Leprechaun Trickery is Afoot: Little Green Leprechaun Footprints!

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Coolest Family on the Block

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On St. Patrick’s Day I set up a small Leprechaun breakfast for Adaline. I set out teeny-tiny pancakes on small plates and a box of Lucky Charms. I used Adaline’s Leprechaun hat from last year as a centerpiece (it was too small for her this year 😦 ) and set out the green tablecloth and green plates. Once the table was set I went upstairs to get Adaline and Cool Daddy for breakfast. I wasn’t upstairs for very long so imagine my surprise when we all found this mess in the kitchen.

In the short amount of time that we were upstairs we must’ve been visited by a tricky little Leprechaun! He/she left his little green footprints all over the kitchen and laundry room.

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 00txt

We didn’t find the leprechaun, but by looking at the footprints here’s what I think happened…

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 01txt2

The leprechaun came inside from the back door then he/she walked into our laundry room, hopped up on the toilet and turned the water green!

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 02txt2

Next the leprechaun left the laundry room, went back into the kitchen and hopped up on top of the table (I hear that Leprechauns are excellent hoppers!). Once on the table the Leprechaun took the stacks of mini pancakes and shaped them like clovers. He/she left some chocolate gold coins for us, but not before taking a bite out of one of Adaline’s pancakes! He/she then got inside of the box of Lucky Charms (making a big mess!) and came back out with some to eat.

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 03txt

The Leprechaun then hopped down from the table and walked up our refrigerator! He/she must’ve gotten inside of the fridge and then walked back down the side of the fridge and out the back door. The Leprechaun must’ve been eating Lucky Charms this whole time because we found them on the floor, in the fridge, and on the way out of the back door…they managed to eat all of the marshmallows, though!

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 04txt2

At first glance I really wasn’t sure why the Leprechaun went into the fridge since everything seemed okay in there. Our milk appeared normal but when I poured our milk it turned green in the glass…that tricky Leprechaun!

Leprechaun Trickery: Green Milk

Cool Daddy made me try the green milk first. It tasted normal to me, it was just…green. Cool Daddy did finally drink the milk, but he wasn’t happy about it being green.

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 05txt2

You should always use caution when inviting a leprechaun into your home since some children may be frightened by the idea. Adaline really wasn’t sure what to think about the Leprechaun invasion, but she wasn’t scared and she enjoyed following the footprints around. She doesn’t look too happy in the photos because the poor little thing wasn’t feeling well 😦
…she was happy about the chocolate coins, though!

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Trickery 06txt

Even at a young age Adaline had a gift for remembering obscure things, so every year since the original photos were taken she’s asked about “Leprechaun Day”. In 2012 the leprechauns didn’t come because I wasn’t up to having messy visitors with a newborn in the house, but they came in 2013 and Adaline couldn’t have been more thrilled! 🙂

Hooray for Leprechaun Day

After everyone enjoyed breakfast, Mama had to clean up the Leprechaun’s mess. I can’t say that I was too happy about it…I hate cleaning! Luckily it did wipe right up with a little soapy water, I’d say that it was just as easy to clean as Crayola washable fingerpaint 😉

Leprechaun trickery

(It took about 45 minutes to make the mess…but only 5 to clean it up! In 2013 my daughter insisted on cleaning it up herself (see photo below)! 😉 I used the side of my fist and my pinky finger to make the footprints.)


(**Click the image below or watch the video for details on how to make leprechaun footprints!**)
How to make leprechaun footprints: video tutorial

Later that afternoon we all got dressed in our St. Patrick’s Day green so as not to get pinched!

2011-03-17 Cool Family Leprechaunstxt

Time for a green snack! Green beans, peas, green peppers, cucumbers, green apples, and broccoli with “melted gold” cheese.

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Lunch IMGP0400ctxt2

I tried to make clovers out of the green peppers, but it really wasn’t cooperating, so I tried the cucumbers too. This was the best that I got. Meh.

2011-03-17 Leprechaun Lunch IMGP0401 cloverstxt

It’s amazing the mess that the Leprechaun was able to make in only a few minutes…it looks as though it took about 45 minutes to make! 😉

Did a Leprechaun visit your house this year?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow. What a great idea! Mind posting this again next year before St. Patty’s Day? I’d like to follow in your footsteps. You’re a supermom. 🙂


    • Wow, Mel, that’s quite the compliment 🙂 Thank you!
      If you got a really good look at that filthy laundry room floor you’d be calling me a super-disgusting-mom 😉
      I think you are a supermom!

      (If my blog is still around next year…I’ll definitely repost. It’s sure to be more popular before St. Patty’s Day rather than after the fact…but that’s par for the course with me and my holiday posts!)


  2. Jenn,

    Maybe that’s the same leprechaun that visited my daughter’s preschool? He left footprints everywhere and went to the potty and jumped out the window 🙂

    Looks like you had a fun St. Paddy’s day!


  3. Look at you – so creative!!! And, you looked espcially cute in the ‘cleaning up’ pictures!!! I wish I would have thought of all that….next year for sure



  4. Wonderful! Love the little foot tracks! The things we do to make our children smile…


  5. How lucky to be visited by a Leprechaun! Must have been an exciting morning until you had to clean up the mess left behind. Enjoyed your story.

    Visiting from the St. Patrick’s Day party at A Holiday Haven.



  6. Hi lovely lady.
    How sweet of you !!! I hope you all had a great time with all the work you did. Your family looks so sweet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Come see me if you can.
    XXOO Diane


  7. Cuteness! How fun, love those footprints. You are such a funny lady 🙂 Love too the pancakes and all of the food shamrock ideas. Great post, thanks for adding it to the party. I am pinning and tweeting this too.


  8. no fare i made a leprechaun trap! He/she broke it thow!


  9. Such fantastic ideas – you put our “celebrations” here in N Ireland to shame!!!

    Happy St Patrick’s Day from N Ireland.


  10. We had a leprechaun visit the 2/3’s preschool room I taught in 2012. The picture of you cleaning up the floor is what I felt like cleaning up the mess 4 months prego with 18 2 and 3 year olds! The directors thought is was a grand idea and left glitter, paint, and whatever else they could find scattered everywhere!! This post is bring back nightmares. BUT it is fun for your family


    • haha, Jen, so sorry! That does sound like a nightmare! Luckily our mess was very easy to clean up…only took a few minutes. I really hate cleaning, so it makes it all the more real for my kids because they’d never think of me making a mess on purpose!


  11. Found you through quirky momma….So fun! Love the leprechaun footprints. 🙂


  12. Love your leprechaun footprints. Bummer you haven’t received credit for your photos. I will definitely post link to your blog. What a fun mom you are…..I bet you do have the coolest home on the block 🙂


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