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Easter Traditions: Bunny Footprints (2011)

Coolest Family on the Block

Bunny Paw Print Trail
Find a free printable Easter Bunny paw print template/stencil here! Front and back paws! 🙂

Last year on Easter we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left bunny tracks in the family room!

At first Adaline was a little afraid of the bunny footprints which is odd considering that she didn’t seem to mind the leprechaun footprints at all.

It looks as though the Bunny hopped in through the window and then hopped across the room to fill Adaline’s Easter basket leaving a trail of bunny prints behind.

He also dropped some plastic eggs that had candy in them. Adaline enjoyed putting them in her basket once her fear of the bunny paw prints mellowed.

Adaline’s bunny and book about Easter was waiting for her.

Adaline’s Easter basket

Don’t worry about the bunny prints…they vacuumed right up! In fact, I’d say they were as easy to vacuum as flour, baking soda, or baby powder ;)!

If you need a template you can try this one!

Does the Easter Bunny leave paw prints at your house? Let me know in the comments!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Paw Print Template
Easter bunny paw prints trailwma
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Guest Post: Breakfast Basket

This is a guest post from Amanda at Gratefully Growing in Grace. Please stop by Amanda’s blog, you won’t be sorry!

My name is Amanda and I’m so excited to be writing my first guest post for the Coolest Family on the Block! I wonder if they will invite me to be an honorary member of their cool family… I’m visiting from Gratefully Growing in Grace where I write about baby, toddler, and preschool activities, crafts I attempt, recipes I manage to cook successfully, and as any good mommy blog includes, cute stories, photos, and videos of my children. My kiddos are spectacular and I try to be an equally spectacular mommy.

As I wrote about in an Easter post on my blog, instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I decided to add something good into our lives. In order to include my three year old, Mini Me, and my now 10 month old, Little Lady, I came up with the idea of reading a Bible story at breakfast. I used to read my way through breakfast and lunch in my pre-mommy days, before I had the joys of spoon-feeding applesauce and getting up from the table four times in one meal to refill cups, grab an extra rag for spills, etc etc etc. I thought my book-loving children might also enjoy an extra excuse to read during the day. We have a great toddler Bible so that was the first resource I brought to the table.

Mini Me loved our breakfast reading from the get-go, which was no surprise since he adores reading any other time of the day. Little Lady could have cared less at first – she was still pretty little. We would read the short story, talk about the picture, and say a little prayer. It took about 3 minutes, and then it was back to brekist, as Mini Me says. After our 40 days of reading a Bible story at breakfast (okay, maybe only 36 or so because a few days breakfast got hectic what with the applesauce spooning and cup filling, and Mommy forgot), we thought it was so much fun to read at breakfast that we should just continue past Easter.

I added a few resources to the pile and then discovered we needed a basket. We have our toddler Bible (which I have entirely committed to memory at this point) and a set of Bible touch-and-feel story and picture cards. We don’t do the touching part at breakfast or Moses’ basket in the rushes would be covered in oatmeal. We have Little Visits with Jesus that I was very excited about, but it is still a bit too advanced for Mini Me, so that doesn’t get much use yet. We have a couple sets of flashcards – ABCs and 3-letter words for our budding reader, as well as the first set of BOB books since Mini Me is starting to read(ish). We also have a set of Brain Quest cards for 3 year olds that are a daily favorite. There aren’t many things geared specifically toward Little Lady, but for now she loves looking at the pictures and hearing the words of anything we read. She has also learned to fold her hands and pray so she participates in that (provided the prayers only last 2.5 seconds). In addition, I grab any other book off the bookshelf if I have a second.

I never intended our breakfast basket materials to be entirely educational… it is filled with things I quickly grabbed one day that I knew would last us more than a day at a time, unlike a book with a single story in it. Single stories work fine but for my own sanity I need something that is slightly different every day instead of reading That’s Not My Monster every morning.

Also, don’t be fooled by the name of the basket. We also dig into it during lunch or supper if we feel like it – or if Mommy forgets during breakfast – and I know I can always count on Mini Me to remind me about the basket at some meal during the day. We have always been a chatty bunch at mealtimes, but pulling an item out of our breakfast basket just adds a twist to our conversation. The teacher inside me also has to admit that I like squeezing in a few extra minutes of literacy time, too.

As much as milk and toast, our breakfast basket has become a staple of our daily breakfast tradition. Bon appetit!

Amanda is the author of Gratefully Growing in Grace where she blogs about baby, toddler, and preschool activities, crafts she attempts, and recipes she manages to cook successfully.
Please stop by Amanda’s blog and let her know how much you appreciated her guest post!

