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Easter Tradition: Coloring Eggs (2011)

We seem to always color eggs on Palm Sunday. Adaline really enjoyed coloring Easter eggs last year. We just do the basic solid colored egg-dye, nothing fancy. We may branch out as the kids get older.

There are so many cool, interesting egg-decorating techniques and you can find many of them here…

50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs (Links)

We’ll be coloring eggs this weekend, but until then enjoy these photos from last year.

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Easter Traditions: Bunny Footprints (2011)

Coolest Family on the Block

Bunny Paw Print Trail
Find a free printable Easter Bunny paw print template/stencil here! Front and back paws! 🙂

Last year on Easter we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left bunny tracks in the family room!

At first Adaline was a little afraid of the bunny footprints which is odd considering that she didn’t seem to mind the leprechaun footprints at all.

It looks as though the Bunny hopped in through the window and then hopped across the room to fill Adaline’s Easter basket leaving a trail of bunny prints behind.

He also dropped some plastic eggs that had candy in them. Adaline enjoyed putting them in her basket once her fear of the bunny paw prints mellowed.

Adaline’s bunny and book about Easter was waiting for her.

Adaline’s Easter basket

Don’t worry about the bunny prints…they vacuumed right up! In fact, I’d say they were as easy to vacuum as flour, baking soda, or baby powder ;)!

If you need a template you can try this one!

Does the Easter Bunny leave paw prints at your house? Let me know in the comments!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Paw Print Template
Easter bunny paw prints trailwma
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LOCAL: Beaver County Easter Egg Hunts and Events (2012)

ATTENTION: This list was originally from March/April 2012 and has been removed. You can find the updated list for 2014 here. I’m trying to add more events as I find them. Please check the Beaver County Family Fun Facebook Page for updates. Thank you.

(Town Center Beaver County Main Street Network)
For Easter Egg Hunt listings for PA and other states try:

Beaver County Easter Egg Hunts and Events 2012


Guest Post: Breakfast Basket

This is a guest post from Amanda at Gratefully Growing in Grace. Please stop by Amanda’s blog, you won’t be sorry!

My name is Amanda and I’m so excited to be writing my first guest post for the Coolest Family on the Block! I wonder if they will invite me to be an honorary member of their cool family… I’m visiting from Gratefully Growing in Grace where I write about baby, toddler, and preschool activities, crafts I attempt, recipes I manage to cook successfully, and as any good mommy blog includes, cute stories, photos, and videos of my children. My kiddos are spectacular and I try to be an equally spectacular mommy.

As I wrote about in an Easter post on my blog, instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I decided to add something good into our lives. In order to include my three year old, Mini Me, and my now 10 month old, Little Lady, I came up with the idea of reading a Bible story at breakfast. I used to read my way through breakfast and lunch in my pre-mommy days, before I had the joys of spoon-feeding applesauce and getting up from the table four times in one meal to refill cups, grab an extra rag for spills, etc etc etc. I thought my book-loving children might also enjoy an extra excuse to read during the day. We have a great toddler Bible so that was the first resource I brought to the table.

Mini Me loved our breakfast reading from the get-go, which was no surprise since he adores reading any other time of the day. Little Lady could have cared less at first – she was still pretty little. We would read the short story, talk about the picture, and say a little prayer. It took about 3 minutes, and then it was back to brekist, as Mini Me says. After our 40 days of reading a Bible story at breakfast (okay, maybe only 36 or so because a few days breakfast got hectic what with the applesauce spooning and cup filling, and Mommy forgot), we thought it was so much fun to read at breakfast that we should just continue past Easter.

I added a few resources to the pile and then discovered we needed a basket. We have our toddler Bible (which I have entirely committed to memory at this point) and a set of Bible touch-and-feel story and picture cards. We don’t do the touching part at breakfast or Moses’ basket in the rushes would be covered in oatmeal. We have Little Visits with Jesus that I was very excited about, but it is still a bit too advanced for Mini Me, so that doesn’t get much use yet. We have a couple sets of flashcards – ABCs and 3-letter words for our budding reader, as well as the first set of BOB books since Mini Me is starting to read(ish). We also have a set of Brain Quest cards for 3 year olds that are a daily favorite. There aren’t many things geared specifically toward Little Lady, but for now she loves looking at the pictures and hearing the words of anything we read. She has also learned to fold her hands and pray so she participates in that (provided the prayers only last 2.5 seconds). In addition, I grab any other book off the bookshelf if I have a second.

I never intended our breakfast basket materials to be entirely educational… it is filled with things I quickly grabbed one day that I knew would last us more than a day at a time, unlike a book with a single story in it. Single stories work fine but for my own sanity I need something that is slightly different every day instead of reading That’s Not My Monster every morning.

