Jenn’s 25th Birthday 2004

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

I don’t remember anything about my actual birthday in 2004. Maybe it’s because I was so busy and had some pretty significant life changes right before my birthday. Two months before my 25th birthday Cool Daddy and I moved out of our apartment and into our house that we live in now.
One month before my 25th birthday I fell in love 🙂
The fuzzy little fella on the right is my Muppet. We brought him home and he became my furry little pride and joy.


The dog on the left is Kasper, my sister’s dog. The doctors recommend she get an animal to take care of after her accident because it would be good therapy. Kasper is 4 years old in the photo and Muppet is around 4 months old.
We weren’t even looking for a dog, but the moment that I held him (he let me cradle him like a baby!) and he licked my nose…I knew he was meant to be mine. Little did I know at the time that he would be a great source of comfort to me in the years ahead as Cool Daddy and I struggled with infertility. He’s the most cuddly, friendly dog in the world and is every bit my little furbaby. I couldn’t have asked for a better spontaneous one-month-early birthday present!



(Oh. And I also got my hair cut like Peter Pan.)

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Be sure to check back tomorrow!



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