Early Ultrasound 9 weeks 2 days

Yesterday I had another early ultrasound. This was the follow-up to the one I had two weeks ago. The baby was very small at the time so they wanted to make sure a twin wasn’t hiding in there.
Apparently there wasn’t. There’s just one sweet little baby in there. She had no trouble finding the baby this time. We saw the heartbeat and it was 167. We also got to see the little one give us a few wiggles and shimmies 🙂

(Click on photos to enlarge them.)

The head is to the right and you can see the baby’s arm buds!

After my ultrasound I went to my first prenatal appointment. It’s just a lot of talking and answering questions and whathaveyou. Everything’s good.
Below you can see me at my appointment accompanied by my friend the Bubba Keg. That is the “jug” that I drink water out of every single day…not just when I’m pregnant 😉 (I kinda love water). It always impresses the doctors but seems to frighten average citizens.

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  1. Jenn

    How awesome are those ultrasounds? Are you n cool daddy staring at them over and over? You look great and healthy even if u have to pee every five minutes. Please keep these updates coming.


  2. Awww! I love ultrasound pictures! Congratulations on the little one!


  3. Ultrasounds are always fun. To be able to see the baby growing inside is awesome! I’m a new reader so Congratulations! I know these are exciting times for your family 🙂


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