Celebrating 30 years in 30 days

My birthday happens to be on the 30th of September. I also have happened to have had exactly 30 birthdays so far. From September 01 to September 30 I’ll post about my birthday every year until now (2010).
I don’t actually have photos from every birthday and I didn’t have a party every year (especially once I “grew up”), but I’ll post something related daily.

1980: Woodland Critters Theme
1981: Holly Hobbie Theme
1982: Wizard of Oz Theme
1983: Castle/Fairytale Theme
1984: Herself the Elf Theme
1985: Unicorn Theme
1986: Party at Hoss’s
1987: Sleepover
1988: Sleepover
1989: 10th Birthday Party (no theme)
1990: No party (Click here for Sugar and Spice 2nd Birthday)
1991: No party (Click here for Mickey Mouse 4th Birthday)
1992: Sleepover 13th Birthday
1993: Surprise Party 14th Birthday (no theme)
1994: No party (Click here for 15th Birthday details)
1995: Sweet 16 Party (no theme)
1996: Sleepover 17th Birthday (no theme)
1997: 18th Birthday: No party
1998: 19th Birthday (no party)
1999: 20th Birthday (no party)
2000: 21st Birthday (no theme)
2001: 22nd Birthday (no theme)
2002: 23rd Birthday (no party)
2003: 24th Birthday (no party)
2004: 25th Birthday (no party)
2005: 26th Birthday (no party)
2006: 27th Birthday (Shopping Day!)
2007: 28th Birthday Princess Theme (kinda)
2008: 29th Birthday (no theme)
2009: 30th Birthday Totally 80s Theme
2010: 31st Birthday (no theme)

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+Birthday posts will be published all throughout September 2011 including tutorials, party decor ideas, and birthday traditions!

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