10 Days of Christmas PJs! Day 9: 2009

2009 brought about more “new” for us. It was our first Christmas with the next generation, my daughter Adaline was almost 5 months old, and my sister was pregnant with her son. We took a group photo of all of us together in our jammies for the first time.

We ladies had knit pajamas with green tops and red, white, and green striped bottoms. There were candy canes on the tops which read “Holiday Sugar”. Adaline had a cute “1st Christmas” sleeper that was white with red stripes and had a few red and green presents on it. The little red hat that you’ll see her wearing was mine as a baby.

I had a harder time with the guys pajamas last year. I couldn’t find any pajama bottoms at all so I asked the guys to bring a pair from previous years (you’ll notice below that they each wore a different pair, one from each year, unplanned). I couldn’t find a top in my husband’s size either, so I had to get him a smaller size. He cut the sleeves off so that he would be more comfortable and then he and my cousin, Ben, tied the cut-off sleeves around their heads. Before the shirt was destroyed it was a green t-shirt with a gingerbread man with a broken leg that said “Oh snap!”. Tee-hee ;).

The girls.


Da Boyz

The whole crew

The Cool Family 2010


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If you’re looking for ideas for your Christmas PJs tradition check out my post 10 Ways to Shake Up Your Christmas Pajamas Tradition

What are your Christmas pajamas traditions?

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