*Disclaimer: No affiliate links are used in this post*

Eco-Friendly All Natural Dyes for Coloring Easter Eggs (Links)

Did you know that you can color eggs using natural dyes you may already have in your kitchen? Beets, onion skins, coffee, tea, and more, are all great natural ways to color eggs!

Check out the links below for pictures, tips, and tutorials on how to die your eggs naturally.
(Click on the titles or photos to follow the links.)

(For 50+ other ways to dye and decorate your eggs click here!)

Natural dyes for coloring Easter eggs
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*Natural Egg Dyes @

*Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally @

*Naturally Dyed Eggs @ The Herb Society of America:

*Natural Easter Egg Dying @ Oh Dee Doh:

*How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally, Without a Store-Bought Kit
@ Serious Eats:
“A couple of beets, some ground turmeric, and a red cabbage, and I was turning out gorgeous eggs in all three primary colors.”

*Vibrant Eggs, Dyed Naturally @ The Kitchn:

*How to Make Onion-Skin Easter Eggs @ The Kitchn:
This is a great, natural way to make subtly beautiful Easter (or Passover) eggs. And they answer the question, “what to do with all those left-over onions?” here.

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*Easter Egg Dyes @

*Natural Easter Egg Dyes @

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*Dying Eggs Naturally @ What’s Cooking with Kids:

*DIY Project: Gorgeous Sienna Easter Eggs @ Hostess with the Mostess: These chic sienna Easter eggs from floral design guru Kim Foren are gorgeous, easy and non toxic!

*Natural Easter Egg Dyes (Video) @ Tyler Florence shares ideas for making natural, vegetable-based Easter egg dyes.

*Simple Recipes for Natural Egg Dyes @ Green Living Ideas:


*Chinese Tea-Dyed Eggs @ Barefoot Kitchen:

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*Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe @ Steamy Kitchen:


50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)
Round up of 50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


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50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)

Round up of 50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
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If you’re looking for a new way to decorate eggs with the kids or a new hobby for yourself…we have all the inspiration you need! Whether you want something quick and easy or a new challenge the best egg decorating ideas from around the web are all here in one convenient list! Find new techniques using chalkboard paint, Kool Aid, fabric, tissue paper, electrical and duct tape, rubber bands, leaves and flowers, silk ties, doilies, stencils, tie dye, decoupage, crayons, rubber cement, sequin, stickers, beads, foil, string, glitter, and more!

Click the title links or photos for details, directions, and tutorials!

(For ways to dye your eggs naturally click here!)

*Decorating Easter Eggs with Your Preschooler @ Quirky Momma:

*How to Make Chalkboard Easter Eggs @ Skip to my Lou:

*Tiny Chalkboard Eggs @ Style at Home:

*Kool Aid Colored Eggs @ Measuring Flower:

*Van Gogh Easter Eggs & Polka Dot Easter Eggs
@ No Time for Flash Cards

*Fabric Eggs @ Holiday Haven:

*Tissue Paper Easter Eggs @ How Sweeter it is:

*A fun Easter egg dyeing technique (using electrical tape) @ Indie Fixx:

*Duct Tape Eggs @ kateandersok flickr:

*Fun Unique Easter Egg Dyeing Techniques @ Jolly Mom:
Rubber Band Technique, Masking Technique, Botanical Print Technique

*Marbled Easter Eggs @ Quick and Simple:

*Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs @ Monogram Momma:

*How to Make Geode Easter Eggs:
Make Fun and Unusual Crystal Eggs for Easter. You can make Easter Eggs full of beautiful crystals with this a fun Easter craft that could double as a fun science project using common kitchen ingredients.

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*Easter Egg Decorating @
Fun & easy techniques kids will be dyeing to try. Dye-ving Dudes, Easter Egg Wreath, Egg Pedestal, A Herd of Eggimals, Faux Fabergé eggs, Melted Crayon Eggs, Decoupage Designs, Aluminum Foil Technique, Bubble Packaging Technique, Lightbulb Sleeves Technique, Rubber Bands Technique, String Technique, Thumbprints Technique, Tissue Paper Technique, Sticker Stencils, Leaf Print Eggs, Dots (and Lines) using glue dots and colored sand or glitter, embroidery floss, Stained Glass, Crushed Shells, Tape and Paint Masking tape and paint, Tie-Dye Easter Eggs, Silk Tie-dyed Eggs, Decoupage Eggs, Dripped-On Eggs using rubber cement, Swirly Dyed Eggs using oil and water, Marbleized Eggs, Rubber banded, Sponge Stamped

*Easter Egg-stravaganza @ Disney Family
*13 Creative Ways to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs @ Free Stuff 4 Kids:
Marbled eggs, tie dyed eggs, ribbons, crayons, mosaic, rubber bands, lace, sponged eggs, disco egg, stamped eggs, Easter Bunny eggs, stickers, silk-tie eggs

