Christmas pens as the ink doesn’t seem to last from year to year 😦 . Please remember to always use age-appropriate writing utensils and supervise younger children.
*Envelopes: If the kids will be making their own cards, make sure you have an envelope big enough to fit it or have them keep their card letter-sized and foldable. Add stickers or drawings to the envelope but stay away from glitter and such as the letter will be handled by postal workers. Consider putting a Christmas themed stamp on your letter to Santa. This is optional as we all know that Santa will always receive our letter even if there’s no stamp! If you have photo-stamps of the kids that would make it particularly special (bonus points if that photo is from a previous Christmas!). Tomorrow I’ll be writing about mailing your letter to Santa, so be sure to check back for more ideas.

4. Writing the letter to Santa
For many children the focus of the letter is their Christmas Wish List, but many parents are encouraging their children to be more personal (and less greedy) with the jolly old elf.
Below are some ideas of what they can write about.
*Start off by greeting Santa.
*Ask Santa how he is doing
*Ask about other favorite North Pole residents such as Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and the other Reindeer, Buddy the Elf, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, or Suzy Snowflake.
*Thank Santa for the presents he brought last year
*Tell Santa about the year you had, something fun that happened, or any new milestones like getting/losing a tooth, starting school, or welcoming a new sibling to the family.
*Tell Santa about your favorite things such as your favorite color, food, Christmas cookie, book, movie, hobby, or subject in school.
*Tell Santa about your behavior. Be honest and give him examples of the good or bad things that you did and why you deserve to be on the nice (or naughty) list.
*Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.
Give your child a number of things to ask for such as “no more than 3” and explain that Santa doesn’t always give us everything that we ask for.
*Tell Santa what you would like someone else to have for Christmas. “I think you should bring my sister a doll because she was very good and shared with me this year. It would be really nice if you could bring my neighbor a new winter coat.”
*Tell Santa about Jesus’ birthday and how you will celebrate it.
*Leave a question for Santa in the P.S.
*Sign your name, age, and city, state

Tips for non-writing children
If your children are too young to write, you’ll have to write the letter for them while they tell you what to say. There are ways to keep your non-writing children involved in the letter writing.
*Have the children sign their name by holding onto their hand while you form the letters.
*Have the kids draw a picture (This is a good idea whether they can write or not! Santa loves drawings!)
*Include a hand print, finger print, or hand tracing. If you already do this as part of another Christmas tradition…just make another one for Santa!

Make a Hand print Santa

5. Preserving the Memory!
Don’t forget to take photos of your kids as they’re writing their letters. Other important snapshots to take are holding up the finished letter, and putting the letter into the mailbox. If you can record some video footage consider “interviewing” your child asking them what they’re telling Santa. You can use this same technique once the letter-writing experience is over to have the kids either tell you on tape or write down what they thought about it. Give them some prompts such as what was your favorite part about writing to Santa? You may get answers like “I liked drawing Santa a picture or it was really fun to put the letter in the big mailbox.” This will give you an idea of what the child enjoyed, what to make tradition, and what to skip (Did you try decorating the pencils and your child didn’t mention anything about it? Then you could probably skip it the next year and it won’t be missed.) Remember to write your child’s age and the year somewhere on the letter. Adding things such as the hand prints or drawings mentioned above are an added keepsake if you’ll be keeping the letter rather than sending it away.

6. Teaching/Learning Opportunities
Some parents take this opportunity to teach their children proper letter writing etiquette. When Christmas is over, have the kids write Santa a thank you note. For children still learning to write you can take this opportunity to help them practice their handwriting.
For those of you interested in having your child write a formal “business” letter to Santa Claus check out this website Write a Letter to Santa Claus or do an internet search for more information.

A Package from Santa
So you’ve read all of these ideas and you’re still thinking, “This still doesn’t have the magic that I’m looking for. How do I really make this experience special for my child?” Alrighty then, you asked for it…

If you really want to do something unforgettable for your kids you should probably contact Santa and let him know that you want this year to be very special. He just might surprise you by dropping off a package for your kids with special materials in there just for writing him a letter. Of course, just like you, Santa knows your kids and your family very well so he’ll be certain to include just the right stuff. Maybe Santa knows that just sending some stationary, envelopes, and stamps would be perfect for your family. Or maybe he knows that you’d like something a little more involved.