Also, don’t be fooled by the name of the basket. We also dig into it during lunch or supper if we feel like it – or if Mommy forgets during breakfast – and I know I can always count on Mini Me to remind me about the basket at some meal during the day. We have always been a chatty bunch at mealtimes, but pulling an item out of our breakfast basket just adds a twist to our conversation. The teacher inside me also has to admit that I like squeezing in a few extra minutes of literacy time, too.

As much as milk and toast, our breakfast basket has become a staple of our daily breakfast tradition. Bon appetit!

Amanda is the author of Gratefully Growing in Grace where she blogs about baby, toddler, and preschool activities, crafts she attempts, and recipes she manages to cook successfully.
Please stop by Amanda’s blog and let her know how much you appreciated her guest post!

*Disclaimer: No affiliate links are used in this post*

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Easter

Happy Easter from The Cool Family 🙂

Adaline and her cousin Dominic

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A (Long) Trip Down Bunnylane

Warning: This post is much longer than it should be. I was in the zone. I apologize in advance. Good thing I can count this as Wordful Wednesday 🙂

On Saturday we planned on traveling out to Volant for their various Easter festivities and also stopping by Kraynak’s in Hermitage, PA to see Bunnylane. It was raining quite a bit in our neck of the woods so we decided to drive out to Kraynak’s anyway since it’s an indoor activity and we’d stop by Volant if it dried up. It seemed like quite a far drive just to see Bunnylane. I was just hoping that meeting the Easter Bunny wouldn’t be as traumatic as our last trip to Kraynak’s to meet Santa and then again at the mall. Well.

A few weeks ago my mom and I drove out to Boardman, OH with Adaline and she fussed the entire ride there “up, out, down” (yippy). Thankfully she was a perfect angel during the trip to Kraynak’s. Not only did she not fuss, but she even did a little “dancing” in her car seat (these are the thrilling details here, people, try to stay awake). When we got to Kraynak’s we found one glorious available space in the front parking lot (yippy for real this time). It was still raining so Daddy rushed the little princess into the store as fast as he could. They were both still wet. Both of their hoods flew off during the sprint. When I finished attempting to dry off my family I had a really awesome view straight up Adaline’s nose since her Daddy was holding her and he’s 6’3 and I’m 5’1 (there goes those details again). I could see an entire family of dried kangaroos up there, and this is unacceptable, so I started picking at the poor dear in the middle of the store. She hated it and the people came by and took my Mother of the Year Award away.

I’m not sure exactly what time we arrived there, with all of the excitement from the rain and the boogers I forgot to check my watch (which would actually be my cell phone since I don’t wear a watch and you wanted to know this because, that’s right, you love the details), but it must’ve been the perfect time because there wasn’t a gigantic line for Bunnylane.

We went right into Bunnylane and Daddy walked Adaline around while I busied myself taking videos and photos of every precious second.

Here are 20 photos of Adaline looking at displays.
They are probably too small to see but when it comes to picking out photos of Adaline I am chronically indecisive. I’m certain that everyone wants to see her sweet little face from every.possible.angle. You are welcome.

Because I wasn’t thinking clearly when I made the photo collages I didn’t match up the photos of Adaline looking at the displays with the actual displays themselves. So now I shall show you displays and tell you about that while you’ll have to imagine what her face was like as she looked at them. If you’re really ambitious you can go back up to the collage of Adaline and try to match the tiny pics of her to the proper display, but that’s probably asking too much. Moving on…

The first display was the duckies and Adaline loved it. The song about “the one little duck with the feather on its back” was playing over and over. She didn’t want to leave that display, but eventually we got her to move on to the bees and the gnomes.

The bunny display had a tv with The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music playing over and over. Adaline gave us a little shimmy, but wouldn’t let me catch it on camera. She liked the bunnies and pointed out “big” bunnies and what they were wearing and doing.

I’m not really sure why, but I love this picture of the back of her head! 😉

The next display was the most popular among the toddlers that were there…Sesame Street. I’m not sure exactly what Sesame Street in the Old West has to do with Easter or spring, but the kids loved it.

The wheel that Elmo is attached to was spinning. I find it a little disturbing to find a beloved Muppet strapped to a spinning wheel with the implication that someone was shooting arrows at him. The kids didn’t mind (sorry Elmo). Adaline loved pointing out and naming all of the characters and we had a hard time convincing her to go to the next display.

Adaline loves animals and she’s really good at naming a whole bunch of them so needless to say she love the Noah’s Ark display too. I’m not sure which animal was her favorite (I’m partial to the kangaroo with the animated joey popping out of the pouch 🙂 ), but she seemed the most excited about a barrel of apples that was towards the end of the display. Okay then.

With all of the political correctness these days I’m glad to see that Kraynak’s was not afraid to display The Last Supper and a Cross with a sign that says “Forgiven”. 🙂
Still the bearded mannequins freak me out a little. Or maybe a lot.

At the end of the display was the line to see the Easter Bunny, but they had just put up a sign saying that the Easter Bunny was going on a break. Fine. So I told hubby that we could walk around the store while we waited. This resulted in us spending a lot of money we hadn’t planned to spend. Oh well.

