Early Ultrasound 7 weeks 2 days

Yesterday on mine and Cool Daddy’s 8th wedding anniversary we had an early ultrasound. We were checking to see how our little one(s) were progressing. Also, since this is a Clomid baby there’s a 10% chance of twins so we wanted to see how many babies! I was 7 weeks 2 days along which means they had to do a transvaginal ultrasound.

The ultrasound tech turned the machine towards us and said that she was seeing a gestational sac and a yolk sac, but because it is still so small she wasn’t able to see the baby yet. She was going to have me come back in two weeks to check again. At this point I wasn’t crying, but I was definitely upset. I knew that not seeing a baby even this early on isn’t a great sign. I had an early transvaginal ultrasound with Adaline at 7 weeks 5 days and we were able to see her and her heartbeat really well.

Then she said that she was going to take a look around at my uterus and ovaries to see what was going on in there. While she was looking around in there she moved and twisted the probe every which way which, I’m not gonna lie, hurt quite a bit. Still I was hoping that while she was looking around in there she’d find the baby. Then she said, “I spoke too soon.” And she turned the screen around. Right away I could see slight movement inside of the sac and I said right away, “Is that the heartbeat flickering?!” She said yes! Yay!

Here’s the first ultrasound of our little one.

And just in case you can’t figure out what you’re looking at, this one spells it out for you.

The tech only saw one sac and one baby but she said that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s only one baby in there. Because the baby is so small and because she had a hard time finding it at all she said that it’s still possible there’s another in there. At this point I’d be pretty surprised if we found out it was twins. Then again she did have a much harder time than the tech that did Adaline’s ultrasound, so maybe there is another one in there that she missed.

For comparison here is Adaline’s ultrasound at 7 weeks 5 days.

The tech also said that the baby is measuring right at 7 weeks 2 days, so it’s not too small, and the heartbeat was 128 which is good for this point in the pregnancy. We’re going back in two weeks for another ultrasound to get a better look. I’m just so thankful that our little one is okay and that we were able to see the heartbeat today instead of having to wait another two weeks which would’ve been excruciating.

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  1. I remember those precious weeks when you just want to see that everyting is ok. When I was about 6 and a half weeks pregnant with my duaghter they could not find a heartbeat, since I had a horrible track record when it came to early miscarriage I was convinced this was not going to work and we would be a one kid family, one week I went back to see a very stong heartbeat and 9 years later she is a lovely little girl! I also had a freind who did not see a heartbeat, they continued to monitor her and at 8 weeks found that the baby was fine and he is now a happy 7 year old. Sometimes the technolgy can really scare us!!! We forget how tiny they are, and each pregancy is different. I saw a hearbeat with my now 12 year old when he was 5 weeks, I am so glad you got to see your little ones nice strong heartbeat, what a great anniversary present!!!


  2. Yay! Glad you guys found the heartbeat! Hope everything turns out well! I remember how stressed I was those first few weeks, just waiting until the next appointment to make sure the babies were still doing okay. I’m at 32 1/2 weeks with my IVF twins, and now, I’m just trying to keep them in as long as possible (on bed rest now).


  3. Congratulations, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome!

    Happy WW~


  4. Yay! I made them do early transvaginal ones on me too. I always ended up going on vacation right after I found out I was pregnant and I NEEDED to know before vacation. Since I lost the first one early, I just needed to know to set my mind at ease before I left for vacations, you know? So excited for you guys. Good Luck and still praying.


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