*Easter Egg Decorating @ Kaboose:
Crayon Eggs, Decal Dyed Eggs, Easter Egg-Heads, Egg Decoration Ideas, Egg Bunny, Chocolatescapes, Easter Eggs, Drip Dot Eggs, Easy Sponge Painted Eggs, BloPen Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Heads, Jeweled Easter Eggs, Marbled Easter Eggs, Napkin Applique Easter Eggs, Oil and Food Coloring Marbled Eggs, Paraffin Easter Egg, Decal Dyed Easter Eggs, Swirled Easter Eggs

*Easter Eggs Decorations @ Delish:

*Decorated Eggs @
Fanciful decorating techniques for your Easter eggs.

*Easter Egg Decorating Ideas @ Good Housekeeping:
Just Picture It, Decorated Eggs using simple-shaped paper punches, Wrapped Eggs, Popcorn Eggs, Fern Eggs (Go Natural)

*Quick and Easy Easter Egg Decorations @
Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs: Hop to it! These pretty Easter egg dyeing techniques are perfect for the kid in you. Sticker-and-Dye Egg Designs, Banded Egg Design, Scrapbook Notions, Vibrant Dyed Eggs with Flowers, Natural Dyed Eggs, Pysanky Eggs, Easter Egg Flower Pots, Eraser Decorating, Toothpick Decorating, Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs, Polka-Dot Eggs

*Easter Egg Decorating Ideas @
Disco Egg, Chick Egg (Broken eggshell), Word Egg (Die-cut stickers), Space Egg, Bedazzled Egg (beads), Bumpy Egg (glue dots), Flower Vase Egg (blown egg), Charm Egg (The charm in this egg says, “Thank You!”), Royal Egg (necklace fasteners), Flower Power Egg (sequins), Dot Egg (stickers)

*Fun Easter Crafts @ Country Living:
Surprise someone special with handcrafted Easter gifts you can easily make at home, or buy. Pretty Patterned Easter Eggs (masking tape), Elegant Eggs (blown eggs) + 15 egg free crafts.

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*Chinese Tea-Dyed Eggs @ Barefoot Kitchen:

*Tea Infused Marble Eggs – Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs @ What’s Cooking America:

*Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe @ Steamy Kitchen:

*Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs @ That artist Woman: Tutorial!

*Ukrainian Egg Tutorial @ Suzy’s Sitcom:

*Getting Started in Pysanky @

50+ Creative Ideas from
*Egg Dyeing 101 @
Egg Dyeing Basics: Blowing out eggs, wax resist technique, masked designs technique, marbleizing technique, dripped on technique, creative egg carrying cases
*Decorating Easter Eggs @ Martha Stewart
*Easter Eggs @
Lace Eggs, Spring Menagerie Eggs, Cheeky Chickens, Striped Crepe Paper Eggs, Overlapping Dot Designs, Metallic Eggs, Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs, Glittered Sticker Eggs, Faberge-Inspired Eggs, Elegant Origami Eggs, Grass Appliquéd Dyed Eggs, Marbleized Swirls, Trimmed with Cord, Flight of Fancy Egg Hinged Egg, Egg Ornaments, Silk Tie Eggs, Crepe Paper Egg Bunnies, Glittered Eggs, Botanical Eggs, Stenciled Eggs, Chocolate Eggs, Beaded Egg Ornaments, Country Cow Eggs, Gilded Eggs, Wax-Resist Patterns, Pearl Trellis Egg, Metallic Polka-Dotted Eggs, Natural Egg Dyeing Techniques, Beaded Eggs, Velvet Trimmed Eggs, Stamped Eggs, Peek-a-boo Egg, Ladybug Eggs, Jeweled Eggs, Scrambled Lines and Letters Eggs, Tissue Paper Eggs, German-Style Paper Cutout Eggs, “Cracked” Eggshells and Chick Designs, Masked Designs (tape, stickers, little leaves, etc), Oversize Botanical Decoupage Easter Eggs, Dripped-On Eggs (rubber cement), Speckled Faberge-Inspired Egg , Big-Eared Bunny, Pretty with Pearls, Confetti Eggs, Stash-and-Carry Eggs, Easter Egg Tree, Square Patterned Eggs, Puddly Pigs, Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs, Baby Bird Eggs, Latticed Eggs, Egg Baskets, Silk-Dyed Eggs, Embellished Chocolate Easter Eggs, Dyed and Speckled Easter Eggs (acrylic paint), Hinged Eggs with Gold Trim, Tissue-Paper-Decorated Eggs, Egg within an Egg, Leaf and Flower Eggs

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