Fun Prankless April Fools Day Family Traditions


April Fools Day Family Traditions
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Today is April Fools Day!
I’m surprised that our family doesn’t have any April Fools traditions. Although we’re a bunch of jokesters who love to laugh, we’ve never really gotten into pranking each other. We have been known to stick things on the head of an unsuspecting old lady while she sleeps…something we’ve been doing for over a decade. (Sorry Grandma)
Sticking things on grandma while she sleeps

If you’re not really digging the idea of pranking your kids maybe you can come together as a family and create some April Fools Day fun! Declare a day of silliness and foolishness and try some of the ideas below!

*Family Traditions: April Fools’ Day Dinner:
This family has a wacky April Fools’ Day Dinner tradition!
On April 1, we share a really wacky meal that was inspired by a summer camp game. It’s wacky not because of what we eat, but how we eat it: for every course, each family member gets to have just three random things that are on the table — and only those three things. So you could wind up with milk, butter, and pepper! The crazier the combos, the more fun it is.

*Backwards dinner!: Serve breakfast for dinner or serve dessert first.
*Mixed up place settings: Set the dinner table with all of the plates, cups and utensils upside down or put all of the silverware at one place all of the plates at another, etc.
*Use giant utensils, tiny plate: Set the table with giant serving spoons and tiny plates (like saucers or dessert plates) to eat with.
*Serve food in a glass and drinks in a bowl or in a plate?! Messy!
*Declare all utensils forbidden…eat with your hands!

*FREE Ding Dong Ditch Download: Put a “sweet” new twist to this old prank! Ding Dong Ditch someone together as a family!

*You’ve been egged! FREE Download: A great Easter tradition that’s perfect for April Fools Day! Get together as a family and “egg” somebody 😉

April Fools Day Family Traditions

The family that pranks together stays together 😉

Does your family have any April Fools Day traditions?
Let me know in the comments!

*30+ April Fools Prank to Play on Your Kids!
April Fools Pranks to play on your kids
*FREE April Fools Day Printable Pranks:
Great printable pranks for kids and adults alike and April Fools Day coloring sheets!
Free April Fools Day Printables



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  1. I’m a sucker for stupid pranks. I love those grandma shots!


  2. I found you through the “Friday Blog Hop”

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter. (Anja M.)

    Hope you will follow me back at This and That


  3. Fun, fun ideas! I woke up this morning to find that every photo, painting, etc. that I had hung on the wall were upside down!


  4. I ended up not doing anything.

    I’m such a bum.

    The hubby said this morning that he was relieved and a little scared to walk around the house all day Friday! What a baby.

    Maybe I’ll do May baskets – are you going to have anything special for May baskets???? Did you get my email?

    Sorry, I’m full of questions tonight!


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