For the craft-loving child he may include the supplies for a hand-made letter to Santa and perhaps even some things for decorating their writing utensil. Santa knows if your kids like to bake with you in the kitchen, so he might just send you a new recipe and ingredients for a cookie that he’d like you to leave for him on Christmas Eve. He might just help you capture that Christmas spirit by sending along a Christmas cd, book, or movie, some cocoa, or your very own Santa or Elf hats. Santa knows that most kids love to color so I wouldn’t be surprised if he included some coloring sheets. Of course, Santa will be sure to send you the envelopes and stamps needed to get your letters back to the North Pole. And you never know, he just might send your kids very special “Letter to Santa” pens only to be used while writing letters to the North Pole.

Santa is really very clever with how he delivers these packages. Sometimes he sends them through the mail, sometimes he leaves them on the porch, sometimes he leave them by the chimney, sometimes he leaves them at the foot of the bed either while the kids are sleeping or while they’re at school, sometimes he’ll have an Elf on the Shelf or an Elf Magic Elf deliver them. One thing’s for sure…no one ever sees him do it, but sometimes you might just hear his sleigh bells.

Does your family have any traditions for writing letters to Santa? Please share in the comment section below!

How to mail a letter to Santa at the North PoleFree Printable Santa Paper!Email a Letter to Santa


On Christmas traditions with Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart

Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart have been a part of our family Christmas traditions for many years, so I’m excited to share this sponsored post with you over on Please click the image below to see how my family chooses to #ShowYourJoe and watch a new video where my son, Jonny, completely upstages me with his cuteness!

Show Your Joe with Joe Boxer Pajamas from Kmart

10 Ideas for Your #Christmas #Pajamas #Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)

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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes: Cat, Scarecrow, Nerd

This year the Cool Family opted for some extremely cheap, simple, and easy no-sew Halloween costumes.

Easy Halloween Costumes: Black Cat, Scarecrow

Thankfully Adaline insisted on being a Black Cat this year. I was going to go the leotard route but figured it was pointless to spend the extra money, especially if she would end up being too cold. She wore a black long sleeved shirt and black pants that she already had. We got a cat kit for $5 at Target which included the ears, tail, and bowtie (it also came with a weird nose, but it looked awkward). A little eyeliner nose and whiskers and we’re done!

Easy Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Jon wanted to be a scarecrow. The costume was simple: overalls and flannel shirt. Jeans would work as well especially if the shirt is a little longer and you could cinch the waist with some rope. For the straw “cuffs” I just tied some yard into a circle and then tied yarn around it and put it on his wrists and shoes. For the hat/hair I stuck pieces of yarn to duct tap and then safety pinned the strip of duct tape to the hat. Simple! I was going to put a scarecrow nose and stitched mouth on him, but he wouldn’t let me 😦

Scarecrow Cuties: Mom and Son Comparison

When I was 2 years old I was also a scarecrow for Halloween. That’s me on the left. Do you think Jon and I look alike at all?

Nerd Halloween Costume

I decided to go as a nerd because I only needed a few accessories to complete the costume: nerd glasses, suspenders, and a bowtie. I will tell you that I’m not happy with my accessories at all. We went to Party City because it was closer and these were the only options. I think the glasses are too “trendy”, the bowtie is too “cocktail waitress”, and it was all pricier than I would’ve liked. After I’d already bought the stuff I found cheaper and more appropriate accessories at a Halloween store at the mall. So I’m disappointed.

Nerd glasses, suspenders, bowtie: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014 (I already had these, because they’re awesome)
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010 (They’re Adaline’s, I thought they worked perfectly)

Potterhead (Harry Potter Nerd) Halloween Costume

Because I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my nerd costume (I hated the bowtie in particular), I decided to change it up and go specifically as a Harry Potter Nerd or a Potterhead, if you will. I already had the awesome Gryffindor t-shirt and scarf, and the round Harry Potter glasses. Yes, I already had those, just for every day use. Because, shut up.

