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Santa Proof: Watch Santa feed his reindeer LIVE! (Free)

Watching Santa feed his reindeer

You can see Santa’s Reindeer LIVE on the internet for FREE! Beginning November 17 you can watch Santa feed the reindeer live every weekday at 11am, 6pm and 9pm EST and 6pm EST on weekends until the Christmas Eve on! You can also download the ReindeerCam app for iOS or Andriod!
Just a note: When watching the ReindeerCam, there isn’t supposed to be any sound, so don’t worry if you can’t hear anything! 🙂 In 2014 is adding sound for the first time ever!

Watch Santa feed his reindeer

Adaline loved watching the reindeer last year! This has become a new tradition for our family.

Watching Santa feed his reindeer

Click to watch video

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Have you watched Santa feed his reindeer?
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Photos of Santa in your home!Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa



Santa Proof: Photos of Santa in Your Home!

Photos of Santa in your home!
Thanks to my stealthy photography skills, I’ve been able to catch Santa delivering presents to our house for the past 3 years! I’m pretty sure he knows what’s going on, but he lets me think I’m a great Santa detective anyway.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2010 I caught Santa checking his list…twice.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2011 I caught Santa cinching up his sack after delivering the gifts.

Photos of Santa in your home!

In 2012 I caught Santa reaching for a cookie!

Photos of Santa in your home!

If you’re too tired or too lazy to spend Christmas Eve hiding behind your sofa waiting to pop out and take a picture of the Big Guy in action, you may find one of these photo services helpful.

Many of these services have Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy options as well! 🙂

Want Santa by the Christmas tree? Coming down the chimney? Eating milk and cookies? Sleeping on the sofa? Stealing a kiss from Mommy? For less than $10 anyone can bring back the wonder of Christmas and be a hero to children by catching Santa “in the act.”
*My photos above were made using

Take photo of where you want to “catch” Santa, by the Christmas tree, fireplace, etc.
Follow the prompts to upload your photo to our magical editing page

With My Santa Pictures, it is easy to create the perfect Santa Claus picture. Just upload a photo, then pick from over 65 different Santa pictures, adjust the Santa picture for size and placement – we do the rest

With Photo Santa’s digital photo editor, you can capture Santa in your home using an assortment of jolly poses. Your kids will be amazed when you show them Santa eating up all the milk and cookies, or gently spreading the presents in their place.

Free iphone app. Add Santa to your photos to make pictures of his visit to your home. This easy to use Christmas photo app gives you photographic evidence of Santa’s visit.

Why not use our catch Santa site as often as you like and create lots of different Santa Photo’s. Catch Santa coming down the chimney, taking a nap under the Christmas Tree or even kissing Mummy! You can then revisit our site year upon year and do the same.

The Santa Photo is officially in the works, offering free santa photos of santa claus in your very own home. That’s right, catch santa on camera with a photo or picture of santa clause this Christmas. Stay tuned for santa photo and santa picture updates! In the meantime, check out The Santa Video.

FREE Santa Photo:
4 Santa images to choose from! Santa is pretty quick, but this year you can set up a camera and catch him in action. We have the Santa. You just need to take a background picture by the tree or stockings and drop Santa in. Open your picture in a Word document and choose a Santa to add to your picture. Remember to bring the Santa picture to the front and format his position so that he is “in front of text.” Resize him as needed and crop any overhanging edges.
studio5 24955762

Disclosure: I created the photos used in this post using I paid for these photos myself. I wasn’t given anything for free and I wasn’t compensated in any way. There are no affiliate links included in this post. I have not tried the other websites/services listed in this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photos of Santa in your home!

Have you ever caught Santa in your home?
Let me know in the comments!

Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsSanta Proof: Phone Calls from Santa


Santa Proof: Magical Santa Bootprints

Santa Proof: Magical Santa boot prints in your home!

I’m not sure what it is about our house but legendary figures are always leaving messy footprints in our house after a visit. First Leprechauns, then the Easter Bunny, and now…Santa Claus!

For the past two years Santa has magically descended our non-functioning chimney and left his sooty boot prints on our carpet on his way to the Christmas tree.

Santa leaves his dirty boot prints!

In 2011 Santa left a trail directly to the tree.
He must’ve ran out of soot on the way back.

Santa leaves his sooty bootprints on Christmas morning!

But in 2012 Santa wasn’t quite so neat.
He left footprints everywhere…what a mess!
Luckily Santa’s boot prints vacuum up quickly and easily.