So, we started looking around and saw a person dressed as a big jellybean handing out…jellybeans (duh). Daddy was carrying Adaline and she seemed to like the jellybean and waved to it, but when I said, “Let’s take a picture with the jellybean” (with every intention of my husband being in the photo and not handing my daughter over to a giant candied stranger in the middle of a store), Adaline was suddenly scared of Mr. Jellybean and clung to her Daddy. She now didn’t want to be anywhere near the jellybean.
(Oh I can’t wait to see how this Easter Bunny thing will go…but they already took my Mother of the Year Award so what the hay?!)

Adaline loves playing the piano.
We’re thinking this might be a 2nd Birthday present 🙂

Eventually we go back to stand in line for the Easter Bunny. While we’re in line Adaline notices some bears on the other side of the rope that she didn’t notice when we’d left Bunnylane. We cross the rope to go visit the bears. Adaline gives them hugs and kisses, but never long enough to catch a decent photo. Use your imagination.

The whole time that we were shopping and while we were waiting for the Easter Bunny Adaline kept repeatedly asking for the ducky song. We told her we’d go see it again before we left.

We were getting closer to the Easter Bunny and finally we were waiting there while a little boy was on the Easter Bunny’s lap. Suddenly Adaline cries, “Big Bunny!” and when I tell her we have to wait and hold onto her before she runs over into the middle of some other kids photo…she starts to cry. I’m thinking that other people probably think that she’s crying because she’s afraid of the bunny, but she wasn’t. As soon as the little boy was out of sight I let her walk up to the Easter Bunny and she asks, “Touch?” and I tell her that she can and then I say, “Do you want to sit with the Easter Bunny?” She says yes and I put her right in his lap! She got slightly nervous when the bunny moved his arm (I’m pretty sure she thought it was a stuffed animal prior to that), but she was fine and started poking the Easter Bunny in the eye. Nice. I told the girl taking the picture that Adaline wouldn’t smile, but that didn’t stop her from trying over and over again to get her to smile. Okay. Then the Easter Bunny gave Adaline some Smarties.

I have video of this entire exchange which I was going to post here and then after seeing that I appear about 8 times bigger than I actually am (or than I actually think am I), it grossed me out and I decided to leave that little gem for immediate family. Sorry about your luck.

When we left the Easter Bunny I got into line to pay for our stuff while Hubby and Adaline got into line for Bunnylane. The line was long now, clear past the front door. By the time I was done with my purchase they were just approaching the Bunnylane entrance. Adaline was in ducky song heaven. It played over and over and over again and she stood there and stared at it and did a little wiggly dance that got a lot of ”awww”s from passersby. When someone else would dare to get too close to her beloved ducky display she would get upset and tell them “No! No!” Woah, there, settle down Princess NoNo the Duck Nazi…spoiled much?!

Here is a cute little video of Adaline dancing to the ducky song.
(If you’re reading this via email or a feed you’ll need to click through to the blog to view the video)

We stayed there for a good long time and let her watch the duckies and then I bribed her with chocolate to get her to leave. We drove away from Kraynak’s while Adaline happily munched on M&Ms and then Smarties from the Easter Bunny.

It wasn’t raining anymore and we were hungry so hubby and I decided to swing by Volant and see what was going on there. We decided to stop at a cute little restaurant, The Tavern on the Square, just outside of Volant, where we had stopped to eat when we went to The Apple Festival last October. Adaline was telling everybody about how she saw the Easter Bunny and he gave her candy and was wearing a blue bow and she poked him in the eye…and they thought she was adorable (maybe they would’ve felt differently had she poked them in the eye too). We had a nice lunch and Adaline was excited every time a horse passed by the window (attached to an Amish buggy).

There were guest books at every table, so I decided to sign one and then trace Adaline’s hand and date it. She’s always excited about getting her hand traced until the pen has to go in between her fingers and then she scrunches them up and tries to pull her hand away. This is why most of her hand tracings look like she has swollen thumbs and webbed fingers.

(I like to leave you little secretive notes on the pictures. Click on the photo (and then click again) to enlarge it and decode your secret message. Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine.)

After eating we drove through Volant but it didn’t look like anything was going on there. We were too tired to walk in and out of the shops so we drove home.
A short way into the trip, this happened…

We really had a nice day together as a family. Adaline really enjoyed herself and I think it was definitely worth the trip to Hermitage. She’s still talking about the ducky song and of course how the Easter Bunny gave her candy and was wearing a blue bow and she poked him in the eye. Memories 🙂
Oh, and then the people came by and gave me back my Mother of the Year Award thankyouverymuch.
(though I’m fairly certain that once I hit publish the people will come by again and take away my Blogger of the Year Award that I like to pretend that I have and replace it with the Long-Winded Writer of the Year Award instead)


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