Police Officer Crafts for Kids (National Police Week)

May 11-17, 2014 is National Police Week!
National Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day is in September!
Here are some great police crafts and activities you can do with the kids! These crafts are great for preschools and schools to use when learning about community heros and helpers.


*Policeman Thumbprint Character: @ Scrappin Cop

*Bank Robber Money Bag Tutorial: @ Craft Apple


*Policeman Crafts: @ Squidoo
Policeman pompom craft and free sheriff badge template.

*Police Officer Badge-Making Page: @ Community Club: Teacher.scholastic.com

*Official Badge Generator: @ Says-it.com

*Community Helpers Preschool Themes: Police (Printable Police Badge): @ Early Childhood Fun
Personal Safety, Traffic Safety, Police Theme Crafts, Printable Police Badge

*Make Police Badges with Preschoolers: @ ehow
*Kids Cutout Police Badge Crafts: @ ehow
Templates, Lacing Badge, Name Badges – Name Tags, Personalized Badge, Foil Badge
*Police Badge Crafts: @ ehow
Preschool Craft, Costume Craft, Crafty Gift, Decoupage Plaque
*Police Memorial Day Crafts: @ voices.yahoo
Making a Police Badge, Coming to the Rescue: Shoe box cars, Red White and Blue Key chain


*Police Officers Hat and Badge Craft: @ Kids Crafts Blog

*Policeman Crafts: @ Easy Kids Crafts
Police Hat using a visor, construction paper, pencil, scissors, tape and glue. Police Notepad using construction paper, white letter paper, pipe cleaner, black marker and scissors.

*Police Visor: @ Making Friends

*Labor Day Craft: Printable Hats: @ GuildCraftInc.com

*Community Helper Felt Board Police and Fire: @ Making Learning Fun

*Policeman Hat: @ The Idea Box
*Police Officer Crafts for Kids: @ ehow.co.uk
Hat and Badge, Crime Prevention Puppets, Family Emergency List


*Police Car Craft: @ Making Learning Fun

*Police Car: @ Activity TV (Video)
Visit the ATV garage and learn how to make this fun toy police car.

*Police Car Coloring Page: @ The Kidz Page

*Cardboard Box Police Car: @ Red Ted Art


*Police Officer TP Roll: @ dltk-kids

*Poliecman Toiletpaper Tube Puppet: @ Making Learning Fun

*Paper Doll Police Uniforms and Squad Car and Paper Doll Bad Guys: @ Scrappin Cop

*Community Helper Paper Dolls: @ First Palette

*Policeman Mask: @ Edupics.com


*Policeman Lapbook: @ Homeschool Creations

*Police Officers: PreK and Kindergarten:
@ Homeschool Creations
Counting Fingerprints, Personal Safety, Stoplight Crackers, Badge and Hat, Stoplight Craft

*Police Printables: @ Homeschool Creations

*Kindergarten Police Officer Printables:
@ Confessions of a Homeschooler
Police hats and badges, What Police Officers do, K9 Units, Police Coloring, Finger Prints, Traffic Lights, Stop/Go sign and game, Traffic Light Snack, Math: Play “Domino Parking Lot”

*Unit Study: Police: @ Lawteedah
Flashcards, My information, Color by number Traffic light, Fingerprint Numbers, Whistle Patterns, Make a Police Badge, Role Play, Police Officer Says, Songs & Fingerplay

*Community Theme: Police Officers: @ PreKinders
Scroll down for Police theme!
Police Officers: License Plate Game, Police Officers: Fingerprints, Police Officer Prop Box

*Community Helpers Preschool Themes: Police (Printable Police Badge): @ Early Childhood Fun
Personal Safety, Traffic Safety, Police Theme Crafts, Printable Police Badge

*People Who Keep Us Safe: @ 2 Teaching Mommies
Lesson Plan, Memory Verse, S is for Safety, Safety Lapbook, Fire Fighting Beginning Writing, Shape Fire Truck, Catch the Robber (Dice Game), Stranger Danger