Santa Proof: Santa leaves his sooty bootprints on Christmas day!

…and we noticed something interesting. Santa’s boot prints are truly magical indeed, in fact they change while he’s walking! Every so many steps he would leave a “Ho Ho Ho” or “SC” foot print behind.

Santas Magical Bootprints

In some homes Santa leaves white snowy boot prints with magical North Pole snow that doesn’t melt. For us, it’s soot. I’ve also heard reports from some families that get reindeer hoof prints inside their house! I guess it’s a good thing that we set our oats and carrots for the reindeer out on the back porch.

Santa Soles, make Santas sooty boot prints!
The product used to create Santa’s plain soot boot prints was Santa Soles. While I’ve seen many other products for creating Santa’s snowy boot prints, this is the only one that I’ve found that imitates soot. Visit and like the Santa Soles Facebook Page
Santa Soles allow you to create Santa’s footprints in your very own home, adding to the magic of Christmas morning. Santa Soles are the footprints that dreams are made of!  Santa Soles are templates that allow you, along with our non-toxic, non-staining “soot” to create Santa’s footprints right in your home! Our “soot” is safe for use on all types of flooring and vacuums up easily, making clean up a breeze!

Other stencils/templates used: “Ho Ho Ho” and “SC
Hohoho Santa BootprintSC with Snowflake Santa Bootprint

Disclosure: I found, purchased, and reviewed the product “Santa Soles” and the additional boot print templates on my own. I was not given the products for free, I was not compensated in any way, and I was not asked to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot prints

Does Santa leave boot prints in your house?
Let me know in the comments!

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Santa Proof: Phone Calls from SantaPhotos of Santa in your home!Watching Santa feed his reindeer


Santa Proof: Phone Calls from Santa Claus

20 services (free and paid) where you can request a phone call from Santa or leave Santa a voicemail message!

When my sister and I were little our Dad told us that he could talk to Santa whenever he wanted through two different magical phones that he kept in his office…one was disguised as a yellow highlighter, the other a stapler. We watched Dad have many conversations with Santa on the magical highlighter-stapler phones, but we never got to talk to him ourselves. Oh, how we wanted to talk to Santa. Unfortunately the magic phones didn’t work for children, only for parents. Bummer.
Now you can give your children an experience that my sister and I never had. Rules have changed at the North Pole and now children can talk to Santa…and they don’t even need to use random “magical” office supplies!

Below is a list of free and paid services where you can receive a phone call from Santa or call his voicemail to leave him a message. Please note that I have not used any of these services personally and therefore can not comment on the quality of the call or the reliability of the company. Purchase at your own risk. Furthermore, all information included below was taken directly from the individual websites and is subject to change at anytime. I try to update information as it changes but I am not responsible for any differences in price or discontinuation of a service(s) listed here.

FREE * Get a FREE (pre-recorded) call from the North Pole!
Choose from two different Santa voices and 3 different messages that you can preview on the website. Santa will call immediately from a “restricted” number. You can receive 3 free calls a day.


FREE * Free calls to the U.S. and Canada


FREE * Free call from Santa!
Whether you’re an existing DialMyCalls user or not yet, you can take advantage of our completely free phone call from Santa. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa with his or her name on it! (Facebook)
-Simply select your child’s name and the message from Santa you want sent.
-Pick the time, date and phone number you want the call sent to.
-We create a personalized message and send the call when you want it sent!


FREE * App Santa’s Magic Phone FREE App
For iphone, ipad, and Andriod
Must Have FREE App for Kids (and Parents) to Call Santa Claus! Want Santa to call your child on demand? There’s an app for that! Call, and get called, with your personal direct line to Santa. (Facebook)


FREE+$ *
Call Santa Claus’ voicemail and leave him a message for free!
Request a copy of your child’s message $5.99 (as of 11/2013)
Continue to checkout, and make sure to fill out the form after checkout is complete. This will help provide the information needed to retrieve your child’s message.


FREE+$ *
and A Free Call From Santa Claus Personalized For Your Child
You’ll need to “like” their Facebook page for a coupon code for the free phone call.
This Santa message can be personalized girl or boy, plus the child’s name (or a generic name like “kiddo” or “sweetie”), along with your choice of 6 messages. You can select the date and time of your message and schedule it in advance.
Santa has a special message for your loved one! Whether they have been Naughty, or Nice…Santa can offer great words of encouragement! Imagine your loved one’s face when they receive their FREE, Personalized phone call from Santa Claus Himself!