Harry Potter Glasses: Amazon
Gryffindor T-shirt: Wal-Mart 2014
Gryffindor Scarf: Universal Islands of Adventure 2011
Nerd glasses, suspenders: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010

Potterhead (Harry Potter Nerd) Halloween Costume

It ended up being chilly so I wore a gold cardigan that I already had that matched perfectly and in the end I decided to wear the nerd glasses instead of the Harry Pottery glasses. Fascinating stuff, right?

Gryffindor T-shirt: Wal-Mart 2014
Gryffindor Scarf: Universal Islands of Adventure 2011
Gold Cardigan: Target 2013
Nerd glasses, suspenders: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014 (I already had these, because they’re awesome)
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010 (They’re Adaline’s, I thought they worked perfectly)

Last year Adaline and Jon went as an Artist and Masterpiece.
Click for costume details.

Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Halloween Costumes

What did your kids dress as for Halloween this year?
What’s your favorite go-to last minute costume?
Let me know in the comments!

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Healthy Halloween Snacks

Easy Healthy Halloween Snacks

We were in charge of bringing classroom snacks for the Kindergarten Halloween party. Homemade treats were not allowed (which is just as well since I don’t cook or bake). I really get tired of all of the junk my kids accumulate from October to January during the holidays, so I really didn’t want to give the kids loads of sugar. Instead I prepared healthy snacks (fruit and cheese) with a fun “Halloween” twist…and they got organic lollipops as well. Yep, I’m one of those super fun parents :P.
(Don’t worry, they also got store bought cookies filled with sugar and artificial junk and bags of artificially colored Cheetos 😦 That was my husband’s doing. He’s everyone’s favorite.)

These healthy Halloween snacks were ridiculously easy to make. Seriously, I can’t express to you enough how quick and simple this was! I made 16 of each and it only took about half an hour to complete. I know, right?! All you need is a black Sharpie Marker!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: String Cheese Ghosts

These String Cheese Ghosts were the easiest to do. I just drew little ghostly faces on the back of a cheesestick and was finished in only minutes! Effortless!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: Jack-o-Lantern Oranges

Using a Sharpie marker I drew Jack-O-Lantern faces onto oranges. Okay, okay…so they were Halos or Cuties which are technically Mandarin Clementines. But I’m still going to call them “oranges” anyway because this is my blog and I’m a rebel that laughs in the face of accurately classifying fruits by their proper species and binomial name. Suck it, science!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: Banana Pirates

I’ve seen these Banana Pirates around cyber space for years now. They’re not particularly “Halloween-y” but I still thought they were cute and fun. Halloween is a time you can dress up and be whatever you want…so can your banana! Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy I could’ve come up with a different more appropriately themed “character”, but this will have to do.

Healthy Halloween Snacks

What are your kids’ favorite healthy Halloween themed treats?
What other creative character can you turn a banana into?
Do you call Clementines “oranges” too?
Let me know in the comments!

Need last minute Halloween Costumes for siblings?
Check out these adorable and easy Artist and Masterpiece costumes!

Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Halloween Costumes

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Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair Day

Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair

Can you believe Adaline is in Kindergarten now? Today she had Crazy Hair Day at school and I thought I’d share her silly, wacky, crazy hairdo with you!

Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair

I can’t take credit for the awesome hair…my mom did it.
I’m hair-challenged and can barely put hair in a ponytail.

*Put hair in multiple ponytails.
*Twist the ponytails into knots and secure like tiny buns.
*Use colorful scrunchies and barrettes.
*Accent with curly-Q pipecleaners.

Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair

I think her hair has a very Dr. Seuss-esque quality to it. It would be perfect for a Dr. Seuss celebration, Read Across America, or Wacky Wednesday!

Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair

Party in the back…

Silly Wacky Crazy Seuss Hair