*Policeman Theme and Police Officer Theme @ First School
Alphabet theme printable materials for Letter P Police Officer, Book recommendations, Coloring Pages, What does a police officer do?, Police Officer Headband and Badge Craft, Safety Theme: Crime Prevention

*Police Theme Ideas: @ Preschool Express
Blue art, Police Officer Puppets, Personal Safety, Officer Help Me! Game, Traffic Safety, Police Officer Dramatic Play, I’m a Police Officer Song, Police Officer Placemats

*Community Helpers Theme: @ Pre-K Pages

*Community Helpers (Police Songs and Fingerplay): @ Hummingbird Educational Resources
Scroll down for POLICE ACTIVITIES: I Am A Policeman (Sung to: I’m A Little Teapot), Our Friend, Police Officer, The Policeman, The Policeman (Sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb), Lost Child, Two tall policemen met in a lane, Police officers are helpers wherever they may stand, Police Officers fingerplay, Police Art, Dramatic Play Police Station, Fingerprints, Police Week Line Up

*Labor Day Lesson Plans: The Police Officer:
@ Bright Hub Education


*Learning Telephone Numbers (Printable): @ Spell Outloud

*Learning to Dial 9-1-1: @ I Can Teach My Child


*Police Car Coloring Page: @ The Kidz Page

*Police Coloring Pages: @ Coloring Book Fun

*Policeman Coloring Pages: @ coloring.ws

How does your family honor police officers throughout the year?
Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Oh, I think that thumbprint police officer is the cutest! And nothing could be easier!


  2. Linking to you… so many great ideas!


  3. Great ideas! My oldest grandson (nearly 4) loves all things related to policemen (and firemen…and Batman) and will get a kick out of these. Will have to plan on a few for our next activity.

    Thank you for visiting on SITS Sharefest day. I apologize for taking so long to get over here to reciprocate. Great spot and I’ll certainly be back!


  4. I use to teach preschool. These would of been perfect!! I found you on the Pittsburgh bloggers group. Did you guys ever meet? Are you planning on meeting again? I would love to be a part of that. My e-mail is under my contact on my blog.


    • Hi Tanya! Unfortunately we haven’t met yet, at least not that I’m aware of. I’d love for us to plan a meeting some time, I can never make it to any blogging conferences because they’re always so far away 😦 I’ll keep your email handy and if we ever plan a meet-up I’ll let you know!


  5. All of these crafts are great ideas! I am scheduled to give a series of kid-friendly speeches on police officers at my old elementary school and these are just perfect. I’m so excited!


    • I’m so glad this was helpful. I hope the kids like the crafts. It was actually pretty hard to find police related crafts on the internet…there’s so much more out there for firemen! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  6. These are such great ideas! I had no idea there was a Police week. These will be fun to do with my 4-year-old who thinks policemen are the coolest. 🙂


    • That’s awesome! Kids seem to like firemen more than police 😦 My hubby is a cop, so naturally we also think policemen are the coolest! There’s also a crime prevention week (?) in October I think, but with all of the fall/Halloween stuff I usually forget about it.


  7. I think all these crafts are so neat!!! Thank you!

    Jenn 09/21/13 is also National Thank a Police Officer Day sponsored by Whole Truth Project. http://www.ahalelaw.com/whole-truth-project/ and https://www.facebook.com/WholeTruthProject


    • Thanks for letting me know, Melanie! My husband is a police officer, but he never seems to know about these little “holidays” (kinda sad actually). I’ll be reposting this in September!


  8. What darling ideas – I know the perfect person for this!


  9. What great ideas – I know the perfect person for this!


  10. I had no idea this was a thing! These are crazy cute ideas…especially love the irony of the thumbprint policeman. 🙂


  11. My Grandchildren and a few neighborhood kids have been passing out blue light bulbs to show their support and respect for our LEO’s


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