* Get a Personal Call from Santa $3 (as of 11/2013)

Santa Claus knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice! Send this one-of-a-kind special message from Santa Claus himself, right to your friends and loved ones! They’ll be amazed by Santa Claus when they truly know that he is watching them and knows all about their good behavior! Send this rewarding and magical call from Santa Claus to your little ones today!


* Prices range from $25.95-$91.95 (as of 11/2013)

They offer 2 types of calls:
The Live Call is for a single child, and generally last for 4-5 minutes.
The Extended Live Call is for up to 3 children, and generally last for 8-10 minutes.


* Prices range from $19.99 to $37.99 and up (as of 11/2013)
Now through December 2 save 20% off, click here for coupon code!


* Prices range from $20-$75 (as of 11/2013)


* Live or prerecorded call from Santa: £4.99-7.99 (as of 11/2013)
You Can Book a Call from Santa anywhere in the UK (and USA), even to mobiles if you wish.


* FREE Serves Area Codes: 513, 812, 859, 937
Ho Ho Ho! Send a personalized call from Santa Claus to your good little boy or girl for FREE!
Cincinnati Bell: free call from Santa


* Call Santa and leave a message! FREE for Vonage customers.


Place YOUR name on Santa’s Call List. Adult supervision is required. Supply the information to give parent’s permission.


* Santa’s Video Call on Skype
With our video chat your child can see and talk LIVE with Santa at the North Pole! Plus you can receive a video recording so the memory can be shared and treasured for years to come.
Below are the prices as of November 2013
(Gift certificates are also available)
Up to 5-min. Santa Video Call $17.99
Up to 5-min. Santa Video Call + HD Recording $22.99


* Skype with Santa
This is Santa live by video link to your PC. Book early, calls are limited.


Prices (as of 11/2013) Santa Call $7.95-$19.95 / Skype with Santa (Dec. 17): $39.95
Our phone calls from Santa will be conducted by a most authentic and magical “Santa” and may accommodate up to 4 children in a household – each getting their own 3-5 minutes of personalized phone time with Santa
Skype sessions with Santa are exclusive and limited to one day only! December 17th. Santa will be seated in his chair, amongst beautiful holiday decor and dressed in a traditional suit – looking prepped and ready for the big day!


*e-villagegreen ebay Phone Call from Santa Claus Live with Recording
Video Messages from Santa
Santa will telephone your child for a brief chat (up to 15 minutes) to talk about whatever you suggest — silly, serious or special. $24.99 (as of 11/2013)


* Live Santa Call
US $39.95 until Thanksgiving, $49.95 after Thanksgiving (2013)
Your LIVE My Santa Call Includes…
– Up to a 20 Minute Live Talk with Santa Claus for ALL Your Kids.
– No Extra Fee for Additional Children in Your Family.
– FREE MP3 Recording of the Live Call and download of file.
– FREE Magical Webpage to Listen, Share and Download the MP3.
– FREE NORAD Tracking and Ringtones in Your Magical Page.
– FREE Email Tool to Share Your Magical Page Worldwide.


*U.S. / U.K.
Calls from Santa (Facebook)
Live Santa Calls: $13.95 / Prerecorded Calls: $4.95 (as of November 2013)
Imagine an actual phone call from Santa. Watch in amazement as Santa calls a child you love and speaks about what they’ve been doing and what they’d love for Christmas and anything else you ask him to say in their very own personal Santa Call. Santa can even talk about the Letter he wrote them! Each wonderful LIVE Santa Call is performed by a children’s entertainer guaranteed to bring out the most of a truly magical moment. You can also request a Certificate of Proof that Santa called (to be kept until they are eighteen!) Ho ho ho. Make Believe. Keep Believe. Re-Believe.


Step 1: Choose the type of call that you would like to send
Step 2: Personalize your call using the customized drop-down boxes
Step 3: Schedule your call for later or send it now, only $4.99!
(as of 11/2013)


* (Santa Phone Calls)
Santa offers this delightful treat, a phone call that is personalized. Santa will use their name, and names of family and friends to let your child know that Santa is always watching. This call can be to discuss school, encourage good behavior or congratulate a specific accomplishment. Please allow 24-48 hours for the call to be placed. If a special time is requested please include that in your email. Please note that Santa can’t guarantee the call time, but will make every effort to try. A personalized phone call from Santa costs only $10 for a five minute call.


