FREE April Fools Day Printable Pranks (Links)

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Here are some quick last minute April Fools printables.
Just print and prank! 😉

Free April Fools Day Printables

Amazing Origami Rock Craft: Perfect for the kid that loves a good craft…it takes them through a series of complicated steps before telling them to crumple the paper into a ball! 😉

Doughnut Seeds: Simply print our doughnut seeds envelope. Cut it out, then fold and glue the bottom and side flaps. Add a handful of frosted O-shaped cereal (such as Frosted Cheerios) and seal the top flap.

How great would it be if you “planted” these in a pot inside the house and the next morning real doughnuts were there?! (Perhaps lying in some “dirt” dessert!). 🙂

*FREE April Fools Coloring Page @
*FREE Disney April Fools Day Printables: Make your April Fools’ Day extra “Goofy” with these fun and silly Disney printables.

*FREE Ding Dong Ditch Download: Put a “sweet” new twist to this old prank!

*You’ve been egged! FREE Download: A great Easter tradition that’s perfect for April Fools Day! Get together as a family and “egg” somebody 😉

*Chris Dunmire’s Real Fake Fun Stuff:
Popular Printable April Fool’s Every Day Jokes

*FREE World’s Smallest Sand Castle joke: All you need is a little bit of craft glue and a pinch of sand . . . and an adventurous sense of humor!
*World’s Hardest (Impossible) Puzzles Awesome April Fool’s Day Jokes: “Dropped” Word Search Puzzle, World’s Hardest Crossword Puzzle, FREE Printable Classic ‘No-Find’ Word Search Puzzle Collection (Descriptions below)

“Dropped” Word Search Puzzle
A seemingly normal-looking word search puzzle gets ‘accidentally’ dropped on the floor and when it’s picked up, all the words on the memo are scattered and messed up on the page as if they could be so easily displaced.
1. Print both versions (normal, dropped) of the puzzle.
2. Show your victim the front of the normal ‘intact’ puzzle for a brief moment before “accidentally” dropping it on the floor. When you pick it up, secretly swap the normal version with the dropped version and hand it to your recipient with a sheepish apology: “My printer hasn’t been working too well lately… Sorry if things got a little messed up.”
3. After a hearty ground-rolling laugh over that absurdness, give your friend the normal-looking version of the puzzle to do. Tip: Run off before he or she realizes that only partial words appear in this puzzle, except of course for the entire “APRIL FOOLS” line.

World’s Hardest Crossword Puzzle
This gag puzzle was designed with “duel” possible outcomes:
1. The solver will soon realize that the answers that fit into the puzzle squares don’t fit the questions, and give up.
2. The solver will realize that the real answer to the question ahead fits into the squares for the previous question. For example, the answer that fits into the #5 across squares (“crafts”) is the true answer for #6 across (“Arts and _____”).

Printable Classic ‘No-Find’ Word Search Puzzle Collection
Give someone a copy of Chris’ special “Artist’s Studio”, vegetable or animal-theme word search puzzles and watch how long it takes them to realize they’ll never find one word.

Do you know of any great printable April Fools Day jokes?
Let me know in the comments!

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April Fools Pranks to play on your kids
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April Fools Day Family Traditions



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  1. So cute!!! I love these ideas!


  2. None of your links seem to work any more. That itself is a good April Fool’s joke


  3. The links don’t work anymore, next April fools I want to doughnut seed my sister and pretend to plant one, the next day I will put a plastic plant in the pot and put two doughnuts inside

    🍩 🍩
    🌴 🌴


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