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Making a Preschool Classroom Valentine

Preschool Classroom Valentine

For Adaline’s Montessori Preschool class each child has to make one big Valentine to bring to school that their classmates will sign rather than bring in individual Valentine’s for each student. Honestly, I think that’s a GREAT idea and I’m so glad that she won’t be coming home with 25 different lollipops with eyes glued to them! 😉

I filmed the creative process of making “The Adaline Flower” with a 4.5 year old. Watch and be amazed!
(Video here)

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To make the classroom Valentine for preschool we
-Cut a heart out of red poster board
-Colored craft sticks and glued them around a photo to make petals and a stem for a flower
-Made leaves out of fuzzy sticks
-Made a sun out of construction paper
-Made a pom pom lady bug
-Used glitter glue around the edges to make it shimmery

It was tough to reign in Adaline’s creativity. She LOVES art and wanted to draw all over the Valentine but she needed to keep it blank so that her classmates could sign it. I have a feeling her friends are going to end up with quite a few drawings of hers on their Valentines.
Preschool Classroom Valentine

The pom pom ladybug was Adaline’s favorite part.
We used a black Sharpie marker to make dots on a pink pom pom, used a smaller black pom pom for the head, added googly eyes and adhered it all using craft glue. Adaline drew wings and legs around it onto the poster board.

Pom Pom Ladybug

Does your child’s school allow individual
Valentine’s or one classroom Valentine?
Let me know in the comments!



February Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions for February

Can you believe that January is more than halfway over already? February will be here soon, so it’s time to start planning your holiday traditions! Here are some ideas for family traditions for February Holidays. Okay, well, mostly for Groundhog Day. I have some kind of weird crush on Groundhog Day, I have no idea why.


*Fun Ideas and Traditions for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day traditions

*Groundhog Day Goodies
A round up of 50+ links to groundhog themed snacks, sweets, and treats!
Groundhog Day Goodies

*How to Make Shadow Puppets
Learn how to make shadow puppets with your hands, shadow puppets with paper (some free printables), and a diy shadow puppet theater! A round up of 30+ links!


*The “I love you” Shadow: A Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Tradition for families
I Love You Shadow

*Valentine’s Day Link Love
Links to free printables, crafts, and more!

Valentines Day Links


You still have another 2 years to plan your next Leap Year celebration!
Celebrating Leap Day

Which February holidays does your family celebrate? Do you have any special traditions? Let me know in the comments!


Valentine’s Day Tradition: I Love You Shadow

I Love You Shadow

You can celebrate Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day with your kids without the focus being on furry rodents and pink and red hearts. Use the month of February to show your kids why you love them with the “I Love You Shadow” tradition.
(This is great if you’re starting a Valentine’s countdown on February 1 but still want to acknowledge Groundhog Day on the 2nd!)

I Love You Shadow

On Groundhog Day, February 2, I had Adaline lay down on a giant sheet of paper and I traced her outline on to it.
(If it’s a sunny day with good weather you can do this outside and actually trace the child’s shadow being cast on the paper as they stand nearby)

I Love You Shadow

You can cut out the “shadow”, but Adaline chose to leave hers as it was.

I Love You Shadow

Adaline wanted to draw a face on her “shadow”, which isn’t really very shadowy, but it made her happy! 🙂

I Love You Shadow

Next we hung the “shadow” on her bedroom door.

I Love You Shadow

Every day we wrote love notes to Adaline and hid them around the house. She was so excited to find a new note. You could write your love notes directly on the “shadow”, but I knew that Adaline would enjoy looking for her note each day. (Also, if you want to save the messages as a keepsake the notes will be easier to store than the entire “shadow” will.)

I Love You Shadow

If you don’t want to do a scavenger hunt for notes each day, you can just attach them to your child’s door for them to see when they wake up. Adaline liked to put the hearts on the “shadow” herself.

I Love You Shadow

If your children are old enough to write, have siblings write messages for each other. The messages can be something small like, “I love the silly dance you do when you hear your favorite song.” or something more serious such as, “I love how kind you are! Thank you for sharing with your sister today.” You can leave notes with scripture and reminders like “Jesus Loves You!”. The possibilities are endless.

(I’m not gonna lie, the thing hanging there with a face on it creeped us out a little bit. But we didn’t write that on one of the hearts, though 😉 “We love your picture even though it creeps us out on our way to the bathroom at night.”)
I Love You Shadow

The idea of leaving love notes for your kids is nothing new. Adding the notes to their “shadow”, as if you were pinning these positive messages onto them directly, will have an even greater impact. Whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow this year your children can look at their own “shadow” and realize how truly loved they are. 🙂

Do you leave your child “love” notes for Valentine’s Day? Do you have any Groundhog Day or Valentine’s Day traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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Valentine’s Day Link Love – Free Printables, Crafts, and More!

Valentines Day Links
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If you’re looking for links to free Valentine printables, great ideas for Valentine’s crafts and traditions, and cute Valentine-themed foods…then you’ll “fall in love” with this list! Here are my favorite Valentine posts from around the blogosphere.

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