*Talking Santa for iphone
Talking Santa iPhone App


* Personalized, Live Phone Call from Santa Claus!
(As of November this website has not yet been updated for 2013)

* (Google)
(As of November 2013 this website is still not active.)
You need to enter and adults birthday, not a child’s, or it won’t work.

*Imaginary Greetings
Note: Apparently this company is no longer offering Santa Phone Calls or Santa Letters like they did in the past. I’m keeping this link here in case anything changes. The link now redirects to a website with Santa Telegrams. Several other Santa phone call and letter services listed below were affiliated with this company and are no longer offering those services.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.

Note: Apparently this website was affiliated with Imaginary Greetings mentioned above and is no longer offering phone calls or letters from Santa.
Free phone call from Santa with every personal letter from Santa.

Note: As of November 2013, this page no longer seems to work.

20 services (free and paid) where you can request a phone call from Santa or leave Santa a voicemail message!

Have you or your children ever talked to Santa on the phone?
Let me know in the comments!

Email a Letter to Santa Photos of Santa in your home!Santa Proof: Santa leave sooty boot printsWatching Santa feed his reindeer


Dear Santa: Writing a letter to Santa

The tradition of Writing a Letter to Santa (Coolest Family on the Block)

Writing a letter to Santa is a beloved Christmas tradition. If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s letter to Santa a special experience, you’ve come to the right place. Remember to choose what works for your family. You know how much available time you have, your budget, and most importantly you know what your children will enjoy.

1. Picking a date
Choose a date to have your children write their letters to Santa. Some of the more popular choices are Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving weekend, December 1, or December 5 (The day before St. Nicholas Day).

Determine if you want to tell the kids ahead of time so they can anticipate writing their letter to Santa or if you would rather surprise them one day with, “Guess what, kids, it’s time to write letters to Santa right now!”

2. Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Everything is more fun when it’s more festive! To set the Christmas mood play Christmas music, wear Santa hats or Christmas themed clothing/pajamas, drink hot cocoa or apple cider, and eat Christmas cookies. When you’re finished with the letters, watch a Christmas movie or read a book (bonus points if the story is about writing a letter to Santa!).

3. Gathering all the necessary materials
For a simple letter you’ll need the basics: paper, writing utensils, envelopes, and stamps (optional). If you’d like to kick it up a notch consider the following ideas.

*Paper: Have the kids write their letters on special Santa or Christmas themed paper or have them make a card. (Click here for links to free printable “Letter to Santa” paper.)
*Writing Utensils: Crayons and markers are the popular choice, but you could also use glitter or gel pens if that’s something your child would enjoy (although some of these are difficult to read). A simple yet festive alternative to the every day writing utensil is to use Christmas-themed pens/pencils with Christmas toppers. For craft-loving kids have them decorate their writing utensils with glitter, stickers, poms, tinsel, etc. (Don’t let them go too overboard and be sure they don’t gunk up the tip…they still need to write with it!). Consider having a special official “Letter to Santa” pen to use every year. This could be purchased or made. Be careful with some of the cheap themed Christmas pens as the ink doesn’t seem to last from year to year 😦 . Please remember to always use age-appropriate writing utensils and supervise younger children.
*Envelopes: If the kids will be making their own cards, make sure you have an envelope big enough to fit it or have them keep their card letter-sized and foldable. Add stickers or drawings to the envelope but stay away from glitter and such as the letter will be handled by postal workers. Consider putting a Christmas themed stamp on your letter to Santa. This is optional as we all know that Santa will always receive our letter even if there’s no stamp! If you have photo-stamps of the kids that would make it particularly special (bonus points if that photo is from a previous Christmas!). Tomorrow I’ll be writing about mailing your letter to Santa, so be sure to check back for more ideas.

4. Writing the letter to Santa
For many children the focus of the letter is their Christmas Wish List, but many parents are encouraging their children to be more personal (and less greedy) with the jolly old elf.
Below are some ideas of what they can write about.
*Start off by greeting Santa.
*Ask Santa how he is doing
*Ask about other favorite North Pole residents such as Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and the other Reindeer, Buddy the Elf, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, or Suzy Snowflake.
*Thank Santa for the presents he brought last year
*Tell Santa about the year you had, something fun that happened, or any new milestones like getting/losing a tooth, starting school, or welcoming a new sibling to the family.
*Tell Santa about your favorite things such as your favorite color, food, Christmas cookie, book, movie, hobby, or subject in school.
*Tell Santa about your behavior. Be honest and give him examples of the good or bad things that you did and why you deserve to be on the nice (or naughty) list.
*Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.
Give your child a number of things to ask for such as “no more than 3” and explain that Santa doesn’t always give us everything that we ask for.
*Tell Santa what you would like someone else to have for Christmas. “I think you should bring my sister a doll because she was very good and shared with me this year. It would be really nice if you could bring my neighbor a new winter coat.”
*Tell Santa about Jesus’ birthday and how you will celebrate it.
*Leave a question for Santa in the P.S.
*Sign your name, age, and city, state

Tips for non-writing children
If your children are too young to write, you’ll have to write the letter for them while they tell you what to say. There are ways to keep your non-writing children involved in the letter writing.
*Have the children sign their name by holding onto their hand while you form the letters.
*Have the kids draw a picture (This is a good idea whether they can write or not! Santa loves drawings!)
*Include a hand print, finger print, or hand tracing. If you already do this as part of another Christmas tradition…just make another one for Santa!

Make a Hand print Santa

5. Preserving the Memory!
Don’t forget to take photos of your kids as they’re writing their letters. Other important snapshots to take are holding up the finished letter, and putting the letter into the mailbox. If you can record some video footage consider “interviewing” your child asking them what they’re telling Santa. You can use this same technique once the letter-writing experience is over to have the kids either tell you on tape or write down what they thought about it. Give them some prompts such as what was your favorite part about writing to Santa? You may get answers like “I liked drawing Santa a picture or it was really fun to put the letter in the big mailbox.” This will give you an idea of what the child enjoyed, what to make tradition, and what to skip (Did you try decorating the pencils and your child didn’t mention anything about it? Then you could probably skip it the next year and it won’t be missed.) Remember to write your child’s age and the year somewhere on the letter. Adding things such as the hand prints or drawings mentioned above are an added keepsake if you’ll be keeping the letter rather than sending it away.

6. Teaching/Learning Opportunities
Some parents take this opportunity to teach their children proper letter writing etiquette. When Christmas is over, have the kids write Santa a thank you note. For children still learning to write you can take this opportunity to help them practice their handwriting.
For those of you interested in having your child write a formal “business” letter to Santa Claus check out this website Write a Letter to Santa Claus or do an internet search for more information.

A Package from Santa
So you’ve read all of these ideas and you’re still thinking, “This still doesn’t have the magic that I’m looking for. How do I really make this experience special for my child?” Alrighty then, you asked for it…

If you really want to do something unforgettable for your kids you should probably contact Santa and let him know that you want this year to be very special. He just might surprise you by dropping off a package for your kids with special materials in there just for writing him a letter. Of course, just like you, Santa knows your kids and your family very well so he’ll be certain to include just the right stuff. Maybe Santa knows that just sending some stationary, envelopes, and stamps would be perfect for your family. Or maybe he knows that you’d like something a little more involved.

For the craft-loving child he may include the supplies for a hand-made letter to Santa and perhaps even some things for decorating their writing utensil. Santa knows if your kids like to bake with you in the kitchen, so he might just send you a new recipe and ingredients for a cookie that he’d like you to leave for him on Christmas Eve. He might just help you capture that Christmas spirit by sending along a Christmas cd, book, or movie, some cocoa, or your very own Santa or Elf hats. Santa knows that most kids love to color so I wouldn’t be surprised if he included some coloring sheets. Of course, Santa will be sure to send you the envelopes and stamps needed to get your letters back to the North Pole. And you never know, he just might send your kids very special “Letter to Santa” pens only to be used while writing letters to the North Pole.

Santa is really very clever with how he delivers these packages. Sometimes he sends them through the mail, sometimes he leaves them on the porch, sometimes he leave them by the chimney, sometimes he leaves them at the foot of the bed either while the kids are sleeping or while they’re at school, sometimes he’ll have an Elf on the Shelf or an Elf Magic Elf deliver them. One thing’s for sure…no one ever sees him do it, but sometimes you might just hear his sleigh bells.

Does your family have any traditions for writing letters to Santa? Please share in the comment section below!

How to mail a letter to Santa at the North PoleFree Printable Santa Paper!Email a Letter to Santa


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